January 7, 2016

#HateSpeech: Black Metro cop gets racist after caught red-handed

“Don’t take your white tendencies out here,” the officer allegedly told a resident.

Photo taken from Dimpie Theron's vehicle as the officer allegedly swore and made racial remarks towards Steven van Eeden.

"When an elderly Afrikaner woman with a disabled pensioner politely asked a JMPD officer to move his vehicle off the disabled parking space, her request was met with cussing, racism and an alleged assault.Mrs Dimpie Theron chauffeured her disabled elderly friend, 72, to Roodepoort City Hall in Berlandina Street so she can settle her municipal bills. When they approached the few allocated disabled parking spaces in front of the Roodepoort Licensing Department, they found a JMPD van parked there. 
Mrs Theron proceeded to politely ask a nearby officer to move the vehicle. “I didn’t even come to question why he was parked there and was not concerned that it is in fact illegal, I just wanted to get my friend as close to the entrance as possible,” she told the Record. The officer, whose identity is known to the Record, allegedly told the woman to “find another f***ing parking”. Steven van Eeden, on his way into the licensing offices, passed by the scene and decided to get involved. “I said to him he is wrong as these were pensioners of which one is disabled and they require the parking space,” Van Eeden wrote in his affidavit, signed at Roodepoort Police Station, about the matter. “He got out of the vehicle and started swearing at me, calling me a f***ing white a**hole,” he wrote. The officer allegedly also told him he should not take his “white tendencies” out in public, but said he never made a racial remark or mentioned such a thing. The officer continued to swear at the women in the vehicle, which Van Eeden challenged when he asked, “Why are you being so disrespectful?”
Van Eeden, a tall, burly man involved at a local wrestling club, said he had to restrain himself to not hit back when the officer started pushing him around and sticking his finger in his face. Other officers stepped in and tried to restrain the officer as he assaulted him. “They told me to hold back and not touch him, as he’s looking for an excuse to have me arrested,” Van Eeden told the Record.
Eventually another officer, the driver of the van, managed to get the officer into the van, who continued swearing as they pulled out of the parking spot. “The JMPD will not condone nor tolerate any racism from one of our own,” JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told the Record in response to the affidavit.“The victim must lodge a complaint with us, where after internal affairs will investigate the officer for misconduct; and a disciplinary process will then follow.”
Van Eeden was instructed to call 011 490 1797 and make an appointment to lodge a complaint with an investigating officer. 
However - such complaints can be lodged only between 8am and 3pm on weekdays. According to Roodepoort Police spokesperson Nonhlanhla Khumalo, "he can also open a case of assault against the officer at his nearest police station."
email: roodepoortrecord@caxton.co.za telephone 011 955 1130