June 1, 2016

#MURDER: UPDATE: All 3 Krugersdorp murder white victims were strangled

3 murders in 3 weeks graphic (Medium)
Three murders in three weeks in Krugersdorp; first Anthony Scholefield (bottom left) Hanle Lategan & (bottom right) Kevin McAlpine 
New information became available following the murders of three professionals last month.

According to a reliable source who worked closely with police and the forensic team, estate agent Hanle Lategan (52), the latest victim, was strangled to death on Monday night.
Lategan, was suppose to meet with home seller, Jani Mostert, that same day at 18:00.
Her husband AndrĂ© told DigitNews that she will be running late as the prospective buyers, who she wanted to show the property had to pick-up their child first.
She never arrived at her appointment. Her body was found next to a water stream by school children at around 06:45 the next day in Elandsfontein in Randfontein who alerted a passing driver of their horrific find.

“The cause of death was strangulation. No rope marks or other signs was present on the body, so we do not know what was used when she was strangled,” the source told DigitNews.
 [INFOGRAPHIC and POEM]#HanleLategan’s timeline before her disappearance
“It seems her hands were also tied as there were abrasions to the joints, but on the scene there was no items found, such as ropes as evidence.”
There was, however a few scratches on the arms and her hips. Sexual assault can also be ruled out.
“A Crime Kit was taken DNA testing in the event that there is microscopic evidence.”

Six days earlier, Kevin Mc Alpine (29) an insurance broker at In Shoor was found murdered and wrapped in black plastic in the boot of his silver BMW.
Anthony Scofield (64) another insurance broker from Momentum in Krugersdorp was killed 16 days earlier. He was found, wrapped in black plastic, in the boot of his vehicle in Premier Street.
The cause of death for Mc Alpine and  Schofield is strangulation and not from head injuries as it was first believed.
“The marks on their heads was probably caused during a struggle — it had no effect on the cause of their deaths,” the source told DigitNews.

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