October 30, 2015

#MURDER: Girl (7) watches as black killers brutally assaulted & stab (unidentified) parents in horrific attack at home. NOTHING ROBBED!

#MURDER:  Update: BENONI– October 28 2015: A white male died in hospital after he and his partner were stabbed multiple times by black thugs in their home in Kingsway – Benoni this morning.


A little girl watched as four black killers stabbed her parents multiple times at home in Benoni, east of Johannesburg

The police said, “Without asking for anything they started stabbing the woman & the husband. The father died in hospital on Thursday afternoon. The mother has been discharged from hospital

ENU NEWS: Benoni couple stabbed in front of daughter, husband dies
JOHANNESBURG – Gauteng police are investigating the murder of a Benoni man who was stabbed multiple times in full view of his young daughter. 
The 37-year-old victim and his wife were attacked allegedly by four black suspects who broke into their home. 
Police say the only witness to the crime is the little girl who is still visibly traumatised following the attack. 
Officials say the motive of the stabbing is unclear as nothing was taken from the home.
The police's Nomsa Sekele said, “Without asking for anything they started stabbing the lady and the husband and unfortunately the man died, but the woman has been discharged and is at home.” http://m.ewn.co.za/2015/10/29/Benoni-couple-stabbed-husband-dies

"The poor child. She cried while she watched her mother and father being stabbed," police spokesperson Lieutenent Nomsa Sekele told News24 on Thursday.
Sekele said she “felt so sorry” for the little girl, who was the only witness to the murder, as she was forced to recount during her police statement the horrific attack on her parents.
The girl, believed to be 7-years-old, was beaten on the head, but stood and watched as the black killer stabbed her parents in their home in Umoya Road in Kingsway on Wednesday evening.
The father died in hospital on Thursday afternoon. The mother has been discharged from hospital.
Sekele said the police responded to a complaint around 21:00.
"Upon arrival, they found the victims inside the ambulance. The father, aged 37, died of his injuries in hospital today (Thursday) and the mother aged 40, has just been discharged. "
Police said they did not know what the motive was because nothing had been taken from the family home