October 22, 2015

VIDEO: ‪Blade Nzimande mocks protesting students saying they must obey or he will start a counter movement

"Then we start our own movement: ‪#‎studentsmustfall‬, " Blade said. And laughed.
ANC trying to use the protests for their own agenda has backfired on them...

The Student Fees protests that are not about Student Fees. It is a revolution.

I know quite a few students at UCT, Stellenbosch and CPUT. I was speaking to a foreign black student (from Zambia) the other day and asked him how it was possible that he could be a student at UCT for the last ten years, changing his course three times and currently busy with his masters, when I know for a fact that he has never had a real job and was only doing the odd call centre thing, etc. 

He explained to me that at UCT, when you don’t have money, all you have to do is write them a bullshit, sob story in an essay about how you were a victim of colonialism/ Apartheid/ slavery, etc…and how you are striving to better yourself and the next moment they throw money at you. 

This guy even had money for plane tickets and a holiday to his mother country once a year. 

If you are black in South Africa you can actually study for free. In fact you are being paid to study. 

So what are these student protests about then? Do they want to be paid more to study? 

No, these protests are not about keeping student fees low. Maybe for the whites and coloureds, but certainly not for the blacks. It is just the excuse for the start of the revolution. The “African spring”. 

Protests like a “Campus Spring”

You can see from the photographs that blacks and whites are protesting together and that it is organized the exact way I said it would, with the pretty white girls in the front line facing the shields of the police in riot gear! 

A few weeks ago sceptic people on this blog said that there won’t be a revolution. Blacks and whites won’t stand together against the ANC. They laughed at me when I said there will be white girls facing the black police ready to be clubbed. I predicted the police brutality and violence that you now see and how it will turn against them. 

Who would have thought white students (along with blacks and coloureds) along with white lecturers would storm the gates of parliament, occupy parliament and be bundled into police vans? Only me? Watch it here. 

Protestors bundled into police vans outside parliament 

Now you can see these are classical Revolutionary tactics and methods of Gene Sharp described in his book “From Dictatorship to Democracy” and used by student organisations such as Otpor! In Serbia. It is almost an exact copy of the start of the Serbian Revolution in 1999. 

I hope you are taking notes and learning here. There is still a lot more to come.