November 5, 2015

#ATTACK: Two separate incidents of violent attacks on pensioners. Man (61) assaulted with a brick, woman (63) held at gunpoint in her Uvongo home

Another pensioner robbed
South Coast Fever - Durban
YET another pensioner has been a victim of crime on the South Coast.
A 63-year-old woman was shocked to find an unknown man near her fridge in her Uvongo home yesterday (Wednesday) at noon.
The woman was robbed of cash and a cell phone.
“When she went to the kitchen, she saw the man near the fridge. He was wearing an orange T-shirt and dark jersey and was skinny,” said police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid.
“He pointed a gun at her and demanded cash and a cell phone,” she added.
He then fled without hurting her.
It was later established that he had unscrewed a burglar guard at the far side of the house and climbed through the open window.
A house robbery is being investigated by Margate police.
Earlier this week, a 61-year-old man was robbed in Lion’s Grove, Marburg when four men approached his home and asked him for water.
They tied him up with electric cable and took several items. The man only managed to free himself an hour later.
He was also assaulted with a brick and sustained bruises and a swollen lip.