September 23, 2015

#ATTACK: Children traumatised by 4 blacks smasing through their front door

Four black African men in  blue overalls  attacked a home in Winchester Hills at about 11:30 on Wednesday September 23.

WINCHESTER HILLS – According to Michelle Pelser from Community Policing Forum Mondeor, the four black men took the garden gate off the rails and smashed the front door to gain entrance to the house.

The children, who are minors, were at home at the time with the domestic.

Mondeor SAPS, ADT Security and CPF Mondeor were called to the scene with Mondeor Victim Support Unit brought in to assist with trauma counselling.

The robbers escaped with TV’s and unknown possessions in their bakkie (white or silver, no canopy). http://comarochronicle.co.za/91395/children-caught-up-in-house-robbery/