January 22, 2016

#ATTACK: UPDATE: Couple attacked by blacks with machetes. NOTHING ROBBED!


Sad how criminals have become a threat to the safety of pedestrians / joggers / cyclists
Alistair Hill : Hi Guys. Please note the walk between wilderness and Vic Bay that was mentioned in the last issue is extremely dangerous. After reading the article we decided to go for a beautiful scenic walk along the railway line. Myself and my partner were attacked by two men, one wielding a panga. We are the third group to be attacked in the last two weeks that we know of. Luckily we managed to fight them off but still sustained injuries. They had no problem resorting to serious bodily damage to us as the one tried to strike me a number of times with the panga and also tried to throw me off the cliff. Luckily we both had self defence training (True Krav Maga) so we could defend our selves. Others I don't think would have been so lucky. There is no sign on the railway line warning people of the dangers either. We turned three other groups around on the walk back that would have run into them.

■ #ATTACK: Survived but badly injured: Couple attacked by blacks with machetes. NOTHING ROBBED!