April 4, 2016

WATCH: Drunk and dancing the night away in police uniform...

A Mpumalanga warrant officer wearing full police uniform has been filmed dancing for girls in a local tavern in Matsulu outside Mbombela
A man wearing a full police uniform has been filmed dancing in a tavern, allegedly drunk. The incident happened on Good Friday this year at a tavern in Matsulu, Mpumalanga. A Matsulu police spokesperson confirmed the officer was not stationed in Matsulu. Provincial police are investigating the incident

Mpumalanga warrant officer was caught on camera dancing for girls in a local tavern in Matsulu outside Mbombela...

A man, who requested not to be named, said he went to get help from the Matsulu police station on Good Friday and was told to come back the following day without any reason.
He was shocked to find a warrant officer, who is stationed in Matsulu, drunk and dancing with girls at a tavern.

“I went to the police station to get help. I have a serious problem with my wife so I wanted to get a protection order. Upon arrival I was told that to come back the next day,” he added.
He added that he didn’t want to go home so he went to a local tavern where he saw a warrant officer with a cigarette in his hands.
“I was really shocked, I thought I was dreaming, He was even too drunk to see that I was recording a video,” he added.
Matsulu police spokesperson Constable Nkomozakhe Khumalo said the police officer could be living in Matsulu, but working somewhere.
"He is not from Matsulu police station. Maybe he was filmed at the tavern in Matsulu because he lives here but works out of Matsulu. No one can recognise him at our station," she said.
Provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said they were not aware of the video, but they will investigate and find out where the person is stationed.
“We cannot just comment before we could know if the police official is from Mpumalanga. We will investigate,” added.

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