October 30, 2015

#ATTACK: Empangeni family fight off three armed black attackers at home. NOTHING ROBBED!

A family from Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal are still in shock after an attack at their home, early on Monday morning.
Equally shocked however, are three black attackers who got a lot more than they bargained for, as the family acted quickly to stop the men from gaining access to their home, Zululand Observer reported.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she had walked into the kitchen of their home at around 5:50am and noticed an outside gate that was open.
“We never leave gates open, so I was a little perturbed. I went to my husband to ask him if he had perhaps forgotten to lock the gate.”
The couple bravely unlocked their back door and ventured outside to investigate.

“I was still standing inside the doorway when three black attackers grabbed my husband,” she said. “I just remember telling him to get back inside, while I was attempting to close the door,” she added.
Her husband fought the assailants, managing to break free of their grip despite one of the men pointing a gun at his head.
The woman recounted the desperate minutes she and her husband spent struggling to close the door with three men trying to force their way in.
“One of the guys had his hand jammed in door as we were trying to close it, spraying a can of pepper spray over both of us,” she said.
Blinded and choking, she called for her 12-year-old son to hit the panic button. Instead, the youngster came to his parents’ aid with a hockey stick. Using the stick, the husband managed to get the crook to withdraw his arm from the door.
“I then activated the panic alarm myself, and they immediately ran off. We are still quite shaken up but glad we managed to stay calm and work together during a crisis,” she said.
Although their motive remains unknown, it became apparent the men had gained access to their property by jumping over a neighbour’s wall.
The family is now working on beefing up their security.
“It’s a really scary thought, having to be on the lookout all the time. We were lucky, and the greatness of the Lord saved us this time. But what happens if they come back?”