January 7, 2016

#ATTACK: SURVIVES BUT SERIOUSLY INJURED: Jones family were brutally attacked by blacks with knives and a monkey wrench in their Centurion home

An eight year old child, his 10 year old brother and their parents became the latest victims of violent crime in Eldoraigne, Centurion. Four black attackers brutally attacked Leon and Alet Jones with knives and a monkey wrench in their Centurion home in the early hours of the morning on Thursday with their ten year old son witnessing the attack. His 8 year old brother in the adjacent room slept through the horror.

Ons arme kinders....Here, behoed, bewaar en genees hierdie gesin en hou die seuntjies in U Vaderhand

Latest victims of violent crime in Eldoraigne

Centurion Concerned Citizens

At approximately 02:05 on 7 January 2016 Leon was rudely awaken by his bedroom light being switched on. As he tried to get up, he was hit with a monkey wrench on the head. His wife Alet, who also by then was awake, got stabbed in the arm with a knife, cutting the artery in her left arm. She started to bleed profusely. 

Leon managed to get out of bed and he noticed four assailants in his bedroom. He bravely started to fight the assailants. Three of them attacked him with knives, whilst the fourth one used the monkey wrench. During the fight he sustained several stab wounds - twice in the chest which punctured his lung, one above the right eye and several in his legs. He was also hit two more times with the monkey wrench on the head. 

Alet got stabbed 4 times in her left arm and 3 times in her leg. Whilst brutally attacking the couple, they continuously shouted to Leon and Alet that they will die. One of the attackers then produced a handgun and pointed it at Leon and told him to stop or else he will be killed. The fight stopped and the attackers demanded firearms from Leon. Leon informed them that he had no firearms, and the attackers left the bedroom to search the house. 

Leon, Alet and his one son remained in the bedroom and after a while when everything went quiet he realised that the attackers have left with various electronic equipment. The family got into their car and drove to Unitas Hospital where both Leon and Alet underwent surgery.

The attackers gained access to the house by forcing open the security gate and back door.

One of the suspects had dreadlocks and was wearing a yellow, blue and red striped jersey/top. The two children were unharmed.

Talking to his parents after the attacked he witnessed, their 10 year old son said he is never going to sleep again, as he wants to be awake and waiting for the attackers if they return. https://facebook.com/boerekrisisaksie/photos/a.178568022169751.48293.116298045063416/1292106260815916/?type=3&fs=0