May 29, 2016

#ATTACK: Afrikaner man, Johannes Geyer’s was attacked by black attackers and tied up for more than 2 days

"Are they coming back to kill me?...’
Cold, scared and unable to move, Johannes lay gagged and tied to a bed in his home in George South. . .
"So much goes through your mind. Are they coming back to kill me or will I suffocate with the sock in my mouth?”
GEORGE NEWS - Cold, scared and unable to move, a new resident of George, Johannes Geyer (36) lay gagged and tied to a bed leg at his home in George South for more than two days before he was finally found and freed.

With his hands and feet tied tightly behind his back, Geyer feared for his life as he wondered if his attackers would be back to finish the job.

He couldn't scream for help as the robbers had stuffed a sock in his mouth and then secured it by tying a cloth around his jaw.

On Friday evening (20 May), at the time of the attack, Geyer was alone at home, as the owners of the house, his uncle and aunt, Liesel and Paul Smith, were on holiday and only due back in George on Sunday.

"So much goes through your mind. Are they coming back to kill me or will I suffocate with the sock in my mouth?

It was really very bad and traumatic," Geyer told the George Herald on Tuesday night during an interview at the house in Laing Street.

The family moved to George from Pretoria four months ago, specifically to get away from crime in Gauteng where they had also fallen prey to criminals.

But, since moving to George, Geyer has been robbed twice.

A few months ago he was robbed of his cellphone, tablet and cash by four men in a shop in Market Street where he is employed.

Crime bad in George 

"The crime here is also bad. Everyone said it is safe here and paint this lovely picture, but it's not all good," says Geyer.

In the latest incident on Friday, he says he came from work, made himself something to eat and watched television. 

"I went to bed at about 22:00, only to be woken up by a loud noise an hour later. I got up and walked to the back of the house from where the noise came and saw a silhouette. Then someone hit me from behind against my head; and that is the last thing I remember..

I woke up the following morning - I don't know what time it was - but it was light outside. I had a massive headache."

Later in the day he heard voices outside, but could not call for help because he was gagged. The day passed with him moving in and out of consciousness. Another night went by and it was only the following day that he again heard voices outside.

In the meantime, Geyer's family became suspicious after several calls to his phone went unanswered and he did not show up for work. On Saturday the Smiths asked one of their employees to go to the house to see if all is well.

Geyer's car was there and the family's dogs could be heard inside. A female family friend then went to the house on Saturday night after the Smiths requested that they break down the door, but the family's bull terrier acted too menacingly. She returned at around 11:00 on Sunday morning, accompanied by a locksmith and found Geyer in one of the bedrooms.

Police and other emergency services rushed to the scene and Geyer, exhausted, bruised and dehydrated, was treated at the house, but declined any further medical help.

Captain Malcolm Pojie, the Southern Cape police spokesperson, said: "The house robbers removed a sliding door at the back of the house to gain entry."

Two tablets, a Vodafone and a Lenovo, R2 000 in cash, electronics, bedding, leather jackets and an old Mecer computer (grey "15" monitor with a black and orange computer box) were stolen during the robbery. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Warrant Officer Jerome Malan at 044 803 4715.