January 16, 2016

ANOTHER #MURDER ? Beloved doctor found dead with a plastic grocery bag over his head on his bed at his home in Paul Kruger Street in Carletonville on Monday morning

Police are still investigating whether the doctor was murdered or had taken his own life 

The deceased with a family member
Jan Christophel Deetlefs with a family member

A well-known medical practitioner was found dead on his bed at his home in Paul Kruger Street in Carletonville on Monday morning, 4 January. A case of inquest has been opened as it was not clear whether the doctor had taken his own life. According to the police in Carletonville, the domestic worker discovered the body with a plastic grocery bag over his head. A suicide note was apparently also found on the scene. The deceased has been identified as Dr. Jan Christophel Deetlefs who was a popular general practitioner around Carletonville. His second son, Jacques Deetlefs (39) told the Herald that the rest of the family was in Mossel Bay for a vacation and received the shocking news from his employees. Dr Deetlefs was working from his administration office at the house, although his consulting rooms were situated in Van Zyl Street in Oberholzer. Deetlefs had practiced in the medical field for more than 40 years and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award for dedicated service from the Medical Association in 2015. His emotional son described him as a “kind, generous and loving man who always put others’ needs before his own. He was also a committed Christian who loved the Bible and the church and had nothing but love for the people around him”. The deceased leaves behind his wife and two sons. His entire family is absolutely grief stricken by the unexpected incident, according to Jacques. http://carletonvilleherald.com/4057/beloved-doctor-dies-at-home/