December 8, 2017

The religion of Freemasonry ...

Saracen: Empty of Sarah.
Arab: Semites of Arabia and North Africa (specifically Phoenician Carthage in Libya, Moorish Morocco and Algeria), Black Virgin/Rastafarian/Ameru Priests in Meru, Ethiopia (fake Ark of the Covenant, fake Queen of Sheba/King Solomon descendants, fake tribe of Dan but real Black Virgin statues, a lot of them exported by Knights Templar), Yemen (Mt Sephar=Joktanite Arabs) and Kenya (named from Kennites and physical source of the Nile).

Arab also means Trader, Wanderer, Merchant or Tent Dweller.

Semite: Descendant of Shem. Elam (Persian), Asshur (Assyrian), Arphaxad (Never hear about him do we? It’s because his brothers hate him for fathering Heber and the Hebrews, Peleg in whose days the world was separated by water, Abraham (Jews, Christians, Hagarenes) and Jesus Christ who separates the world by what else? Water), Lud (Lydian/Carians in Turkey ex Mausolus and his sister/wife Artemisia whose Temple of Halicarnassus “Beehive” is replicated in Washington DC as the Supreme House of the Temple or Khazars and Ottoman Turks), Aram (Nabataeans/Syrians).

Sabian: From Saba: Leaving one’s religion and entering another (Crypto or Marrano).

Ever wonder why U.S. Presidents (all claiming to be Christian) and Roman Catholic Popes (claiming to be the representative of Jesus Christ on Earth) would face an Obelisk “Baal’s Shaft” when taking Oaths or delivering Sermons and Mass? Is it just coincidence Masons chose July 4th 1776 for the Declaration of Independence when 5 planets were eclipsing 5 stars, the Sun was eclipsing Jupiter and Sirius and then used the same date in 1848 to lay the Cornerstone of the world’s tallest Obelisk? The leaders of Pakistan, Afghanistan (Karzai=Pashtun=Joseph), Iran (Ahmadenejad=Sabourjian), Iraq (3 way split Kurds, Sunni, Shiite), Jordan (Hashemite=Nabataean), Israel (Netanyahu=Benjamin), Syria (Aramaean), Egypt, Saudi Arabia (Saud=Mordechai), US (Michelle to Dannite/Ameru Priests; Barack ?) all have an alleged Semite lineage; if true, why is Israel the eye of the storm, and are they really Semitic or Israelite at all? Confused? Baal is the Phoenician god “Bel” known as the “Confounder”.

Going back to Saracen, what would you do if you were cast out of the inheritance of Abraham empty? Is it coincidence the Dome of the Rock is tied to Abraham, Isaac (Ishmael in the Quran), King David, Jesus Christ and Muhammad? If you descended from Japheth or Ham and wanted to obtain a Semite and Israelite lineage, what would you do? Going back to the beginning, if you were Cain and cast out of Eden empty, what would you do? Finally, are the Talmud, Kabbalah, Synagogues, and Rabbis related to Judaism? Are Congregations, Priests, Sermons, Missionaries related to Jesus Christ? Can Allah be an Arab moon god and be related to God (Jehovah)? “Allah Akbar” is familiar to Muslims; Khabar being the pre-Islamic goddess of Mecca and Allah the pre-Islamic moon god; how then can this phrase mean “God is great”?

The religion of Freemasonry is not Jewish, Christian or Muslim; it is Freedom from God formed form Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Democrat vs Republican; Capitalism vs Communism; Catholic vs Muslim; Monophysite (today’s Unitarian or New Age Movement; Baruch=Baraka=Solar Logos “Divine emanation of the Sun”) vs Nestorian (today’s Assyrian Church of the East “Rising Sun”, ironically popular in Chicago); Conservative vs Liberal all lead to the same Synthesis; Freedom from God. Truth becomes Lies; Science becomes Knowledge; Evening becomes Morning; Holy Ghost becomes Light; Good becomes Evil; Man becomes God. This is the story of Man’s attempt to Regain and Repair an inheritance empty of God; the Free Stones who reject the Foundation Stone Jesus Christ and desire Independence from Him.

Hermetic Axiom

“That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of the One thing…the father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon…the wind carried it into its belly, the Earth is its nurse…force or power is entire if converted into the Earth” Isaac Newton
“The whole Universe was brought forth from the One, by the word of One GOD, so also all things are regenerated perpetually from this One according to Nature…It has the Sun for Father and the Moon for Mother” Phoenician version
“The highest comes from the lowest, the lowest from the highest, a marvelous work of the Tao…all things originated from It…Its Father (Elixer) is the Sun (Yang), It’s Mother is the Moon (Yin)” Chinese version
“Powers of everything below originate in Stars and constellations of the Heavens” Hermes Trismegistus
“The above from the below, and the below from the above, the work of the Miracle of the One…” Arab version
“What is below is like that which is above, to make the miracle of the one thing. It’s Father is the Sun, its Mother is the Moon” 12th C Latin version

All these quotes are from the Emerald Tablet of Thoth. Thoth is an Egyptian concept, equated with the mythical Hermes Trismegistus “Thrice Great Hermes”, Mercury “Son of Maya”, Mercury the “Quicksilver” of Alchemy, the “Philosopher’s Stone” and the biblical Enoch, a son of both Cain and Seth. The Emerald Tablet connects Secret Societies the world over, united under the Hebrew concept “Tikkun Olam” (Repairing the Earth), the Rabbinical Religion “Kabbalah” (Work upon the Sacred Tree), and the written Blasphemy of God “Babylonian Talmud”. Astrology, Science and “Christ” unite in Rosicrucianism and the world’s 3 religions unite at one “Rock”. One problem; it’s the wrong Christ and the wrong Rock.

Architects of the Tower of Babel “From the East” ca 2100BC? Phoenician stone masons working under Hiram Abiff to build Solomon’s Temple ca 960BC? Zerubbabel’s Free Stone masons returning from Babylon by Persian decree to build the second Temple ca 515BC? Knights Templar (Poor Knights of Christ aka Cistercian Warrior Monks) monetarily and militarily securing Jerusalem in the 12-13th centuries AD? Knights Hospitaller “Knights of St John of Jerusalem” aka “Black Knights”, “Knights of Malta” or “Royal Black Preceptory” aiding pilgrims to Jerusalem to this day? Is it Odd they would do this? Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt”. “John” in this case is an occult version of John the Baptist called “St John the Divine”; the real John was decapitated by the Edomite King Herod. Yes, it is Odd, they also go by the title “Odd Fellows”. Operative Masons using Free Stones to build Crusader Castles and Saracen (Saracen “Empty of Sarah” ie Sons of Hagar “Hagarenes” ie Arabs) Fortresses; the skill supposedly handed down father to son from ancestors who built the Egyptian Pyramids? Architects of those Pyramids such as Imhotep lining them up with specific Zodiacs? Speculative Masons hiding their secrets in plain sight within carvings such as the Green Man of Rosslyn Chapel? Levite Priests attempted to restore the Law and Temple of King Solomon destroyed in Ezekiel 8? These are possible answers to “Who or What is a Freemason?”

There is no shortage of speculation as to the origin of Freemasonry, which is pretty strange for an organization that claimed to open its first “Speculative” lodge in London, England on June 24, 1717. London means “New Troy”, the Prime Meridian separates East and West, typified in Masonry as Grand Orient (Orient=East; Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin were all Grand Orient Lodge Masons) Lodge in the East and Scottish Rite (ex Churchill, FDR, Truman, Carter, Reagan, Bush) in the West. At the center is the Aquarian Cross at Glastonbury Tor, symbolic birthplace of King Arthur (Arth=Branch; the Grail Quest is Gnosticism derived from the Tree of Knowledge ie the Serpent aka Antichrist). At the center of that Cross is the Labrys (Labarum=Golden Mean=Labyrinth, “Mother of God”=Ishtar or Inanna). A mathematical way to look at Dialectic is an equally balanced positive number such as the US in the Cold War added to a negative number such as the USSR yields “Zero”; this will play out in WWIII, the final battle of Zoroastrianism which means Zero-Ashta or “Seed of the Woman”; out of that war the Divine Child “Antichrist” will be revealed. My guess is a man born near the Prime Meridian claiming Jewish genealogy to Judah Thomas Plantard (Thomas=Twin; Plantard=Vine Cutting). Don’t hold me to it; it’s just my best guess. British Monarchs claim descent Judah; the Queen of England also claims the title Queen of Jerusalem; further back, they claim descent from Trojans and further back to what they refer to as the Dragon or Serpent Race; obviously been breathing too much Cretian Minotaur Excrement! England means “Angle Land” after the tribes of pagan barbarians “Angles and Saxons” (first were Scotti and Picts) who invaded Briton to form what is now the British Isles.

Brit or B’Rith means Birth; the “Birth Empire” is thus founded on 1st born sons, Cain, Japheth, Joktan, Ishmael and Esau rather than Abel, Seth, Shem, Arphaxad, Peleg, Isaac and Jacob. June 24th is the feast day of John the Baptist; really St John the Divine to commemorate his birth 6 months before Jesus Christ. The bible confirms this 6 month interval but omits the dates being Dec 24 or June 24 both dates 3 days following the Solar Solstices. So what are the true birthdates for John the Baptist and Jesus Christ? 7th day of Passover and 8th day of Tabernacles. If John the Baptist and Jesus Christ are not being honored, who is being honored?

Earth is “fixed on a foundation”, “stablished” on its axis under a “stretched” canopy of fixed stars and “hung upon nothing”; these are the descriptions found in scripture (Is 40:22; 42:5; 44:13; 44:24; 45:12; Ps 104:2; Jer 10:12; 51:5; Zech 12:1; Job 9:8; 37:18 reference the Stretched and Static Stars of the Universe), (Josh 10:13; Is 48:13; Ps 93:1; Ecc 1:5; Job 26:7; 1 Chr 16:30 reference the Fixed Earth). In summary, scripture says the Earth is not orbiting the Sun, nor is Space made of any sort of “Dark Matter”, nor is the Earth and Sun part of a sea of expanding stars as “Big Bang Theory” claims. All these theories originated in the British Royal Society, a Rosicrucian Society of men like Isaac Newton (Isaac=Abram’s 2nd born son; Newt=Lizard; Nice eh?) Earth is not moving in the slightest, it is gyroscopically stabilized with its axis oriented today to North Star Polaris=Pole Star, through rotation and expansion. Gyroscopic stability cannot be explained without expansion and accelerating expansion is the most likely explanation for Mass causing Weight (Newton’s Gravitational Constant “G” resolves down to the familiar F=MA). Expansion also explains the why the Atmosphere remains attached to Earth in the vacuum of space and explains the appearance of Orbits. The alternative to this explanation is a rotating “Firmament” of Stars, an Egyptian concept. I see no way for the Earth to remain stable in space, nor wobble with this theory and the differential velocities of Stars need to explain this are mind boggling, requiring the Firmament of Stars to have a far higher density ie “Dark Matter” to explain the accelerations involved. I want no confusion here; Fixed rotating Earth; Space is Nothing ie a Vacuum; Stars are also Fixed. This is what Scripture says and what I can prove with my feeble brain; or if you choose Stephen Hawking, his Brane. No misspelling, this is what he and many modern astrophysicists believe; short for “Membrane” this Universe being only one of infinitely many. God will get a chuckle out of them telling Him that I’m sure.


Earth is not a perfect sphere, it wobbles on its axis, causing the Equinoxes to precess against the fixed backdrop of stars; the appearance of movement opposite the direction of rotation 10 every 72 years became the basis of Astrology. The pagan holiday of Yule was celebrated as the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun, called “Sol Invictus” (Unconquered Sun). Judah Maccabaeus cleansed the altar and re-dedicated the 2nd Temple on 25 Kislev (celebrated the eve of 24 December), 165BC to begin “Chanukah” and at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, Constantine’s newly formed Catholic Church decided to make the Son’s and the Sun’s birthdays coincide, and in 40 years, the first Christ-Mass was held, coincident in years with 40 years between Jesus’ prophecy and destruction of Herod’s Temple. It is no more possible for a Man to cleanse Sin from the Stone Temple of God than for a Man to cleanse Sin from his own Bodily Temple, but Freemasons don’t understand that because their rituals are designed to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Knights Templar protected Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem and Hospitallers gave them medical aid, but why would a Christian want to go to Jerusalem prior to the 2nd Coming of its rightful King? Jesus told John the Evangelist via the Holy Ghost Jerusalem is the “…great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8. Paul said “Jerusalem which…is in bondage with her children…Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all” Gal 4:25-26. Christians and pagans worshipping what they believed to be the same Gods on the same holiday may be “Ecumenical” but who initiated the “Coup” and what do the Masonic symbols really represent?

Elias Ashmole became a Free Mason in 1646, 71 years before the supposedly 1st “Speculative” (Grand) Masonic Lodge opened in 1717; joining what he termed the “Invisible College”. Through astrology, he believed 1663 would inaugurate a “more pregnant and famous group of philosophers who would fulfill the Rosicrucian dream”; that year found the Rosicrucian Isaac Newton in college at Cambridge; 3 years later he proposed a “Universal Law of Gravity” (The Law is a Scientific Theory which has never been proven; Gravity=Heavy or Serious; a serious load of BS in my opinion) and London’s great fire provided a clean canvas for “Sacred Architecture”. Ashmole, like his hidden predecessors; Aristotle (student of the pedophile, pederast Plato and mentor of Alexander the Great), Pythagoras (A2+B2= C2), Zoroaster (Zero-Ashta means “Seed of the Woman”, specifically the so-called Star “Venus” which forms a 5 pointed Star around the Sun every 8 years in a ratio of 1.618 to 1 “Golden Ratio” as compared to Earth), Orpheus (Orphic or Eleusinian Mystery Religion of Greece), Paracelsus (incarnation of Hermes), Pico della Mirandola (Kabbalist/Hermeticist), John Dee “007” (Rosicrucian mentor to Queen Elizabeth I) believed they were “Merchants of Light” spiritually descended from Hermes Trismegistus “Thrice Great Hermes”, the god venerated since the days of Abraham ca 1960BC by the Sabians (Saba means “Leaving one’s religion for that of another” ie “Crypto”) of Harran; the original “Invisible College”. Ashmole said “Matter is revealed by Light…but we are unaware of Light interrupted by Matter”. Essentially, he was saying man can become God through the absorption of Light; Dark Matter is today the final outgrowth of this Lie. In 1672 he outlined the rituals and ceremonies of the Royal Order of the Garter; Garter being a bloodline going back to Cain “Dragon Race” as well as the term for “Witch’s Belt”. The term “Invisible College” describes the Masonic symbols of the Square and Compass; the Square referring to the Temple (Below) and the Compass referring to the limits of the Universe (Firmament of Heaven).

“The carpenter stretcheth out his rule; he marketh it out with the compass…” Is 44:15. The Carpenter is Jesus Christ; the men who are attempting to assume His title are Free Masons (Temple Builders); the driving force behind Masonry are the Rosicrucian, spiritual descendants of the original Sabians of Harran, Shemsu Horus (followers of Horus), Sarmoung Brotherhood of Edessa (Sar=Chief) or Society of Ormus (Ormaizd=Persian/Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda) . The religion is Gnosticism. The quest is the Holy Grail, the mythical Cup, Spear of Destiny, True Cross, Nails, Shroud, Mandylion of Edessa (Scarf used to wipe Jesus’ face at the 6th station of the Cross). The guardians are the Bees serving the Queen in the Beehive (Hexagram is not a symbol of King David, it is the symbol of the Hermetic Axiom aka Bee Enclosure). The symbol of this Great Work is the Fleur de Lys aka Easter “Ishtar’ Lilly or “Lucifer’s Flower”. The goal is in the opening lines of the “Emerald tablet of Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus) “That which is above shall be that which is below”; essentially, Heaven recreated on Earth; in Hebrew “Tikkun Olam” means Repair the World in order than Cain, once banished may return from the East. I have some news for Masons; the path is open to anyone, but it goes through the Tree of Life or a flaming Cherubim; better choose the correct path!

Mithraism originated in Persia (Iran) with the Zoroastrians (followers of Zoroaster meaning “Seed of the Woman”; specifically the “Whore of Babylon”), and found its way into Rome, becoming popular with soldiers and middle class noblemen during the early days of Christianity until it was banned in 391 AD. A repeat of the Hyksos (Amalekites ie followers of Molech) expulsion from Egypt in 1492 BC, and like the Egyptian Empire this was a little late to save the Roman Empire; same people, different era in the form of Ottoman Turks, Russian Bolshevists, Saudi Arabian Wahhabists and American Neo-Cons. Mithra the youthful, lion slaying, Sun God in the Phrygian “Freedom Cap” (also Minuteman or Sleeping Cap; above the doors at the Library of Congress) is said to have sprang from the Orphic Egg to be a mediator between the fire god Ahura Mazda and man. Initiates met in windowless rooms or caves called Mithraeum, some of which are still in use in Vatican City; Mithra is depicted wearing a black cape with astrological symbols on the inside. Chaldean Magi (Priests of Jupiter) depicted Mithra as a Lion with a bee in its mouth. Bee is Dabar in Chaldee for Word; God has the Word; Chaldean Magicians have Lies; this is the Lying Lion King aka Egyptian Sphinx. Mithraism is an astrological lie designed to mimic Israel’s famous deliverer Samson. About 1100BC, Samson took a Nazarite Vow (Jesus was Nazarene not Nazarite like Samson or John the Baptist; Jesus became Melchisedek by an un-repentant Oath of the LORD in Heb 7:21), slew the Lion with his bare hands and found bees and honey (occult version is Ambrosia) within the carcase “Samson’s Riddle”; the occult mimicked this noting the constellation Leo sat next to the Beehive constellation in Cancer (June 24 Zodiac); both sitting close to Orion (Osiris) and framed by the Twin Pillars of Nimrod at the Temple of Edessa (20 miles north of Harran; Abraham’s “Ground Zero”).

Initiates to Mithraism took 7 steps (Druidism later repeated these same steps) to perfection with the 4th level of Leo (the Lion) being a baptism by fire. One need only visit Salt Lake City to see Brigham Young’s (claims to be a Judge of Israel from the Tribe of Dan) first 2 houses in the newly founded “Land of Zion”, the Lion House and the Beehive to discern a connection to Mithraism. Mormon Temple rituals stem from Masonic rituals; a petition was made by Joseph Smith to London’s Grand Lodge to make Mormonism a part of Masonry but alas, Smith was murdered by Masons at the Carthage Jail. Carthage was the North African Phoenician outpost and source of the Punic Wars with Rome, their sworn enemy. Hannibal and Hamilcar Barca, the source names of Barcelona “Blessed Lightning” defied Rome; Carthage was scorched and salted; the BP/Obama (BP=Birthright Covenant; Obama=“He is with us”) team are repeating the act today in America. Had an alternate well shaft been drilled, a tactical Nuclear Device designed specifically for this purpose could have sealed the well shaft and ended this intentional “Fordicidia” disaster. I believe this is the only option left and will eventually be used, perhaps on August 1 “Lughnasadh”, the date of both Temple Destructions and Bush Sr’s senseless murder of Iraqis under White Flag in Gulf War I. The resulting explosion may then serve as the Scape Goat for a far larger Gulf explosion and or Tsunami. The age old doctrine is called “Plausible Deniability”. They may fool some of us but not God; He calls them “Workers of Iniquity” and “Destroyers of the Earth”. Is it fair to call them a team? British means Birthright ie Ishmael and Esau; Obama is Mujahedeen “Warrior for Allah”, having worked in Pakistan during his missing years from Columbia U; yes, it’s fair, picture bin Laden in the White House and this will become understandable why every member of Congress stood by as a foreign born Arab, Prince Hall Mason (Sarah Palin pronounced her support of this endeavor by proclaiming Prince Hall mason week while Gov of Alaska, so don’t look for help from Ron, Rand Paul, Dick Armey, Jimmy Carter or the rest of the “Tea Party” crowd; they are just another head of the Beast) conducted the US Census from the White House thus abrogating the entire US Constitution with 1 stroke. Again, they may fool some Americans but they will not fool God.

How do they get away with it so often? Jesus summed the Law up as “Love God” and “Love our Neighbor” (ref Mark 12:30-31). Church oriented people tend to get the “Love God” part but become warriors for Christ, taking on perceived enemies like Muslims. Non-Church oriented people tend to gravitate to New Age Humanism, the “Love our Neighbor” part, but God is conspicuously absent. Paul said “Charity” is the greatest attribute; it does not mean handing money to the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Salvation Army or United Way; it means showing people the narrow path to Salvation is only through Jesus Christ as it has been for 6000 years. Charity is derived from Carolus “Alms Giving”; Jesus said give Caesar (Caesar is just another name for Pharaoh) what he wants (Money) and give God your Spiritual allegiance. “Good” works then is spreading this simple message, not becoming a “Missionary” of organized religion; God never even used that word or “Sermon” for that matter.

“Mormo” is listed in Anton LaVey’s Satanic Rituals as Chinese for “god of the living dead”. Aaronic (physical sons of Aaron) Priests are the Levitical Priesthood which Jesus replaced with Himself as “Melchisedek”, a descendant of Judah, 33 years after His birth (likely in 6 BC on Feast of Tabernacles) with the tearing of the Temple Veil, and the 2nd Temple destruction 40 years later on the day occultists call Lughnasadh. Lugh is the god of the Tuatha de Danann venerated by Picts (Blue and White face paint in Braveheart or Wicker Man) in Ireland; “Magog” Bush Sr murdered his business partner Saddam Hussein’s forcefully conscripted army of Iraqis on this date in revenge during 1991 to commemorate the 1st and 2nd Temple destruction dates. Mormon prophets claim descend from the Tribe of Dan which means “Judge” for this reason. Jesus will reinstall Dan as a Judge of Israel after the 2nd Coming; occultists will Judge them about 3½ years before that and there are about 170 Mormon Temples in which to do it worldwide.

Take a step back and try to look at this from God’s perspective: King David through God takes the Promised Land and the Threshing Floor where Abraham offered Isaac; his son builds the 1st Temple; ancients of Israel descended from his Phoenician wives/concubines commit abominable acts on His altar as women weep for Tammuz on the porch; the Glory of the LORD departs. Zerubbabel builds the 2nd Temple on the spot the Glory of the LORD departed exactly as the Word predicted Cyrus of Persia would allow 200 years in advance; Herod the Great attempts to kill Jesus as a young child (Magi in the Manger scene is Hogwash); Herod Antipas another debased Edomite megalomaniac adds on to it; kills John the Baptist for his Maccabaean/Hasmonean wife Herodias and daughter Salome during the dance of “7 Veils”; Jesus fills 100 messianic prophecies; Pharisees turn the Temple into a “House of Merchandise” (Doves=Holy Ghost; Sacrificial animals would soon be God in Flesh; Usury and Money Changing create wealth out of nothing ie Knight Templars/FED); Jesus corrects them and departs by the same route in the most humiliating and painful fashion. Thank God He keeps His Word or we would all be toast! Zionists wail at Herod’s Wall and will soon build the 3rd Temple for a Man they refer to as the 3rd Adam; who is he?

Celts (Celt=Warrior) were governed by Druid Priests who worshipped the Sun on 8 holy days called cross-quarter sabots. Druids began as Ovates, then Bards and then had 7 levels of perfection to becoming an Arch-druid with the final initiation being a trial at sea in the Ark of Ceridwen. Saxons (Saxon=Seaxe Knife) took Briton on 9/11/472 during an act of treachery and were governed by a High Priest called the “President of the Sacred Circle” with initiated levels of Plebes, Equites and Druids all governed by the Arch-Druidic Priesthood. Saxons also worshipped the Enchantress Ceridwen (Cairn is a heap of stones; Cair means “Sacred Enclosure”; same as Ark or Labrys) as “Genius of the Ark”; she allegedly escaped God’s wrath in the Flood (Nabattaean Arabs used the symbol of 2 Dolphins for this same purpose; type “Noah” in Wingdings and you will see this). Mormons believe Jaredites (Jared is Enoch’s father; 6th descendant of Adam) escaped God’s Wrath of the flood as well, traveling from the land of Nimrod (Babylon) at God’s confounding of language at the Tower of Babel in wooden submarines to the Americas. Seriously, Golden Plates, Scrying Stones, Aaronic Priests from Levi turning into Melchisedek Priests from Judah and being replaced by descendants of Ephraim, Manasseh and Dan is pretty foolish. View Mormon Stone Temples (6 spires, 28 Moon Stones, 4 Sun Stones in the foundations, inverted 5pt Stars “Baphomet” above the doors, Baptismal Veils, Secret Names) as a continuation of Stonehenge and this will make more sense. Like the Saxon takeover of Briton, 9/11/1857 was the date “Limited Atonement” was brought out in Revenge at the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It was also the date Capt William Morgan was ritually murdered in 1835 for revealing Masonic Oaths and the date in 1941 for the Pentagon “Baphomet” Cornerstone laying ceremony. Read Rev 9:11 and the date will make more sense.

360 Briton nobles were murdered at a feast by Saxon barbarians under Hengeist on 9/11/472 AD, on the command “Take your Seaxes”. Saxon comes from Seaxe, a double sided knife similar to the Cretin/Minoan double sided Axe “Labrys” used in the Fasces Symbol; Labrys is the birth canal of the Mother Goddess symbolized by the Labyrinth “Golden Mean” and the Rods bound by Red Cord are the “Society of Red Men” ie people who join Esau’s cause for world “Dominion” by denying the Holy Ghost. Mountain Meadows Massacre of 9/11/1857 began similarly; Brigham Young issued orders to “Avenging Angels” (a re-naming of Joseph Smith’s “Dannite Band” is today called the “Mormon Mafia” made famous in Howard Hughes’ murder/theft). John D. Lee (Lee’s Ferry on the Colorado River) allegedly gave the command “Mormons, do your duty”; 120 members of the Fancher/Baker party were then treacherously shot to death. Brigham Young visited the site several years later, pulling the Cross down saying “Vengeance is mine, and I have taken it”. Melchisedek is the title Jesus uses for the New Covenant built of His own blood; this is why Brigham as Melchisedek Priest and Prophet uttered these words. In 2000 Mormon, Melchisedek Priest and Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt (Bush EPA director and Interior Sec.) un-lawfully ordered accidentally exhumed human remains interred in new monument’s concrete foundation wall, eerily reminiscent of Hiel’s “Foundation Sacrifice” of his 2 sons rebuilding the walls of Jericho. “Sieg Hiel” used by the Nazi’s also venerates this sacrifice event. Masons (Nazis, Jesuits and Mormons have same initiation rites) take revenge for events that happened 4300 years ago; I say get over it and ask Jesus to forgive the Sin.

Freemason/Rosicrucian Ben Franklin said “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God”; his 13 colony map entwined by the serpent was captioned “Join or Die”. Why the Serpent? At current equinox precession rates (Flood altered the axis, wobble and precession rates considerably), the “Axis Mundi” (World Axis) would have pointed at Alpha Draconis. The Word says in Dan 4:17 governments are ordained by God with the basest (morally corrupt) of men; further, God says “Vengeance is mine” but with those words echoing, the American Revolution began with shots fired at Lexington on April 19 “Fordicidia”, 1775. Freemasons from Boston’s Green Dragon Tavern dressed as Indians (Mormons did this as well on 9/11/1857) threw English Tea into Boston Harbor to initiate the Tax rebellion. In similar fashion, the Civil War began with cannon shots fired on Ft Sumter by the Freemason and father of infamous outlaw Senator of Montana, Jesse James. The “Sons of Liberty” were made up of northern democrats opposed to freeing the slaves, and also used the slogan “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” They identified each other with passwords and had a similar 7 step path of initiation.

Manicheans were “Gnostics” who regarded Mithra as the “3rd messenger”. They as well as a group called the “Johnniters” believed Jesus and Lucifer (Lucifer is Satan) were brothers, John the Baptist was Jesus Christ’s mentor, and that Jesus, although a great man was just a created being; a 2nd Adam if you will. Grandmasters of the Prieure de Zion aka Priory of Sion (do not confuse Zion ie Jerusalem with Sion ie Mt Hermon) take on the name “John” because they too worship John the Baptist, but is this really John the Baptist? The bible says John the Baptist didn’t feel worthy to loosen Jesus’ sandals; Jesus chose John to show people how the “New Covenant” of baptism by the Holy Spirit; the problem is “Living Water” has nothing to do with physical Water. Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest person of the Old Covenant, but less than anyone in the New Covenant; John recognized Jesus when both were in the womb and recognized Him 30 years later; Will you recognize Him? Hint: If you see Him coming it will be your last conscious act for eternity. By the way, Rapture is also a Masonic invention.

Mandaeans used a similar name as did followers of the Persian philosopher Mani; was he a real person? Just like Zoroaster “Seed of the Woman/Ishtar”, “Manda” merely means “Gnosis”; it’s all the same rotten fruit from the Tree of Knowledge whose followers go by exalted titles like “Mandaean”: Elect of Righteousness or “Nasorean”: Guardians of secret knowledge and rites”.

To occult secret societies like Knights of St John of Jerusalem aka Knights of Malta or SMOM, John the Baptist, the greatest man of the Old Covenant combines with John the Evangelist (Michelangelo means Archangel Michael; John the Evangelist sits at Jesus’ right hand in the painting Last Supper) in the esoteric figure “Saint John the Divine”. First, he was born opposite Sol Invictus (Persian Mithra) on the calendar. On June 24th the Sun begins to wane whereas on Dec 24th it begins to rise, so this is a person in opposition to “Sol” as “Christ”; a Dark Lord if you will. Christ-Mass means “Sacrifice of Christ and distribution of the Host”; who is this Host? Sol Invictus, Mithras, Tammuz, the Green Man of Boston’s tavern, the caricature carved into Templar Castles around the world, the Knight on horseback at the UN courtyard killing the Dragon and the Knight on horseback standing on the Sun (Father) and Moon (Mother) killing Satan in Cancer (22 June-22 July) at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC. This is Dialectic: Thesis “Sol Invictus” + Anti-thesis “Adonis/Tammuz”=Synthesis. What’s the Synthesis? The destruction of your Soul and Freedom from God for the “Earth Dwellers” (ref Rev 6:14 and Dan 9:26) John was the baptizer of humanity, but since Zionists do not regard Jesus as their Messiah, they await a Messiah who will baptize humanity. In occult New Age terminology this is known as a “Planetary Pentecost”. My guess is that this will begin the Great Tribulation; Rev 6:14 and Dan 9:26 is this 7th Seal and “Covenant with Many”. I’d take Paul’s advice and “Swear Not”; no it does not mean foul language as your study bible likely claims, it means swear an oath.

At one time, Freemasonry may have been an association of “Free/Ashlar” Stone Masons, but not anymore. Today’s Masons carry on the traditions of the Babylonian Priests of Jupiter. This is why Freemason Joseph Smith was buried with a talisman of Jupiter. They carry on the worship of the Zoroastrian Sun god Mithra, an imitation Lion carrying a false word in the form of a Bee who will one day sting humanity. They do everything in secret whereas Jesus never said anything in secret. They reject secular authority whereas Jesus said to obey all the laws of the land which is why masons have instigated every revolution on the planet, and why early Mormons practiced adultery. They seek the light of Lucifer, and desire a confrontation with Jesus, his weaker brother. They leave an empty seat in the north of their temples as do Masons and desire to do the same in Heaven by displacing God from His throne. When leaving Nauvoo, Brigham Young said “I am getting away from Christians”. At that time the Mormon Church was called “The Church of Latter Day Saints”. It picked up Jesus Christ much later. He also said “Whatever is recorded in Heaven is recorded on Earth”. In occult terminology, that means “As above, so below”. The Egyptians lined up their pyramids to the stars. Stonehenge is lined up with solar solstices and equinoxes. Druids built temples oriented to the Sun and Moon in Europe and duplicated smaller versions of them in the American northeast where Brigham Young and Joseph Smith were from. It’s time to wake up! Jesus already came once as a man of peace, and already offered baptism to the world. You don’t need a Priest or Worshipful Grandmaster to get His baptism, just go into your “prayer closet” and tell Him you finally get it! Jesus has no brother, and the next time He comes will be with a sword and fire to eliminate everyone who wears the baptismal mark of John the Divine aka Anti-Christ.

Freemasonic Oaths are in my book and in another article “Secret Society Oaths”; Paul said “Swear not” referring to these “Oaths” of Blackmail and Jesus warned not to be unequally yoked to others , in other words, there is no rank structure among God’s followers and He is the only Sovereign King. I’m adding a list of 330 Freemasons here because by viewing the list one can easily see how the society cuts across all National and Religious lines. Shriners, upper level Scotch Rite, York Rite, Prince Hall Masons, Knights of Malta aka “Hospitallers” or “Knights of St John of Jerusalem”, Knights Templar and upper level Jesuits “Society of Jesus” are the men who have Blasphemed the Holy Ghost intentionally, serving Satan unconditionally. Most of the US Government is either Jesuit or Masonic or both. The men on this list have ritually rejected God in an effort to become gods themselves. The Secret of Solomon’s Key is in becoming a Temple Man viewed in Cyclopean Masonry (large block) at the Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek, Lebanon a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For Man to become a god, Jesus must be made purely human. This is done through esoteric knowledge ie building the Temple of Wisdom (Skull) sitting atop the 33 spinal vertebra is their so-called “Bone Box”. Masonic Architects construct in stone, structures designed to mimic the stars such as the Egyptian Pyramids (Orion), Angkor in Cambodia (Draco) and the later Cathedrals of Northern France designed to reflect Virgo or the Federal Triangle in Washington DC to reflect the Occult Trinity (Father, Mother, Son) where the son is Horus-Tammuz. The Workers are therefore called “Bees”; hence the Masonic symbol of the Beehive, Mormons settling the Beehive State or Napoleon using Bees on his coronation robe. The Square represents the Earth Temple, thus the hand in pocket or on the hip is used by Masons to indicate Right (White) or Left (Black/Sinister) side of the Dialectic. It is after all Masons who instigate, fund and fight on both sides of Revolutions and international Wars. Notice the list of Sovereign Grand Masters includes Royalty, Politicians, Theologians, Scientists, Military Officers, Astronauts, Police/FBI Officers. Sovereign means “No higher Authority”; “Sir” is a Knighthood title meaning “Service to the Queen”. Call them “Shemsu Horus” (Egypt), “Sarman Brotherhood” (Harran), “Sabians of Harran”, “Chaldean Magi”, “Knights Templar/Hospitaller”, “Prieure of Sion”, “Brahmins” or anything else in vogue, they all reject God and encourage you to do the same. They are all after what every Born Again Christian is given for Free; the Holy Ghost, only they call it “Quint Essentia” the “5th Element”, Mercury (not the element, but the wisdom of Mercury aka Hermes Trismegistus) or Lapis Exilis aka “Exiled Stone” and “Soul of the World”. Wrong Soul boys!

Albert Pike addressing the 23 Supreme Councils of the world on July 14, 1889:- “To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: ‘the Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. . .”

  • King Umberto Agnelli
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Yasser Arafat
  • (Patriarch) Athenagoras I
  • Gene Autry
  • Tobias Axelrod
  • Foster Bailey
  • Admiral G.W. Baird
  • Achille Ballori
  • M.H. Barroso
  • Bernard Mannes Baruch
  • Harry L. Baum
  • Justice Hugo Black
  • Jonathan Blanchard
  • Tony Blair
  • John Wilkes Booth
  • John C. Breckinridge
  • George Herbert Walker Bush
  • Senator Byrd
  • Plutarco Elias Calles
  • James Cameron
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Henry Clausen
  • William J. Clinton
  • Howell Cobb
  • James B. Conant
  • Copin-Albancelli
  • John H. Cowles
  • Adolphe Cremieux
  • Francesco Crispi
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Delmar Darrah
  • Morris B. de Pass
  • Richard DeVos (Amway)
  • Walt. Disney
  • Sen. Bob Dole
  • General James Doolittle
  • Gerard (Papus) Encausse
  • Frederick Engels
  • Senator Sam J. Ervin
  • Gerald Rudolf Ford
  • (King) Frederick II
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Newt. Gingrich

  • John Glenn
  • Barry Goldwater
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Al Gore
  • J.J.J. Gourgas
  • Rev. Billy Graham
  • James Graham
  • Col. James “Bo” Gritz
  • Manly P. Hall
  • Mark Hatfield
  • Jesse Helms
  • Christian A. Herter
  • Richard Holbrooke
  • J. Edgar Hoover
  • Col. Edward Mandell House
  • King Hussein
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Burl Icle Ives
  • Jessie James
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson
  • Jack Kemp
  • Duke Michael of Kent Alexander Kerensky
  • Spencer Kimball
  • Henry Kissinger
  • C. Fred Kleinknecht
  • Kenneth S. Kleinknecht
  • Helmut Kohl
  • Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
  • Adriano Lemmi
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • McIlyar H. Lichliter
  • Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • Sir Henry MacMahon
  • Robert McNamara
  • Vasili Maklakov
  • Domenico Margiotta
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • James G. Martin
  • Karl Marx
  • (Baron) Yves Marsaudon
  • Joseph Mazzini
  • Lord Alfred Milner
  • Francoir Mitterand
  • Henry Morgenthau

  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • G. Bromley Oxnam
  • Olof Palme
  • Henry Palmerston
  • Shimon Peres
  • Albert Pike
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • Prince Phillip
  • Roscoe Pound
  • (Gen.) Colin L. Powell
  • Yitzak Rabin
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Joseph Rettinger
  • Harman Gansvort Reynolds
  • Marshall S. Reynolds
  • Michel Reyt
  • Cecil Rhodes
  • Oral Roberts
  • Franklin D.Roosevelt
  • Paul Rosen
  • James Rothschild
  • Charles Taze Russell
  • Bishop Carl J. Sanders
  • Jacob Schiff
  • Bill Schnoebelen
  • Gerhard Schroeder
  • Rev. Robert Schuller
  • James D. Shaw
  • Senator Simpson
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Rudolph Steiner
  • R.W. Thompson
  • Storm Thurmond
  • Leon Trotsky
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Pierre G. Vassal
  • Paul Moritz Warburg
  • Earl Warren
  • George Warvelle
  • H.G. Wells
  • William Wynn Westcott
  • Earl Wheeler
  • Leo Wheeler
  • John Yarker
  • Brigham Young

In 1887 Skull & Bones Supreme Court Chief Justice Maurice “Mott” Waite illegally gave Corporations 14th Amendment rights of persons; interesting because his nickname “Mott” is Scandinavian for Maggot; likely a reference for son of Beelzebub “Lord of the Flies”. Mott also means Moth; he was definitely attracted to the flame “Lucifer”. In 1871 Sodomite 330 Mason Albert Pike wrote to his Italian counterpart and Italian Mafia founder Giuseppe Mazzini the famous letter illustrating 3 world wars would be necessary to bring doctrine of Lucifer into full view. I suggest reading it, but more importantly look at its “Foundation”. Mafia means “Mazzini authorizes fire, theft and poisonings” ie “Chaos”. Pike was the head of Scottish Rite and the Palladium Rites beyond the 33rd degree; his Double Headed Eagle/Phoenix” statue sits at the base of the US Justice Dept. Scotland was named for the “Scotti” ca 8th century BC Scythians; Skyles married into the dynastic line of Egyptian Pharaohs; the Scales of Justice are in fact of Egyptian origin. Cronos aka Saturn, Father Time, or the Grim Reaper uses the symbol of the Grain Scythe to represent the Jebusite “Threshing Floor” purchased by King David that became the 1st Temple in Jerusalem; the same rock of Abraham’s offering of Isaac.

Barack Obama was no accident; “el-Barak” was Abram’s White Horse in Arab Mythology; “al-Buraq” was Muhammad’s White Horse in Islamic Mythology; Barak was Israel’s 5th Judge in the Word of God but in true Phoenician Dialectic fashion, the Quran changes Abraham’s offer from Isaac to Ishmael. Barak and Barca mean “Blessed” and “Lightning”; Phoenician Generals living in Carthage, Hannibal Barca and his son Hamilcar Barca (source name of Barcelona were Phoenician barbarians and sworn enemies of the Catholic Church. Phoenicians are Men of the Phoenix an Arabian bird born of its own ashes; Amerca is in fact the Phoenician “New Atlantis”, a pre-flood world dominated by Adam’s 1st born son Cain and continued under Noah’s 1st born son Japheth. His son Ashkenaz represents 80% of modern Talmudic/Kabbalist Judaism, their Khazar descendants became Mongolian and Chinese Emperors called the “Golden Horde” infiltrating Islam, Christianity and Judaism in equal measure; Elena Kagan for example or Stalin era butcher Lazar Kaganovich. Ham was cursed to have his son Canaan as Japheth’s servant, thus a servant of servants (ref Gen 9) for the first born sons Joktan (Arab), Ishmael (Hagarenes or Saracens) and Esau (Edomites; Society of Red Men, Red Communism). Worth noting is Sen. Joe McCarthy attempted to warn of Red Communists but was badly maligned in the Red Scare of the 1950’s, had his warning been heeded the UN would never have been put in America). America was by design a Masonic “Scape Goat” whose destruction will give rise to Atlantis as the Arabian Phoenix is born of its own destruction.

America is a Freemasonic/Rosicrucian/Jesuit creation. A usurping Nation, stealing land and raw materials not theirs, with a now illegitimate Constitution (US Census conducted by White House), in defiance of International Law (Depleted Uranium), conducting wars based on False Flag events (Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Twin Towers) under leadership of a foreign born President (Obama) and an impossibly heavy burden on the International community due its un-constitutionally acquired debt. Nothing happens by accident; this was by design.

In the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey (I’m quite certain these are fakes similar to the head of John the Baptist carried around by the Knights Templar) is the Sword and Cloak of Muhammad, a piece of John the Baptist’s Skull and his right hand used to Baptize Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. Muslims are taught to believe Jesus was God’s Messenger in advance of His Prophet Muhammad; the problem is Allah is a pre-Islamic Assyrian moon god.

Oil is the remains of the pre-flood world formed from pressure, heat and water; despite the current lies of “Abiotic Oil”, occultists know full well Oil is the biotic remains of once living plants, animals and human beings all denied access to Noah’s Ark of their own Free Will; they just have a lot of trouble explaining how animals and trees arrived 40,000 ft below the Earth’s surface. God gave the world 120 years warning to build Arks but only Noah heeded the warning; Speculative Freemasons and others at high levels of secret societies will also not heed God’s warning of destruction by Fire at the 2nd Coming but you most certainly can.

June is named for Juno the daughter of Saturn (Satan), sister-wife of Jupiter and mother of Mercury (Thoth/Hermes). She stands 19.5 ft tall to visually represent the Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon (used to predict Solstices and Eclipses) on the US Capitol Dome. Capitol means “Temple of Jupiter”; she faces East to the Rising Sun awaiting Tammuz, the “Divine Son”. In Ezekiel 8, the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon’s Temple because women were weeping for Tammuz on the porch as the ancients of Israel committed abominable acts on the altar. Who were these ancients of Israel? Mixed blood Phoenician/Israelites produced by the Sins of Solomon with his 1000 Phoenician wives/concubines, and Ahab and Jezebel’s 70 sons. Masons teach America is this Tribe of Ephraim, Whites who took the land from Manasseh “Natives” and that Dan “Mormon Prophets” will Judge this act for God in order to create New Zion.

Iran-Contra is a modern example of Masonry’s “Great Work”. In a nutshell, Ahmadinejad holds 52 Americans 444 days during 330 Mason, fake Baptist Jimmy Carter’s administration; they were released during Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan’s inaugural address with Skull & Bones Satanist George Bush Sr as VP; he is shot 3 months later by Bush family friend John Hinckley Jr, beginning the Savings and Loan Scandal and Iran-Contra. FEMA forms and transports weapons to Liberia (Sacred Marriage is symbolic of Liber and Liberia which mean “Freedom”) Costa Rica. Cocaine is exchanged and shipped to Mena Airport during 330 Mason Bill Clinton’s AK Governorship. Shipped in Tyson Chickens, Crack Cocaine infests the US from LA to Miami. Profits are used by ex Operation Phoenix Operative, Methodist Minister, Rex-84 “Halliburton Civilian Inmate Detention Facility” Point Man Oliver North to purchase off the books weapons for Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. Bush/bin Laden Carlyle Group business partner Saddam Hussein gets the on the books weapons. 1991 Gulf War spreads Depleted Uranium across the Middle East (Salting the Earth). 9/11/2001, an inside job, gold heist, insurance rip-off blames CIA Operative Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman); Afghanistan and Iraq laid waste with more Depleted Uranium; Uday and Qusay Hussein make off with $20B US. There is no new thing under the sun however; Genghis Kahn and the Golden Horde swept the same area, sending Mongolian Shaman into Russia, Finland and the US where Elena Kagan will finish the work of Stalin’s henchman Lazar Kaganovich. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction eh? Mark Twain said that and founded Bohemian Grove where 2000 world leaders (mostly Masons) will convene around the Phoenician/Babylonian/Assyrian Idol Molech to discuss WWIII over a rousing game of “Dominoes” and plays in women’s clothes called “Hi Jinx”. Interesting because Dom means Sun, Mask and Dominion; WWIII will remove the mask and pardon the expression “All Hell will break loose”.

The culmination of Freemasonry’s “Great Work” is to falsify Rev 19 (my article Esau lists how important the number 19, the 7th Prime Number is in scripture) by replacing Jesus Christ with Antichrist the “Alternative Messiah”, Rev 18 “Babylon” with America, Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS” with the Roman Catholic Church (Roman Catholic Church was split and controlled by Black Nobility “Jesuits” 500 years ago) and duplicate the supernatural events of the Great Tribulation roughly 3 ½ years before it begins (2300 days is 1040 days plus 1260 days of Great Tribulation). America is “Amurru” (Edomite and Hittite serpent god and shepherd god) and “Can” which means “Priest of Cain”. Jesus Christ is the Shepherd and Priest of the Most High “Melchesidek”, sacrificed for the Sins of Man. America as the Priest of Edom “Amurru” will be sacrificed for Cain, the original followers of the Tree of Knowledge “Serpent”. If this is all you take from this article, it’s likely all you need. Establish a relationship with Jesus Christ and it will make sense; listen to the Masons, Jesuits and Dervishes in Protestant, Catholic and Muslim Congregations and Mosques and it won’t.

Elena Kagan is a big step toward America’s destruction. Khazar emperors were “Kagan”, a name derived from the Samaritan “Cohen” who falsely claim to continue the Levitical Priesthood. At the Israeli Supreme Court, Judges trample a Cross, ascend 33 steps past rough stone (altars to God are made of rough stone) and smooth stone (masons make altars, Cathedrals and Temples of smooth, cut stone to defy God). Can you see why Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritually Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:18) now? Jesus as Melchisedek authored the Covenant with Abram (Gen 14:18 eliminated Lot’s ancestors) gave the authority to King David (Psalm 110) and replaced the Levitical Priesthood of Aaron and Moses with Himself (Hebrews 7). Jesus was and is a law abiding Jew, physical descended from Judah; He alone is able to provide the Holy Ghost; the only catch is you must ask Him. Heb 9:22 says blood is the only remission of Sin. Jesus’ blood for Born Again Christians; the blood of others for “Hellenists” (People of small stones).

Khazars are Anti-Semitic Turks descended from Japheth. Like Antichrist, Anti means both “Against” and “Alternative”; in other words they are alternative Semites Jesus called “Grievous Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes” and “Hypocrites sitting in Moses’ Seat”. Then as now, they are the Sanhedrin. Gen 9:27 says God enlarged Japheth and his ancestors dwelt in Shem’s tents; ie they impersonate Jews. The preceding paragraph says Canaan will be a servant of servants. Example: Sotomayor is Sephardic, a mixed Joktanite (Mt Sephar ie Sepharvaim Yemenite-Arab), Canaanite lineage brought into Israel during Assyrian captivity (ref 2 Kings 17:30). Adramellech (Molech/Marduk) and Anamellech (Rabbit Idol of Easter); they are the reason Christmas has turned into a “Grove” ritual symbolizing the birth of Mithras/Sol Invictus and Easter, the symbolic conception of the Mother Goddess “Tellus/Inanna/Ishtar”. Neither Holy Day have the slightest thing to do with Jesus Christ.

In 700 Ad, Moors decapitated 50,000 Christians in Iberia with Scimitar Swords, dipping their Fez hats in blood; this is venerated by Shriners today riding in Orange carts at patriotic parades or the Orange cloth covering America in the new AT&T ad campaign. The Orange represents William of Orange and the Dutch House of Nassau. The incestuous duo William and Mary after whom America’s first college was named, jointly ruled as married 1st cousins while hiding his homosexual life. The conquest of America began on 9/11/1609 when Henry Hudson, and agent of the Dutch East India Company sailed into New Amsterdam (Manhattan) between the days of Prince William I and King William III, the latter stating “The Liberty of England we will maintain; the Bible and the Crown we will support”. Not sure what Bible he is using to justify War, Incest and Homosexuality but it’s not the one his cousin King James I commissioned. In modern times 1st cousins George “Magog” and Barbara Bush hid the lifestyle of their Governor/President son George “Gog” Jr. That’s how the “Invisible College” works. Like it or not, America is simply a Skull & Bones Corporation known as Dutch West India Corporation.

Khazars such as Genghis Kahn or Stalin’s henchman Lazar Kaganovich, the brother of his 3rd wife Rosa, Henry Kissinger “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used as fodder in our wars” and Zbigniew Brzezinski Grand Chessboard (his economic hit man is George Soros) are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. An example in Henry’s case is the demonizing and outlawing of DDT, allowing the resurgence of Malaria; 500 Million dead for no reason. Stalin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, named after Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite, by Satanist George Bernard Shaw just as Al Gore and Barack Obama were. Obama claiming the BP Gulf Oil disaster is unstoppable is another example; Relief Well, tactical thermo-nuclear device and it’s over in a literal flash, but that’s not the plan for this 320 Prince Hall Mason trying to make the Sovereign “Big League” like Jesse Jackson or Malcolm X . The common denominator? Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Bera, Stalin were all Grand Orient “Rising Sun” Lodge Masons. Malcolm X, for example led the Nation of Islam under the name Malachi Shabazz and then El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz as an Orthodox Sunni Muslim. His grandfather (mother’s father) was Scottish and his children were named after Attila the Hun, Kublai Khan and Elijah (Pharisees believed John the Baptist and or Jesus Christ were incarnations of Elijah, one of the 2 Witnesses God will send during the Great Tribulation) Muhammad. He like Obama believe the end of the White Race is imminent. Hajj refers to Pilgrim as does Arab; Malik refers to Molech and Shabazz means “Glorious People” and “Royal Falcon”. Royal Falcon is Horus and Glorious People are Arabs “Merchants of Light”. There is only 1 Race of Man and people tricking us into fighting each other; Jesus never gives the right to kill another human being, so Bee Careful. The documentary Feathered Cocaine was featured at the 2010 Caen Film Festival; the Scape Goat referred to is Nimrod the mighty hunter falsely accused of building the Tower of Babel and the Assyrian city of Nineveh; million dollar Arabian hunting falcons allegedly used by Nimrod and 9/11 Scape Goat Osama bin Laden are financed with drug money ie they are Feathered Cocaine.

Elena Kagan (Kagan and Kahn mean Priest) is Obama’s Solicitor General, a Tenured professor at both Chicago University and Harvard, she knows Obama is Mujahedeen “Warrior of Allah” because Allah simply means Sin, the name of the Assyrian moon god. What is Sin? Read Gen 13:13 “The men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly”; I am not trying to be sensational or judgmental here but Kagan, Sotomayor, Obama, Bush Jr, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il etc etc are simply part of along long list of Sodomites serving Spiritual Sodom and Egypt (physical Jerusalem). Through the mystery of Evolution, Sodomy became Homosexual, then Gay and now Alternative Lifestyle. Folks, I’m just a messenger full of my own Sins here, but this is not an “Alternative” Jesus will accept. Again, not to be sensational, Templars used Sodomy as the Rite of Initiation; because they were building the Temple for their Lion King, the Egyptian “Sphinx” from where the Phoenician/English work “Sphincter” was derived. Khazars were Turks who preferred impalement of victims on the “Palo”, a long pole driven into the sphincter and set upright. Vlad the Impaler was one such Turkish Satanist who enjoyed dining among his impaled guests, becoming immortalized as Dracula and Mormon Church member Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight. It is indeed America’s twilight. Have you ever noticed that God divided light “Day” from darkness “Night” and this became evening and morning of Gen 1:5? It’s reversed isn’t it? Passover is Evening; Easter is Morning; better choose wisely, one leads to Salvation, and the other to the Labyrinth “Holding Place of Demons”.

Lazar Kaganovich butchered 20 million at Holodomor and some 400,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest before the Holocaust even began. Stalin like Hitler and Chairman Mao Tse Tung (all Brotherhood of Death aka Thule Society Initiates) were simply useful idiots in a scheme none likely understood. Kagan means Cohen or Kahn. “Priest of Cain” rests on the belief some of Cain’s descendants (Enoch in particular) escaped the Flood as Hermes Trismegistus and spread this Gnosis through Secret Societies such as Sabians of Harran, Shemsu Horus, Society of Ormus, Chaldean Magi etc. America is the only nation that could possibly lay claim to “Babylon” and the Roman Catholic Church the only institution that could possibly lay claim to MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT aka the Harlot and Whore of Babylon (America). SCOTUS has Opus Dei (Alito), Jesuit (Roberts; likely Scalia and Thomas as well), Sephardic (Sotomayor), Khazar (Kagan), Talmudic Ashkenazis (Ginsburg, Breyer) representing an illegitimate President and a usurped Constitution. The world will soon cheer the demise of the US as this was the Masonic “Great Work” from the very beginning when Edomites in the “Society of Red Men” White Masons blamed Indians for tossing British Tea overboard.

In Jesus’ day and location of His physical ministry, the Heliacal Rising of Orion occurred on June 24th, the date was then associated falsely with John the Baptist by the Gnostic “Johnnitters”. John represents both “Baptism” and the “Law”. Born Again Christians know well John’s Baptism of Jesus was purely symbolic but occultists do not. Sharia and Noahide Law will be foisted on the world; worship of Jesus Christ is considered Idolatry and Blasphemy under these laws. How does one entice most of the world to worship an Alternative Messiah in the form of Tammuz? Science, specifically Science as originated by Renaissance era Black Nobility. Science is not Knowledge nor a quest for Truth; it is Rosicrucianism in disguise, and quite literally it has put most of the world in a “Coma”.

Brotherhood of Death

“Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich all’s the same in death” Skull & Bones-Thule Society- Theosophical Society-Brotherhood of Death Motto

On initiation, the candidate is shown a Skeleton with a Sword and a Crown at its feet, and asked

“Is that the skeleton of a King, Nobleman, or Beggar?”
“He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword” Jesus Christ’s Rev 13 Motto

Assembled on Mt Olympus, the gods formed a society with its own laws and hierarchy. Over this society Zeus reigned as sovereign ruler, the incestuous son of Cronus “Time” and his sister Rhea “Earth”. When his father Cronus drew lots for the partition of the empire of Earth, Zeus received as his share the sublime regions of the Ether. Above Olympus and the sovereign Zeus was Moros, son of Night known as Destiny or Fate.

Sublime: Nobility, majestic, high spiritual or moral worth, supreme, awe inspiring, set on high, raised, haughty, make pure, undergo change, changing one’s original nature, sacred rites, sacred texts.

Luminiferous: Producing Light; Transmitting Light; Irradiate, Effulgent; Shining; Beaming; Improved Flat Newtonian Gravitation ie Membrane “Brane”
Aether: Upper pure bright air; Burn; Shine; Burst into flames; Space beyond the Moon ie Substance of Stars and Planets. Frame of reference for forces of the Universe ie Etheric Plane; Membrane “Brane”. 5th Element; Quinta Essentia; Mercury
Ether: Inhaled anesthetic. Hypothetical substance once supposed to occupy space, to account for propagation of electromagnetic radiation. Same as Aether.

Ethereal: Heavenly, Celestial, Tenuous
Ether: Son of Cronus “Father Time” representing the Finite; his brother Chaos representing Infinite; Ether essentially created and organized all Cosmic Matter in the Universe.
Luminiferous Aether: Satanic Ether used to keep Sheeple in a Coma; Ok I made this definition up.

Luminiferous Aether is the oldest and most recent concept on Earth; it stems from Omnipresence. Ubiquitous means having the power to be in all places at one time but not in all places at all times which is Omnipresence, the quality only possessed by God and the Luminiferous Aether. Born Again Christians have the Holy Ghost; rejecting this gift occultists hope to absorb “Divine Light” of Lucifer. Pretty simple.

Occult means “Hidden”; Luminiferous Aether is hidden in the Science concepts “Dark Matter”, “Space-Time Fabric” and “Graviton”. According to Scientists who refuse to believe the Earth was hung upon nothing as scripture says; Dark Matter and Space-Time Fabric were invented and now constitute some 97% of Space according to astro-physicists. CERN sits on the French (Frank=French=Free) and Swiss (Neutral) border, using “666” in their logo and the stated quest to find the “God Particle”. Notice the similarity with AT&T (Lucent “Lucifer’s Intelligence” and Bell “Bell=Baal” Labs) covering 97% of America with Orange Fabric and their other commercial with the paper aliens in NYC “What you will see will astound you”. These (I believe) are occult warnings having to do with “Blue Beam”. Dr Dennis Cuddy (PhD American History and Political Science U of Chapel Hill; Dept of Education/Justice Dept Associate) compares New York and the US with the Rev 13 “Beast”; Taurus Excrement! America is not Babylon; the Emerald Tablet of Thoth and the Mason, Jesuit, Talmud loving Bees who reject God and serve “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” is Babylon. By America’s Red and White Stripes they hope the world will be healed and enter the Golden Age. It will; it’s called the Great Tribulation.

As Above, So Below


Dark Matter is referred to as “DNA of Light” and “Graviton”; the fundamental Force of Matter blasphemously referred to as the “God Particle”. My articles Light, Gravity, Flash Forward go into more detail, but briefly “Light” is God and the Holy Ghost which was Created on Day 1; Starlight. Sunlight and reflected light as from Planets and the Moon was created on Day 4. They have nothing to do with each other. Earth was created before the Sun; fixed on a “Foundation”, “Stablished”, hung upon “Nothing” so that it “Shall not be moved”. The Firmament was “Stretched”; it is not Stretching as the Big Bang model claims.

Devil=Satan=Lucifer “Light Bearer”; Occultists and Scientists both claim God and the Luminiferous Aether are the only “Omnipresent” entities; fine, but if Space is Nothing so is the Luminiferous Aether. God does not force anyone to do anything; the Word of God only speaks of Free Will. God does not arbitrarily choose some and not others for Salvation; scripture says He only stands at the door waiting for us to open it. Martin Luther (Tonsured Black Cloister Monk) and John Calvin (Samaritan Cohen who coined TULIP: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Fixed Predestination) lied. Some early Lutherans were called “Ubiquitarians”, a concept that contradicted the Catholic doctrine of the “Eucharist” which held God’s body and blood were only in the consecrated sacrament, but that the sacrament could be consecrated in many places at the same time. Any Born Again Christian will tell you God’s body and blood are available 24/7 in the form of the Holy Ghost; Priest consecrated sacramental elements are crackers and wine/grape juice; if they were anything else Priests would be called Alchemists. Alchemy is changing one element into another; it is the literal basis of Chemistry and the spiritual basis of Evolution; both theories depend on the Luminiferous Aether as an outside source of energy. 1st: That energy must exist. 2nd: That energy must be transmitted.

Why does Luminiferous Aether need to exist in Science? Star and Sun Light (Day 4 variety) is a product of Nuclear Fusion; this is the only proven source of energy in the Universe. Fusion Energy exists as Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultraviolet Light, Visible Light, Infrared Radiation and ELF (Low Frequency). “Waves” as Radio and Microwave energy is referred to cannot propagate without a medium; Wave by definition is a displacement of matter in a medium. Waves cannot travel in the vacuum of Space so Dark Matter was invented. Energy from the vacuum “Zero Point” energy is the outgrowth of the Dark Matter Lie; the idea of getting something from “Nothing”. Recall Zero refers to Seed of Ishtar “Zero-Astha”. Creation out of “Nothing” is central to the Big Bang model, Geologic Time, Heliocentric (Sun centered) Theory, Special and General Relativity Theory (Light speed is not constant, nor is it Relative), Universe Expansion, Gravity Theory, Time Dilation (Judgment follows life; Time is not Relative nor part of Space) and Evolution Theory; if Luminiferous Aether is disproved, all these Theories fall apart; to be blunt it’s all Taurus excrement anyway.

The Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 sought to detect the existence of Aether Wind. Whether the Earth moved in relation to a fixed Aether or the Aether moved in relation to a fixed Earth mattered not; the experiment proved light speed was unaffected in either case. At this point, we can conclude Aether is non-existent and in agreement with the Word of God which uses the word “Nothing” or that the Earth and its Aether surroundings move together at the same speed. A rational man would go with Scripture here. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity in 1905 postulated space and time are connected; neither being absolute; the speed of light in a vacuum is constant and physics principles are independent of velocity as long as accelerations are not involved (changes in speed or direction). Einstein’s 1907-1915 General Theory of Relativity then added Gravity to Special Relativity which generated concepts such as Gravitational Time Dilation, Black Holes (Space-Time Warping), Gravitational Lensing (Star Light Bending) etc. At this point notice his word “Vacuum”; Aether did not need to exist in 1905. If Space is “Nothing” ie a Vacuum how exactly does it Warp or Bend? Obviously it can’t. Chock up 2 strikes against the Aether. A 3rd strike is Light bending; it cannot bend anymore than a projectile can because that’s what Star and Sun Light is; packets of electrons. An example is Satellites and other Space craft that travel at high velocities but no acceleration ie they move in straight lines and only appear to curve due to our accelerating reference point. On Earth, we all accelerate at 32ft/s2 so it merely appears as if satellites are flying a curved path.

Waves cannot travel in a Vacuum; by definition a Wave is a displacement of Matter; no Matter, no Waves. Pretty simple. Newton theorized Gravity as an attractive force between 2 objects with Mass; in space Waves cannot propagate, so Gravity must be particles having Mass. Theoretical Particle Physicists coined the term “Graviton” and “God Particle” for just such a source of Gravity. Ever tried to pull something with a flowing stream of water? That’s about what Theoretical Particle Physicists are asking you to believe.

Michelson’s 1924 University of Chicago Earth Rotation experiment sought to answer whether the Earth rotates on its axis under a fixed backdrop of stars or whether the Stars rotate with respect to Earth. Setting aside the immense accelerations, Earth orientation, Ubliquitory Cycle and Precession of billions of stars in unison with respect to Earth inherent in assuming the latter, Michelson found that direct and reflected light were retarded against the apparent direction of Earth rotation. From this it would be reasonable to assume Light has mass that is affected by a rotating Earth. Occam’s Razor is an axiom that says the simplest explanation is likely correct. Using this axiom; Space is a Vacuum; Earth is Rotating; Stars are fixed. “Gravity”, as a tension “Force” caused by particles of matter is absurd, as are the theories based on it such as “Big Bang Theory”, Einstein’s “Relativity Theory” and “Super-string Theory”. Why? Super-conductivity occurs in electrically conductive materials at temperatures near “Absolute Zero”; that’s the energy level of Space. Tractor beams in Space was made popular by 330 Mason Gene Roddenberry “Star Trek”; pure Masonic nonsense.


The Word of God states that Space is “Nothing”; Earth is set on a “Foundation”; Earth is “Stablished”; and at some point will “wobble to and fro as a drunkard”. Now let’s see how this pertains to the “Below” part of the Hermetic Axiom.

Monuments and Cathedrals mimic the constellations; this is pretty obvious once it’s pointed out. What’s inside the Earth greatly affects its stability in space and its Magnetic Field which provides for and protects all living creatures both plant and animal. There are 2 choices for generating the Magnetic Field: Creation and Water or Geologic Evolution and “Liquid Hot Magma” (say this like Austin Powers for effect). So where do Geologists believe the energy to melt (25000F) most of Earth’s estimated 13 Septillion (26 Zeroes) pounds of rock? First, most Geologists claim the Earth’s Iron-Nickel core temperature is 12,6000F and the rock Mantle temperature is up to 79500F; the temperature of the Sun’s surface is estimated at 10,0000F. Is it logical to assume a minutely sized object in Space at -4500F and 93,000,000,000 miles away from an object with a surface temperature of 10,0000F would be hotter? Some geologists say the Earth’s core is heated by Uranium and others say Solar Neutrinos; I say they are spewing Taurus excrement. At 93 Million miles, the average temperature on the Earth’s surface is about 590F (I use Fahrenheit because Water changes state at 330 just like the lying Mason it’s named after); that’s it for Energy reaching Earth unless one wants to believe in mythical Neutrinos. I wrote an article Neutrinos to show the absolute absurdity of this, so this will suffice.

The Word of God describes Creation of Earth: Water divided from Water; Fountains of the Deep; Waters under the Earth; Waters above the Earth; Waters on the Earth. In short, Earth has a lot of Water both physical and spiritual with no way for Big Bang and Evolution Theories to account for it. Solar radiation hits the rotating Earth as Gamma, X-Ray, UV, Visible Light, Microwave, IR, ELF. Gamma and X-Rays are absorbed by the Magnetic Field and guided inside the Earth at the Poles; thank God because they are deadly. A Magnetic Field is created by differential rotation of the Core and Crust. Metals like Iron and Nickel and electric current in the Crust are separated from the metals and electric current in the Core by Water. Atmospheric drag from West to East is caused by alternating Night and Day on the Earth’s Crust, the differential pressures cause atmospheric drag and this results in Hydroplaning. Pretty simple stuff. The Crust hydroplanes on the Waters inside the Earth; the same Waters which flooded the Earth 4300 years ago to delay the Masonic “Great Work”. Metals are magnetic at or below their Gauss temperature (roughly 14000F); melted Earth Core=no Magnetic Field; pretty basic stuff unless you believe Neutrino melted rock swirls around under hundreds of miles of solid rock above it which I and the Word of God don’t.

The essence of the Mason, Rosicrucian and Jesuit is rejection of God, His Laws and His Creation. Love God and Love our Neighbor is pretty basic stuff; Masons go against these by creating a Matrix of Lies such as the Egyptian “Aether” or today’s “Dark Matter”, “String Theory” or “God Particle” theories. These all stem from Copernicus’s Heliocentricity, Newton’s Gravity, Darwin’s Evolution, Lyell’s Geologic Time Scale, Hubble’s Universe Expansion, and Einstein’s Relativity Theories.

Masons swear oaths to incite violence among families, communities, cities, states and nations in the vain effort to create a “Golden Age” of “Order out of Chaos”. Rosicrucians sit in the middle establishing an Order of the Rose and Cross, the Edomite Dominion Isaac prophesied in Gen 27:40. Jesuits “Society of Jesus” set out to avenge Rome and their arrest of Knight Templars. These groups are the “Golden Horde” who started the first secret society at Babel, the first City at Nineveh and successfully blamed Nimrod for it. They will finish it with the planned deaths of 5/6th of humanity (in Stone in Scripture as well as literal stone at the North Georgia Guide Stones), likely by blaming another Nimrod like Obama. If you want protection ask Jesus Christ for it; this is a Spiritual battle no weapon on Earth can fight against. He is the Foundation Stone the builders rejected, the Stone that crushes everything when He returns. Masons have had 4300 years to perfect Chaldean Magick. The Pledge (Antichrist replacing Jesus Christ), Turn (Scape Goats blamed) are complete. The 3rd Act “Prestige” will include a false Rapture, fake Aliens, fake battle of Armageddon, fake battle of Gog and Magog (this is a post Millennium gathering over 1000 years away), artificially created natural disasters (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Droughts, Floods, Heat, Cold, Oil leaks etc) and a fake Messiah (Krishna, Buddha, Rael, Maitreya, Mahdi).

Completion of this “Great Work” will be a “Covenant with Many” (Daniel’s 70th Week; Dan 9:27) and “Heaven rolled as a Scroll” (6th -7th Seals; Rev 6:14). The “Strong Delusion” to believe these Lies is only escapable through a relationship with Jesus Christ; a relationship with Him is only possible through the Holy Ghost and the only remission of Sin before the LORD is through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s Free for the asking but you must ask Him; all I can do is warn you, and if you read this far consider it a Gigantic Red Neon Sign “Warning”. If it helps, picture the Lost in Space Robot saying “Warning, warning, warning Will Robinson” and the bungling Dr. Smith constantly tossing Monkey Wrenches in the works. Dr Smith represents Hermetic Freemasonry; the 1965 series opened the door to believing in high speed travel in the Aether, aliens and other planets capable of supporting life. It was soon followed by 330 Freemason Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek which added the Zoroastrian fire god Ahura Mazda (Ohura), Canaanite fire god (Vulcan), Scotti (Egyptian/Scythian barbarians), Bones (Temple of Wisdom is the Bone Box sitting on your shoulders above the 33rd Vertebra) and Kirk (Scottish for Church). That folks is the real Enterprise mission. Just a suggestion but I’d let Jesus beam you up at the 2nd Coming (7th Trumpet) rather than hoping Scotti will do it at the Rapture. Jesus is the Real McCoy!
~Remove the veil

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