March 7, 2016

ANOTHER #MURDER? Tokai forest, Cape Town: Attacked young teenager has tragically died from her injuries

According to a source, who is close to the person amongst those who discovered the teen, a “15-year-old girl was pulled off a running track” in the forest and “brutally assaulted”.

The source said she was apparently running just ahead of her mother on the Tokai forest walkers’ track. “It is shocking, horrific! Normally this is a safe and busy walking, cycling and riding track,” said the source.

According to one facebook user, who was also amongst the people searching for her, her body was found by Neighborhood Watch patrollers who had set out to look for her 45 minutes after an amber alert was sent out.

She was allegedly a student at Waldorf School in Cape Town.

Capetonian blogger Girl-Unplugged wrote: “My most heartfelt condolences to the family who lost their beautiful 15-year-old daughter in Tokai Forest, Cape Town this afternoon. She was running slightly ahead of her mother when she was dragged off the track by aggressors who brutally assaulted her. She was found 10 metres off the track after her mother alerted others to her disappearance and a group of runners and walkers searched for her. This tragedy leaves us all speechless. Our sore hearts go out to the family, friends and scholars who will grapple with the shocking reality of this heinous crime.”

One of the searchers today said: “The authorities and the local community have rallied and are doing an amazing job.”

Tokai forest – which has over 1,500 trees – in renowned for being a peaceful haven in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, sought by those looking for the peace and quiet of nature.

Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) advises visitors to their parks to please not walk alone, always let somebody know where you are going, and avoid remote areas with few people and stick to well populated paths.

TMNP and the South African Police Services (SAPS) had not yet responded, at the time of publishing this post, to queries to confirm details. A police statement is expected in the morning