October 22, 2015

‘All white people in South Africa get out or else we will kill you’ – black students

Terrified White Students Barricade Themselves in Classroom from Hundreds of "activated" Racist Blacks shouting “All white people get out or else we will kill you” - guess the blacks got the message when the President of the country, Zuma, sings "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" on a public podium...

Although the racial and ethnic element in South Africa’s current student protests is being played down by the MSM, white students are generally opposed against the protests, it being near the end of the South African academic year (in the southern hemisphere the academic year corresponds to the calendar year with December being summer vacation), with exams being written soon. The following video posted on Facebook by a Cape Town student, Anne Landman, has already gone viral with hundreds sharing it on Facebook. Reminiscent of a scene from a zombie movie such asWorld War Z or The Walking Dead, white students had barricaded themselves in a classroom while black protestors outside were breaking down the door.
The ensuing chaos was not recorded on video but Anne Landman writes on her Facebook page:
So this happened. I stopped filming before things got out of hand as we were scared they would damage property, which they did. Hundreds of rioters outside those doors. People were cornered and taunted. Some of our students were beaten up for trying to keep the doors closed. The doors are now broken. They stormed in with balaclavas on, shouting horrible things in our direction. Quote of the day “All white people get out or else we will kill you”. Sorry for the language in the video but we were all panicking a bit in there. What has this country come


Mcebo tells Mantashe ANC’s ‘1994 honeymoon is over’

Wits students march through the Johannesburg CBD to Luthuli House, 22 October 2015, during the #FeesMustFall national protest. Students gathered outside the ruling party’s offices where they handed over a memorandum of grievances. Picture: Alaister Russell

Expelled Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini told a large group of protesters gathered at the ANC’s headquarters, Luthuli House, in Johannesburg, that the party’s 1994 ‘honeymoon’ is over.

Comrades, the honeymoon of 1994 when we were promised things is over,” Dlamini said.
This comes after a large group of disgruntled students marched to Luthuli House to protest the proposed tuition fee hikes and to demand for free education.
Secretary general of the ANC Gwede Mantashe was among other ANC seniors who attended the march. The students, who called on Mantashe to sit down, could not let him address them, citing that he must first give them what they want before he can address them.
“The secretary general will not be allowed to speak, if he wants to speak he will call us and give us what we want,” Dlamini said.
“I was told the ANC is for the people. The ANC must come to the people. Away with the arrogant ANC away!” Dlamini said, also reiterating that he would not give the mic to Mantashe.

Dlamini also talked about how parents of the majority of the students are suffering and how they cannot afford to take their children to school.
“Our parents come to Johannesburg to buy blankets which they sell back in Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Our parents are cleaners,” he said.
“We are not a lost generation. We have found something to fight for. We want the land,” added Dlamini.

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