January 16, 2016

#ATTACK: Video: Man attacked & assaulted infront of SA Police by black ANC crowd during ‘Zuma Must Fall’ banner removal

One White man against thousands of black attackers...

A man attempts to flee an angry ANC and SACP crowd after being chased into a nearby residence for allegedly shouting profanities concerning President Jacob Zuma. The Zuma Must Fall billboard was then removed from Cape Town's CBD.



By Mike Smith

16th of January 2016

The ZUMA MUST FALL sign in Cape Town has been ripped apart by ANC supporters whilst chanting like stone age savages in monkey chatter: “Zuma,Zuma, Zuma, Zuma, Zuma…”

Video below. 

Yesterday Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Mzwandile Masina Called those who erected the sign “racists undermining democracy”…(what else?). 

He said that the ANC’s patience was running out and that the anger of South Africans is building up to boiling point. ANC issues stern warning to “racists” in Cape Town over Zuma must fall sign

My message to him is this: "So let it…Let your anger reach boiling point, mate. Let your patience run out. Then you will see our patience run out and our anger reach boiling point. Then we can see whose patience run out the fastest and whose anger reaches boiling point the quickest. Come you useless fuck! Go for it. Make my day."

ANC MP Bongani Mkongi (Appointed to their Ethics Committee …what a joke) called for ANC supporters to burn the sign down together with the building and the people who live in it and who had nothing to do with the sign. 

Said this foaming at the mouth ape, “They must burn to death as it is life for them to keep it that way." 

This sign is what I mentioned last year about creating a dilemma for the dictatorship of the ANC. If they leave it they will be made more fun of. If they take it down, they show their insecurities and weakness and will be made even more fun of. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They played straight into the hands of the ResistANCe. 

Now they are just going to get the piss pulled out of them ten times worse. People have lost all fear of these simian bi-peds. They are useless, lazy and as can be seen from the video…stupid. They can take one big sign down. Imagine ten thousand small signs all over Cape Town. All it takes is a hundred people to each put up a hundred stickers. How are they going to scramble to take all of that down? They will be scrubbing from morning till night and still not make headway…and look totally silly doing it.