January 7, 2016

PLEASE COUNT YOUR WORDS ....The closed group with more than 14,000 members was charged BY ANC George with crimen injuria for 'comments from followers viewed as racist'


Eerste groep op FaceBook word aangekla....tel asb julle woorde....

ANC-George lodge charges of crimen injuria against closed FB page "Georgiete Staan Saam' (Georgites Stand Together")

George Nuus reports on 7 January 2016 that a co-founder, administrator and two members of the closed Facebook group "Georgiete Staan Saam' face crimen injuria charges.
The closed group with more than 14,000 members was charged with crimen injuria for 'comments viewed as racist' made on 6 December 2015:
when residents raised security issues surrounding the annual "Festival of Lights.' Emotions ran high and the comments on the closed members-only facebook page 
were at times 'somewhat vehement', reports George Nuus.
A co-founder of the site, Herman Pienaar, said they removed the comments within hours of their placement.
"I think the guys started from about 03h00 to comment on the issue and as soon as I accessed the page on Sunday-morning around 07h00 I removed them.
"Some of the people posting the comments also were banned. We are a private group - it is in our rules that we do not allow political comment or name-calling'.
Picture and article by Michelle Pienaar, journalist at the George Herald.