November 5, 2015

#FarmAttack: Survive black gunmen attack: Couple survives shooting on their Rustenburg farm. Black attackers still at large

This afternoon at around 15h40 there were a farm attack at MB 19.
10 Min after Ronnie and Joanne arrived back from town the robbers cut the electric fence and set the alarm off. Joanne looked out of the window and saw the armed attackers in the garden, she shouted to Ronnie who in turn slammed the back security gate.
The attackers then came around the house and fire a shot and then took off.
The Rustenburg saps were also on the scene and the statements were made. Oostermoed were on the scene 20 min after the alarm. The attackers are still at large. One were wearing a green shirt/ jacket.
Ronnie and his wife is a bit shaken but fine. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1254867411206468&id=116298045063416&fs=0