May 29, 2016

#ATTACK: Cyclist couple were attacked by 4 blacks, the woman was severely beaten with a rock on Saturday afternoon in yet another attack at Fort Klapperkop in Centurion

Patrollers from Hi-Risk and the CPF searched throughout the night. Photo: Facebook.
Patrollers from Hi-Risk and the CPF searched throughout the night
This was the second attack in two weeks on the mountain bike trails (MTB) at Klapperkop.

Hi-Risk Unit security spokesperson Arthur Crewe said this happened on the MTB trail close to fountains circle.

“The woman was cycling a distance in front of her husband when she was forcefully stopped by four men,” said Crewe.

“They then pulled her off the bike and dragged her into the bushes where they repeatedly hit her with a rock. She fought to keep her helmet on, which saved her life.”

The husband, unaware of what was happening,  was then also targeted but he managed to cycle away to try and get help. When he could not, he went back to look for his wife.

By this time, the woman had run towards the R21, where she was picked up by a passing motorist.

Crewe said a search party was immediately organised to look for the attackers.

It continued throughout the night but was called offon Sunday morning when the men weren’t found.

“We urge people not to ride alone in Fort Klapperkop, but rather in groups,” he said.

This comes shortly after community representative Rob King warned against people having a false sense of security after recent patrols.

“Upon reflection I think all of us have been lulled into a false sense of security as our previous efforts has made Klapperkop safer, but it is not yet safe.”

This latest attack comes two weeks after the Tshwane metro promised that a fully operational electric fence would be in place around the Groenkloof nature reserve.

In addition to the fence, metro police – uniformed and fully equipped – would be deployed from this weekend to deal with security matters.

Some residents also believe that criminals use the storm water drains between the two reserves to move about, hence the spike in attacks at Klapperkop after Groenkloof was secured.

Several visitors to the reserve have been robbed, stabbed and attacked by criminals in recent times.

In January 2016, poet Fiona Zerbst Hamed and her friend Carmen le Roux were beaten and robbed in the Groenkloof nature reserve while hiking.

In May 2015, an elderly couple was tied up, beaten, and robbed in Groenkloof.

On Thursday 21 May, a father and son cycling at the Voortrekker Monument were attacked and robbed by two men who pelted them with large rocks.

A 19-year-old Danish girl and a 16-year-old Centurion boy were robbed, beaten and tied up at the monument on 27 March and 2 May last year respectively.

Both were cycling on their mountain bikes at the time, and have since recovered.