October 30, 2015

#MURDER: 42-year-old man was stabbed to death in his Green Point home in the early hours of Thursday morning

Killer sought after UK man stabbed in Green Point home

Cape Town - Investigations continue after 42-year-old Briton Daniel Mardell was stabbed to death at his Green Point home in Cape Town during what appears to be a house robbery. 

At the time of the incident a woman was seen on the luxury home’s balcony screaming for help.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut said Mardell was stabbed to death at 00:50 on Thursday morning at his multi-storey home on High Level Road.


Green Point man killed in his home

Cape Town - Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel AndrĂ© Traut confirmed the killing and said the incident took place just after midnight.
On Thursday morning, passers-by gathered outside the high walls surrounding the white multi-storey house in High Level Road as police forensic experts wiped a sliding door for fingerprints and carried out further on-site investigations.
Western Cape pathologists then arrived to remove the man’s body.
A security guard, Richard Matabo, who was looking after a building opposite the scene, said the man was with his wife at the time of the incident.
Matabo said he was patrolling the area when he heard a loud scream.
“I thought it was from one of the buildings in our area, so I ran up to check.”
He said he saw the murdered man’s wife standing at the corner of her enclosed balcony.
“She was screaming: ‘Help, Help!’, “ he said.
“By the time I had opened the gate it was too late. I didn’t see anyone come out.”
The security guard said he believed the man’s wife pressed the panic button and, about 10 minutes later, armed response guards arrived.
He said the man died at the scene.
“We are still confused about how the perpetrator gained entry to the house and why the alarm didn’t go off,” Matabo added.
He said security guards in High Level Road were now reporting a lot of crime.
“This place is dangerous,” he said.
Bradley Braithwaite from the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch said they were shocked by the incident.
He said High Level Road had always been a concern.
However, he said really serious crimes seldom happened and recent statistics showed a decrease in crime in the area.