January 5, 2016

#ATTACK: Black attacker grabbed woman by the throat & threatened to return after he attacked her at home in Tzaneen

Watch Dog Tzn: !!! Crime Alert !!! King Edward street !!! About 15H00 today a woman was attacked in her home by an unarmed assailant. See was outside on the phone and went inside the house when the conversation ended. She locked the gate behind her. Her dogs started acting strange and kept on growling towards her bedroom. When entering the bedroom the criminal was lying next to the bed. He jumped up and grabbed her on her throat. He took her through the house and took a laptop, cellphone and I phone. The suspect locked her in the bathroom and left by unlocking the front door. He also warned her if she make alarm he will return. She got the attention of the neighbors through the bathroom window and managed to call for help. I responded and activated Northern Security. The area was searched but nothing found. The lady is unharmed but in shock. We believe the suspect gained entry through a entrance in the side gate used by the dogs. The suspect was slender and wearing a purple shirt. Be Alert. Stay safe and report any problems*