May 29, 2016

#ATTACK: Kimberley shooting victim Gert Gagiano, 70: Three black gunmen arrested by police shortly after the shooting...

 "Nobody is safe in their own home any more...If those guys knew how to handle their guns I would have been dead...” 
Gert  Gagiano (70)  survives after  being  shot  in  the  thigh  when three black attackers,  armed  with  a revolver  and  a  9mm  pistol,  forced  entry  into  his home  in Paul  Roos  Street.  Paramedics  are seen  here  taking  Gagiano  to  hospital  shortly  after  the  incident
GENOCIDE VICTIM: Gert Gagiano (70)
May 27 2016 By Murray Swart - Diamond Fields Advertiser, Kimberley -- entire report on: http://classic.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/nobody-is-safe-in-their-homes-anymore-1.2027416#.V0pfHPmLScM --

Police, paramedics and community crime prevention members were on Thursday praised for their rapid response to the housebreaking incident during which a pensioner was shot and assaulted.

New Park resident, Gert Gagiano, 70, was kicked, robbed and shot at around 8am on Thursday morning, however, police were on the trail of the suspects within a matter of minutes, making three arrests and managing to recover some of the stolen property.

The rapid response was largely credited to the local neighbourhood watch’s emergency number, with Saam Staan Kimberley’s co-ordinator, Linja van Wyk, saying that a call to the number allowed help to be deployed immediately.

“We received a call at around 8.50am alerting us that an armed robbery had taken place in New Park,” Van Wyk said.

“We reacted immediately and on the way to the scene I picked up Craig van Rensburg of ER24 to provide medical attention. We also alerted police who were in the vicinity and they also arrived on the scene very quickly.

“This quick reaction was largely thanks to our emergency helpline which alerts us to incidents far quicker than posts on our Facebook page,” Van Wyk said.

“I was absolutely blown away by how quickly people came to Mr Gagiano’s aid,” a resident in Paul Roos Street said at the scene.

“Strangely enough, we didn’t hear any gunshots and were surprised when the street was filled with police vehicles and ambulances.”

Several police officers returned to the scene shortly after 9am with a suspect whom Gagiano did not identify as one of his assailants.

However, the suspect claimed to be able to assist the police in tracing the attackers.

According to the police three suspects were later arrested.

According to police spokesman, Lieutenant Sergio Kock, the robbers fired several shots, one of which struck the victim in his right upper leg.

“Police responded within minutes and managed to arrest three suspects, one in a veld near Diamant Park and two in Galeshewe. Some of the valuables stolen during the incident were discovered in the veld by the police.”

Kock added that a fourth suspect was still at large and that charges of housebreaking and attempted murder were being investigated.

“The suspects are between 20 and 24 years old. Anyone with information regarding the incident can contact Detective Warrant Officer Dibebe on 071 166 4586.”

The neighbourhood watch emergency number is 082 373 1235.