March 7, 2016

#DOUBLE #FarmMurder? Couple shot dead on farm on a farm just outside Kimberley

Is the government hiding a #DOUBLE #FarmMurder from us... will we ever know... ?

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■ The government with the help of the media don’t publish all farm and racial attacks on whites, FACT; they lie about the true facts in murders and publish untrue statistics to prevent a national security risk. The media has never published the true genocide patterns and thus the media always refer to these genocide crimes as “ SOUTH AFRICAN CRIME”.

Any conservative White minority group in South Africa always get labeled as RIGHT WING, why don’t they label the communist ANC as the Left Wing? No, because the ANC government spend too much money a year on newspaper and media publications and ads. The police again help the ANC by refusing to release the true murder facts and figures; there are a billion excuses and a billion programs to stop farm attacks that don’t get of the ground purposefully. If it were not for whistle blowers almost no information would have been available on the murder figures or the political driven force behind it.

They cleverly disguise the genocide attacks, as overall crime, there is no “crime code” providing for a category of crime but any Crime Detective would know that this tactics must be avoided by all means, because patterns can emerge to counter these tactics used by attackers. Why are these patterns purposely being ignored and sweep under the carpet by the police? It can only be 2 reasons, one being that this can cause a national security risk and two being that they allow this pattern of genocide to continue without any disturbance.

Both of these reasons point to the involvement of the police and ANC government. People who argue it’s due a lack of money and qualified personal, should ask themselves why don’t the ANC fix this then, because they don’t want to, this are a great excuse why Afrikaners get murdered. The South African Police play a huge role in these attacks, and the police themselves have committed many attacks. Police vehicles are commonly find on farm attacks scenes, bullet ballistics has pointed to thousands of police weapons used in these attacks and even police members has been caught still in there uniform, facts you will never see in the news media. Lies will be published that these police equipment was stolen, but they can’t explain the police ID’s away.

The South African police purposefully make mistakes when investigating these Farm murder cases to ensure that suspects walk free after a court hearing caused by conflicting evidence and statements by “unqualified” police investigators. Just In the last Book year the Police lost (Sold) 18 000 firearms to criminals, not one of these police members were convicted and fired from there jobs, they were just handed more weapons. The South African Defense Force lost a further 90 000 weapons, or should we say sold and given to organized terrorist and criminal groups.

These weapons are daily used in attacks and to arm their secret militia. Militia that are part of the ANC Youth League and Communist league and supported publicly by the ANC LP’s, terrorists that are purposely being told and trained to kill white people and there families, and to chase white farmers of farms and small holdings. Not all South Africans know that these tactics also comes to front In the ANC, ANCYL and Communist party manifest and was voted in by the ANC to attacked soft targets in there never ending terrorist struggle. The fact that a single illegal firearm can commit a average of 12 crimes per annum would apply that the ANC Government contributed to almost 1 320 000 million crimes per year, making them the worlds largest crime organization.

■ Couple shot dead on farm

Kimberley - A farm caretaker shot his wife before turning the gun on himself in a murder suicide on a farm just outside Kimberley.

Their bodies were discovered on Monday after they were last seen alive on Sunday.

Police are investigating a murder and an inquest case after the bodies of an elderly couple where found, each with a gunshot wound, in their dwelling on the Forestdale farm in Kimberley. Picture: Soraya Crowi. Credit: DFA

The elderly couple were found in their dwelling on Forestdale Farm just outside Kimberley after they were shot with a .22 rifle.

According to one of the farm employees, Willem Mbeka, the man was employed on the farm about a year ago.

Mbeka said he became suspicious when he did not see the caretaker on Monday. “The deceased usually took the domestic worker to town every morning. He did not show up when the woman was waiting for him.

“I walked over to their house and knocked on the door to see what was keeping him, but there was no response. I decided to take the domestic worker to town and thought the deceased would have woken up by the time I returned.

“When I returned I did not see him and neither did any of the other workers. We then sent a message to the owner of the farm. When he arrived, we went over to the house again and knocked on the door but there was still no response,” Mbeka said.

“We peaked through a window that was opened and saw the deceased lying on the bed. There was blood by his head and on the sheet on the bed.”

At that stage Mbeka was not aware that the wife had also been killed.

“We did not hear any gunshots and could not understand why the wife was not responding to our knocking. We usually see her at home as the husband was the one who was working,” he said.

Kimberley police spokesman, Lieutenant Olebogeng Tawana, on Monday confirmed that they are investigating a case of murder and an inquest.

“Kimberley police are investigating a case of murder and an inquest after two bodies with gunshot wounds were found inside in a locked house on a farm in Kimberley.

“The couple were the caretakers on the farm. One of the farm workers became concerned when he arrived on the farm and saw no sign of the couple.

“He immediately alerted the farm owner and after the owner arrived he contacted the police. The man’s body was seen laying on the bed.

“After police forced open the door they discovered the wife’s body on a chair in the kitchen. The firearm was found next to the husband’s body.

“At this stage we suspect no foul play. Our preliminary investigation shows that the husband shot his wife before he shooting himself. The couple was last seen on Sunday,” Tawana said.