January 8, 2016

#ATTACK: Mob of eight attack holidaymakers (one a SOUTH African citizen who works in America) at a holiday home in Stiebel Rocks Road, Umzumbe

It was a traumatic end to the holiday

A SOUTH African citizen who works in America was treated by paramedics last night after an attempted house robbery at a holiday home in Stiebel Rocks Road, Umzumbe.

Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid said the man was awoken just before midnight by an alarm. He went to the living room where he saw other family members shouting at a group of eight men who were standing outside and smashing the windows.

Grant Wood, vice-chairman of the Umzumbe Beach Ratepayers’ Association (UBRA), said one of the bedroom windows had been broken before the group of men moved around to the lounge and broke that window as well.

“The alarm had been triggered by the holidaymakers. The security company responded within four minutes and chased the men along the beach,” he said.

Mr Wood pointed out that the security cameras do monitor that section of road but not that section of remote beach.

According to Mr Wood, the man was injured when one of the gang threw a section of  burglar bar at him through the window, hitting him in the leg.

He was taken to hospital in Port Shepstone by Netcare 911. He received two stitches before being discharged.  He flies back to America today. http://southcoastherald.co.za/122224/mob-of-eight-men-attack-holidaymakers-in-umzumbe/