January 6, 2016

Radio Talk Show: Jack Sen is an agent, people should stop taking him seriously because he is playing you all for fools !!!

According to The History Reviewed Channel during the interview on the radio talk show... he mentioned that Jack is working for the ANC International Secret Intelligence Services...

Radio Talk Show: 

According to The History Reviewed Channel during the interview on the radio talk show... he mentioned that Jack is working for the ANC International Secret Intelligence Services...

■ listen to the shocking interview it starts at minute 56

■ South African Spy destroys UK Right: Jack Sen
We look at evidence from a British source, that Jack Sen is a South African Govt agent sent to do damage to the UK white right. I mention the tremendous damage Sen is causing to white women doing good work for white South Africans
~ History Reviewed Channel


■ Jack Sen was suspended over Jewish slur tweet nothing to do with Genocide or whites in South Africans http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lancashire-32555535

In a world of shifty eyes and lies, may mine be steady & true...

Jack "Giacomo" Sen exposed
■ https://jacksenukip.wordpress.com/


■ I wonder if Kevin MacDonald knows that he was interviewed by the same guy (jack sen) under two different names? 

■ Jack Sen is against every genocide campaigner
He even had a huge fight with Johanna Adriana Stuijt of censorbugbear/ farmitracker ?

■Look at the tags he used in this post.  "Renegade tribune gay Nazis", and "Renegade Tribune besteality promotion" At first this article was written by 'Jack Sen, but this one says G. Wolf (Giacomo). This post is also an underhanded way of making South Africans look bad.  This guy is not a true ally of our people. https://web.archive.org/web/20150427073147/http://www.europeanknightsproject.com/animal-killing-pornography-infecting-south-africas-liberal-families/

■This guy is a fraud.  This is Giacoma from the EKP.  He uses many different fake identities to cause divisions amongst the movement.  He even wrote about how great civic nationalism is.  https://volkischpaganism.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/civic-nationalism-an-ass-in-lions-skin-2/ 

■ You may remember a troll website called the European Knights Project EKP that burst onto the scene a while back. Spamming pages with requests to be linked to their 'network'. And upon polite refusal proceeding to spam pages with derogatory comments and spreading slurs about individuals. EKP/Giocomo Vallone even going to the extreme of setting up fake copycat pages as they did to Smash Cultural Marxism.

Well it turns out we were right to be cautious. After all I've found that folk volunteering their services without first being asked to do so are usually trouble.

The man behind the EKP turns out to be a chap called Jack Sen who along with his many alter ego sock puppets, Giocomo Vallone being his key character, has been waging an internet campaign against ethnic nationalism favouring a substance free civic nationalism.

Given his mixed race background 1/4 Indian 3/4 European, 'by his own admission' his civic nationalist outlook can be understood. After all we all want to belong to something. What cannot be forgiven however is his hostility towards ethnic/folkish nationalism.

Given his easy to follow trail from EKP to UKIP PPC to anti Zionist (to be applauded btw) to now BNP Media spokesman I'd be inclined to believe, personally, that he may not be a state asset or an oppo plant.

What he is however is at best a useful idiot tool for the establishment.

Race is the final border the one truly cohesive tie that binds a whole community. Without race we are all individuals and micro familial tribal communities at best. Nothing else can bond a nation more than blood can. No amount of flag waving, anthems or enforcement can substitute for racial identity. This is where multi culturalism, marxism, imperialism and any broad trans ethnic empires always fall flat on their face.

This is the number one reason behind the many attacks on authentic ethnic based nationalism. Without race we are merely competing individuals to be toyed with and enslaved. Of course ethnic conflicts at home and abroad suit the purpose of those in power, distracting attention away from their actions. The ultimate goal however is the reduction of racial identity to that of a fearful minority cowering from the angry mob.

Had the EKP/Sen not been so hostile to ethnic/folkish nationalism there would be no need for this post. And, no need for the tremendous hassle it has been for an associate to give up valuable time to research and put this blog together.

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■ That someone would manage to break into well known white nationalist circle as he did, and then attack his fellow mates who by the way are and were risking daily their lives for the cause (already for over decades) is beyond my comprehension. If he was white, it would have been traitor-ship... but he is not white.....it is what they do best (divide and concur) and what the Radio talk show  have suggested (ANC agent).

There must have been a really good reasons behind BNP's action(decision) to take such drastic steps against him withing such a short time. After BNP and UKIP, he landed as a Front Nasionaal / Front National's spokesman (pushing Claudia Bryan and myself away with severe slender), but it won't be long before they realize what exactly do they have...

https://www.stormfront.org › forum
Oct 18, 2015 - Oct 18 2015 WhyJack Sen left UKIP and BNP " Jack Sen works for the Security Services. - YouTube.

Joe Owens made many videos about Jack Sen... watch here https://youtube.com/watch?v=S4wjjK29m_U

 It's such a pity that THE TRUTH, the average person today only goes by what they see on TV, hear on liberal media/newspapers & fake politicians...

The very same black SAHRC spokesperson who refuses to speak AFRIKAANS is also a active CONTRIBUTING WRITER on Jack Sen's (British/Indian) page ?