October 24, 2015

#FarmAttack:Rocklands. A farmer was attacked by four armed black attackers. The farmer was shot in the stomach & knee

Already reported this month 
23 OCTOBER 2015

Riaan Barrington posted as follows at 03H23:
Was nog n plaas aanval op Rocklands. Boer is in sy maag en knie geskiet mar jy kon darm 1 trug skiet. Met die wat die boer terug skiet het 1 deur die venster gespring om weg te kom en homself stukkend gesny. Die gesnyde 1 het bly hardloop en hom verder laat stukkend sny in die heining waardeur hy probeer klim het. SAPD het hom in die heining gekry waar hy dood gebloei het. 3 het weg gekom en die 1 wat die boer geskiet het is in die hospitaal waar SAPD wag vir hom.
There was another attack in Rocklands. A farmer was shot in the stomach and the knee, however he managed to fire a shot, hitting one of the suspects. With the shot going off one suspect jumped through a window and cut himself badly on the glass. He then carried on running and cut himself even more trying to get through a fence. SAPS found him at the fence where he bled to death. 3 suspects managed to get away and the one the farmer shot is lying in hospital where SAPS are patiently waiting to arrest him.  Well done to the farmer who deserves a medal. Get well soon.