June 16, 2016


Hundreds of thousands of poor whites need urgent food-aid in South Africa. . .
Increasingly finding impoverished, homeless white (Afrikaner) families living rough in the veld under dismal circumstances. . .
#StopWhiteGenocideInSA #RacistLaws

The Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal - who links up with more than sixty poor-white camps in the Gauteng region - reports that they have started an outreach programme because they are increasingly finding impoverished, homeless white (Afrikaner) families living rough in the veld under dismal circumstances.
The BGT is trying to find donors to help provide shelter or land where they can build safer shelters for these desperately poor white people. Their registered non-profit organisation number is 162-012. Leon Cronjé, manager of the Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal, writes:
"These pictures of impoverished white people in South Africa might shock you, but there are many hundreds of thousands of desperate, impoverished, often homeless white people
in South Africa now. Why are the government, the chain stores or non-profit organisations not wanting to help white people?
Whites are also human beings, and these people are just as cold and hungry and trying to survive South Africa's economic malaise as anybody else.
The most important donations we are trying to collect, in this winter time in the southern hemisphere, are food, blankets, warm clothing, any second-hand or new household goods, furniture, 
shoes, toiletries, baby items, school stuff. 
And of course cash. We have been finding places where impoverished white people are in dismal condition, some living out in the open in the veld. 
We are not getting any help from any government agencies, nor from any chain stories, because the people we help are are white people.
We are looking for sponsors who can help us provide land or places where we can accommodate families in shelters so they don't have to sleep alone, in dangerous conditions in the veld.
Specific items needed ;
Food (Tins, dried legumes, milk powder) vegetables,Tents, Blankets, School stuff, Toys, Second hand clothing ,Gardening stuff so that people can raise their own crops (on the highveld they will need tunnels because nothing grows there in the winter).
Also needed are building equipment for erecting shelters (bricks for street paving are very welcome too) as well as furniture.
And of course cash.
For collection of any donations SMS your address to telephone number 0736317914 -- and we will arrange for your donations to be picked up.
To drop off donations: go to 15 Church Street, in Florida 1726, Gauteng, South Africa.
Please support us to help our people in need. . 
There are more than 60 camps with poor-whites located around the greater Pretoria area alone. (especially in the northerly areas such as Daspoort, Kameeldrift and Pretoria North). 
The camps are also located across greater Johannesburg, around Rustenburg, Middelburg, Koster and many more.
OUTREACH PROGRAMME -- Any person who want to join with our reaching-out programmes to locate more indigenous white people living in the veld, or visiting the camps to determine the needs,
please just confirm with us by email for further details . email: Lcronje6@gmail.com / or boeregemeenskaptransvaal1@gmail.com NPO 162-012
telephone 0736317914 -- 15 Church Street, Florida Gauteng 1725 South Africa.
Our Bank Details :
Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal (Non profit organisation 162-012)
First National Bank (FBB)
business account Nr 62577687381
Branch Code 250141 Florida 
Swift Code (BIC: international bank code) FIRNZAJJ
We also have PAYPAL facilities.
Our address: 15 Church street, Florida 1726, Gauteng, 
South Africa