January 7, 2016

ANC has the greatest racists among its senior leaders.‚ says AfriForum


AfriForum has accused the African National Congress of having “some of the country’s greatest racists” among its senior leaders.

The civil rights organisation said on Wednesday that the ruling party could not be trusted to regulate racism‚ and that if ANC calls for tougher legislation against racism were to become a reality‚ “numerous ANC and government leaders” would be imprisoned.
“The problem is‚ however‚ that the ANC remains grossly inconsistent where the fight against racism is concerned‚” said Ernst Roets‚ Deputy CEO of AfriForum.
The organisation took exception to various statements made by ANC leaders‚ which it said had gone unpunished.
“For example‚ the ANC argued in Court and before the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) that there was nothing wrong with singing songs the likes of ‘Shoot the Farmer’ and ‘Kill the Boer‚ kill the farmer’ at ANC rallies.
“Ms Lulu Xingwana‚ Minister of Women‚ Children and People with Disabilities‚ argued on international media that young Afrikaner men were raised in the Calvinist faith and that they therefore believed that they owned women and children.
Julius Malema eastern cape.jpg 
“Julius Malema‚ then still leader of the ANC Youth‚ said in the presence of President Jacob Zuma that all white people were criminals and that they should be treated as such‚ without any consequences.”
“AfriForum strongly condemns all forms of racism and will continue to take a stand against it. The suspicion is‚ however‚ that the ANC only wants to condemn certain forms of racism with this initiative‚ and that an ongoing lack of action against racism in the ANC’s own ranks can be envisaged.”
On Tuesday the party released a statement saying that racism was condemned only when it was whites were guilty of the practice.
“White racism is condemned from all spheres‚ including AfriForum. Yet it appears as if many of the opinion formers and organisations who speak out against white racism are suddenly quiet when black people are guilty of the same behaviour. That alone is racism‚” Roets said.

1. "We are going to kill you whites like flies when Mandela dies" - Judge John Motata
2. "Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer" - -- that is, murder white South Africans. ("Boer" is Afrikaans for "farmer" but colloquially it is a disparaging term for any white South African) Famous slogan by Peter Mokaba
3. "Let me tell you my friend - I have triumphed over your apartheid regime, and I will triumph over you again - once and for all"- Julius Malema
4. "I have beaten the Colonials - and I am going to beat the children of the children of the Colonials"- Julius Malema
5. "Kill them- Kill the Amaburu"- Famous song by the ANC and Mandela.
6. "All whites are racists"- Dept. Minister Fikile Mbalula
7. "The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up,” - Sam Njoma
8. "Be careful. If they (Wjites) - come here we will show them and teach them a lesson as we did to South Africa during the liberation war"- Sam Njoma
9. "Make the whole of South Africa ungovernable! Paralyse apartheid"- ANC Manifesto
10. "The time has come to take the war to the White areas"- ANC Manifesto
11. "Derby-Lewis will never get parole- he can rot in jail"- Ncondo Balfour
12. "You must not steal from blacks - rather steal from whites"- Willy Madisha
13. "Whites will be threatened with a revolution by black people if the racial quotas are not met"- Jimmy Manji
14. "I will warn them (whites) that this will be a revolution by all black people - if you want to unite the people - this is the way to go"- Dept. Minister of Labor Membhathisi Mdladlana
15. "Unfortunately there are some people you have to drag to heaven because they are heading for danger"- Jimmy Manji on white farmers that refuse to give-up their farms for land grabs
16. "Bring me my Machine Gun (Umshini Whami) - Jacob Zuma at his rallies
17. "You think we have forgiven you - we have never forgiven you - we have chosen to follow reconciliation as described by our organization - but we will never forgive you"- Membhathisi Mdladlana
18. "Whites must watch-out - we will take action and make the country un-governable if they do not get in line quickly"- Gwede Mantasha
Variants of the ANC song "Kill the Boer" have hit the social networking site Facebook. Popularized by Mandela's men, and sung by The Man himself - revived by Julius Malema - "Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer" is not unlike the "Kill them before they kill you" catch phrase that helped excite Hutus to massacre half a million of their Tutsi neighbors, whom they had dehumanized first by dubbing as "inyenzi" ('cockroaches'). https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=881173618646763&id=376848655745931&fs=0


Genocide in South Africa

Dubul’ibhunu racist song
LUFUNO NEMUSHUNGWA (@LNEMUSHUNGWA) tweeted at 7:12 PM on Mon, Jan 12, 2015: @casparus61 @diamond_usa Come on, we’ve killed many white ppl after 1994. This is good news. (https://twitter.com/LNEMUSHUNGWA/status/554687474761728000?s=02)
Here is the full version of the 12 minute documentary, “The Songs they Sing”. I strongly recommend the viewing of this because it contains much historical footage along with translations.
Some songs have english words in them, and you will hear exactly what they are singing about. There is the “axe song” where they talk about chopping down the whites. They also sing about killing their black political opponents. However the songs generally are about killing whites.
You will also hear the original version of the “Kill the Boers” song. Interestingly, when Afrikaners tried to have the words “Kill the Boers” stopped because it is racist (not to mention it incites hatred).
Julius Malema sings at a meeting with SANDF soldiers

Our President, Jacob Zuma personally leads sing songs at every political rally, with his favourite song “My Machinegun”.

I don’t think there is a country in the world where this type of singing is done by Presidents, Members of Parliament, etc out in the open… and where it passes by as “normal behaviour”.
This is the incitement of racial hatred. Yet, it goes on in S.Africa to this day! You will see men and women, the young and the old, singing these songs.
Should it be any wonder, with words like “Kill the Boers” that more than 4,000 of our white commercial farmers have been murdered since the 1990’s? Is it any wonder that criminals torture white people and gang rape women before killing them? The black children… tiny little black boys and girls all sing these songs. Prominent politicians and whole crowds sing these songs.
If this is not the incitement to racial hatred and white genocide then I don’t know what is…
This is the “song of the oath”, for want of a better phrase. This is where the members of MK (Mkhonto we Sizwe), the armed wing of the ANC (African National Congress), pledge to kill white people.

Here are some of the frames showing Nelson Mandela, and next to him, in the green shirt, holding his fist in a black power salute is Ronnie Kasrils. Kasrils is a senior member of the S.African Communist party, and in 2006, he is the Minister of Intelligence in S.Africa.

Inciting Racial Hatred  – Andile Mnxgama

South Africa has recently been upgraded to level 6 out of 8 on Genocidewatch. And as is evident from below article, the old ANC songs of white genocide still plays an important role in fueling the hatred towards the boers
Every day hundreds of mails are sent around the world, asking for help to save some animal species.
Is it not very strange how the whole world is ignoring the apparent Genocide being committed against the white people in South Africa
This slaughter of whites by blacks is being portrayed in the media as -“merely crime related”.
If the motive of the crime is theft, why is it necessary to take the life of the person that has already handed over their cell-phone or wallet?
If the motive for the crime is hijacking, why take the woman with them, gang-rape her and then slit her throat?
If the motive for house-breaking is petty theft, why throw boiling water over the farmers before killing them, after forcing them to watch their wives being gang-raped and tortured in front of them?
Were the mass murders in Bosnia “merely crime related”?
Are the daily murders of various tribe members in Kenya “merely crime related”?
BUT… Why is it that the police can spend hundreds of thousands of Rands, and thousands of man-hours hunting down the one white that opened fire upon blacks in Skielik, whilst they cannot find any murderers of innocent, white children, women and men?
In any other countries a mass extermination of any tribe on such a scale would be considered Genocide, a crime against humanity, and an
international outcry would follow.
Hundreds of peace keeper would be sent to South Africa.
The United Nations would hold a special sitting.
Headlines in the mass media would be screaming blue murder.
The television channels would be filled with scenes of the dead bodies, and their grieving families.
Yet in South Africa, the murder of the white tribe by the blacks is reduced to a statistic and labeled “crime”
The state sponsored media hardly spares their murders a few lines.
The police refuse to release statistics on the extent of the murders.
What must we do to focus the world’s attention on this GENOCIDE, disguised as crime?
If you’re a concerned citizen, whether in South Africa or internationally,
you are morally bound to act NOW!
Get letters published in your local media highlighting the plight of the white tribe in South Africa
Ask why the ANC (African National Congress) led South African Government is suppressing crime figures.
Ask why the murders of white citizens in South Africa are not being solved.
If, as the media are quick to proclaim “WHITES CONDUCTING A RACIST CAMPAIGN AGAINST BLACKS” why do you not hear hundreds of reports of whites killing blacks for their cell-phones?
Why are the whites not killing blacks for their cars?
Why are the whites not breaking into the upper class black neighborhoods, raping and murdering the women, before making of with their TV sets?
This GENOCIDE must be brought to the attention of the world media before it is too late. Before all the Whites have been erased from the face of South Africa.
Please do your bit to help the White citizens of South Africa. Please spread the word to all you know and who might be able to bring this to light to the world.
Alert the world to the mass extermination taking place right in front of
their eyes, as the local newspapers hardly report on these incidents anymore.
When such a “crime” occurred, the whites are really extremely lucky to end up getting a space allocated in the newspapers on page 10, briefly telling the story of yet another “crime” related murder story like it’s no big deal.
Alert all white tourists that are considering a visit to South Africa of the perils they will face.
Criticize the international mass media for their failure to report on the daily occurrence of murder and rape.
Genocide’ was coined by a jurist named Raphael Lemkin in 1944 by combining the Greek word ‘genos’ (race) with the Latin word ‘cide’ (killing). Genocide as defined by the United Nations in 1948 means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, including: (a) killing members of the group (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group (e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.you feel this is true for your situation, you have rights to be protected by the UN, you may have to leave SA and return another day…use them.

■NIGHTMARE ON A FARM – 11 (OF THE THOUSANDS) MOST GRUESOME BLACK ON WHITE FARM ATTACKS IN SOUTH AFRICA https://stopwhitegenocideinsa.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/nightmare-on-a-farm-11-of-the-thousands-gruesome-farm-attacks-in-south-africa/