June 1, 2016

Steve Hofmeyr meeting saga continues in Europe:

The Afrikaner-hating South African expat Johan Sloet de Villiers, who managed to ban  the Afrikaner singer Steve Hofmeyr from speaking in a restaurant in The Hague today about the dangerous situation the Afrikaner minority is in in South Africa - was reportedly 'outraged" because the Flemish Block party  denied Sloet access to the press conference Hofmeyr held in Antwerp in a meeting room of the Flemish Parliament yesterday.
Meanwhile Hofmeyr's speaking venue for tonight has been moved to a tent somewhere in The Hague. All the many hundreds of people  already holding invitations have been informed of the exact location.

Yeah. What a bunch of hypocrites. “Taken a stance against any kind of discrimination and racism”...My arse... 

Why don’t you idiots take a stance against Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas in sport the brutal killing of thousands of white farmers in South Africa, the expropriation of white land, etc? 

Steve Hofmeyr in a scene from the film 'Treurgrond'