June 5, 2019

#TrumpUKVisit: Celebrating #DDay is a day where people remember and honor soldiers fighting for the wrong kingdom...

Jesus says "go away, I don't know you, you are #LawBreakers, you violate My commands #Matt5verse43to46" 

Now I am left with the question: to whom are the world praying to? 🤔

April 3, 2019

Watch out the #ManOfSin calling out to the lost sheep by saying "Look, here is where you can find Jesus"

LOL... well I'm sorry that I'm going to burst your bubble but the only rapture you will ever experience is the #SecondComing of Jesus Christ...

And the #Antichrist(s) is here already and he is the #ManOfSin, the #LawLessOne who practice #Lawlessness.... by violating and wander from the #LawOfGod given by JESUS CHRIST in the New Testament / #2ndCovenant: #NewCommand: #John13verse34to35:

March 7, 2019

When Blindness Is in the Mind, and Not the Eyes...

Repent and wash yourselves in the living words of Jesus written only in the New Testament until we clearly see and live out the character of Jesus Christ....

March 6, 2019

#LawOfGod: #1John3verse23 believe in the NAME Jesus Christ and #SacrificialLOVE ALL people....

The Christians only commandment from God because 
we have died (#Matt3verse8: #Repent + #BornAgain = #1stResurrection ) with Christ and are no longer under the #1stCovenant of the Jews: #LawOfMoses / #Torah

#1John3verse23 believe in the NAME Jesus Christ and #SacrificialLOVE ALL people as per #Gal5verse22to23 even for our enemies #Matt5verse43to46 that is done via the Holy Spirit (#GodInUs) through our flesh to make us ChristLike in character ~》 #ScarOfService ~》 #ZealOfChrist ~》#SealOnForehead ~》 #TokenOfProof that we are God's children ~》 #ChosenPeopleOfGOD who follow Jesus in the New Testament / #2ndCovenant

January 27, 2019

Someone said to me "a FREEMASON can be either good or bad"... But I have learned in the scripture that to BETRAY Jesus Christ cannot be good at all.

One of the obligations entrants to the order of Freemasonary is to 
protect and defend the Jewish faith#1stCovenant delivered by Moses in the Old Testament: #LawOfMoses / #Torah / 1st five books of the bible = which became the harlot who deceived the whole world = 
666 number of the Beast

November 3, 2018

We will declare Jesus reigns.... cause it is time for the #Antichrist rule to cease

Jesus destroys the commandments in the Mosaic law & Jewish tradition to establish peace.... the Messiah's peace / the millennial kingdom: 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ in Spirit on earth
Ephesians 2:15  when He (Jesus) 
nullified in His flesh the law of commandments☚ in decrees. He did this to create in Himself one new man out of two, thus making peace (with reference to the two fold nature of man, the corrupt
and the truly Christian man, conformed to the nature / image / character of Jesus)

August 16, 2018

Trump signs ARMAGEDDON $717bn defence policy bill into law

Trump Signs ARMAGEDDON Defense Policy 717 Billion Bill Into Law:
(Strong's concordance: 717 = Armageddon)
Born Again followers of JESUS are SHEEP FOR THE SLAUGHTER not SHEEP FOR THE WAR, Demons incite WAR & the wage of GREED and HATE is everlasting HELL...

June 13, 2018

If we think doing His will will make us popular, we have not read the New Testament yet...

JESUS said: “Whoever wants to serve God faithfully will be persecuted...”
MYSTERY BABYLON falls Rev.17:5. This is obviously not just the Catholic Church; it’s the entire body of human beings known from the foundation of the world to have been unwilling to follow God and His rules. Love God; Love your Neighbor.
Rev 18:24 And in her (Babylon) was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth...
Gal 4:29 ☛☛ But as then he that was born after the flesh (born of natural generation, the animal nature with cravings which incite to sin)
persecutedhim that was born after the Spirit (repent; forsake Moses to follow the teachings of Jesus and trusting the indwelling Holy Spirit to obey the #NewCommand given by Jesus at the last supper table: #John13verse34to35: labour and deeds of sacrificial LOVE for all people as per #Gal5verse22to23 even for our enemies #Matt5verse43to46 that is done via the Holy Spirit through our flesh to make us ChristLike in character), EVEN SO IT IS 
2Tim.3:12: All who will live godly in the Lord Jesus Christ (repent & forsake Moses and Jewish teachings in the Old Testament to follow & obey the teachings of Jesus in the #NewTestament & #NewCommand given by Jesus at the #LastSupper table #John13verse34to35),
will be persecuted.” 
To all my fellow believers around the world who
 are under harsh persecution, keep the faith. Jesus our redeemer
 is taking notes and He is not sleeping. Take good courage, God is at work.... 

#EndTimes: They will not listen or bear with endurance the teachings of Jesus but after their own lusts and desires shall they seek to themselves #FalseTeachers and false religions... (2Tim.4:3-4)

Jesus Spirit who indwells born again believers, is gentle and the source of true INSIGHT and kindness. Sadly few trust and FOLLOW Him

There are many deceivers in this world and some call themselves pastors, shaming the Great Shepherd...