December 5, 2017

#EndTimes in World News:November 2017 : “License to Kill..."

In 1990 speakers at the Rio Earth Summit lined up to declare the Earth is overpopulated by about 93%.
Prince Charles heads the Satanic Rountable and converted to Islam believes “A Plague every 100 years is needed to rid the world of excess population”...

November 2017

Martin Luther Vatican Stamp issued by Jesuit Pope Francis on Samhein (Halloween) in preparation for possible Equipollent Canonization ie Papal Canonization as Vicar of Jesus (Jesus has no Vicar). Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian and Black Cloistered (Saturnian) Monk who posted 95 objections to the Roman Catholic Church and the office held at the time by Black Nobility (Saturn) Pope Leo X (Giovanni de Medici).

Rosicrucians, Freemasons and Protestants - the connections to the New World Order!

Black Nobility ie Saturnian Nobility is the foundation of the Jesuit (Militia of Zeus) Order; Zeus is the son of Saturn. Above Jesus on the Tree was “THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS” (Mat 27:37 KJV) Rosicrucians replace this with INRI “Nature is Renewed by Fire”, the Rosicrucian/Cathar motto of “Purification”. Jesus was “Hung on a Tree” (Deut 21:23; Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal 3:13 (Incidentally Pope Francis was selected on 3/13/13 and there are 313! in Scripture); 2 Pet 2:24; Jn 19:31); the Cross is a Pagan symbol of Tammuz (Tam=Pure + Muz=Fire). The message here is Holocaust; a Worldwide Satanic Baptism by Fire, Cathar style.

The 41 Yr old Luther was later excommunicated by the same Infallible Vicar of Jesus by Papal Bull (Written by the hand of God), married the 26 Yr old Cistercian (Cistercians aka Knights Templar instigated the Crusades) Nun Katharina von Bora and instigated the 30 Years War resulting in the deaths of 10M. Pope Francis will now reverse the Papal Bull, making the Rosicrucian Monk a Saint.

“Feast of the Netherworld” Nov 1-6 is called “Isia”. Isis the “Black Virgin” searches for the pieces of Osiris (Saturn), the God of the Netherworld; Isis is the sister-wife of Osiris/Saturn; the final piece of Osiris is represented by the Washington Monument Obelisk “Baal’s Shaft”. Putting the pieces together is the job of the Knights of Malta aka Hospitallers symbolized by the Black Cross and Black Robes; Oath Sworn servants of the Jesuit General “Black Pope”. America is the Phoenix of the Saturnian Age; by America’s Holocaust, Aquarius, the Age of Saturn rises as a Phoenix from the ashes.

Nov 1-3 “Day of the Dead”

Nov 3 is the Anglican/Episcopal “Day of the Dead” Prince William, expecting his 3rd child is the 1000th Knight in the Order of the Garter (Satanic Rountable of King Arthur and Norman Cathars) said “The world has too many people”. Royals excepted of course.

In 1990 speakers at the Rio Earth Summit lined up to declare the Earth is overpopulated by about 93%.

A chip off the Satanic block, his father Charles heads the Satanic Rountable and converted to Islam; Charles believes “A Plague every 100 years is needed to rid the world of excess population”.

William’s grandfather Phillip says he wants to be “Re-incarnated as a Killer Virus for the good of the Earth” Phillip affectionately refers to the non-elite as “Useless Eaters” Queen Elizabeth II refers to herself as “Queen of thy people, Queen of Jerusalem”; Jesus is Melchisedek ‘King of Jerusalem” so that makes the delisional Germanic fake British Royal “Mrs God”
Jesus refers to Jerusalem as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV In Obadiah, Jesus returns to destroy the “House of Esau”; British is derived from B’Rith=Birthright; That’s right folks, the Covenant Esau sold to Jacob for a Bowl of Red Beans is now claimed by the British who are Germanic Saxons, not even Semitic, much less Jewish. British Rothschilds (Red=Edomite) even created the Nation of Israel, using the Six Pointed Star of Molech (Amos 5:26) out of Germanic fakes; Japheth “The Elder”-Gomer-Ashkenaz are Germanic not Jewish.

Nov 11 Update 2000+ infections and 143 deaths from Pneumonic and Bubonic Plague. World Health Org (WHO) head Margaret Chan issued a “WHO International Plague Warning” Chan headed the man-made Bird and H7N9 “Swine Flu” campaigns in Shanghai, China. Chan is an Officer of the British Empire, at least in secret, working for Prince Phillip. Pneumonic Plague in Madascar is a man-made, airborne transmissible, human to human plague now being transmitted across Africa and the rest of the world with no restrictions. Why Madascar? Famadihana “Turning the Bones” Relatives dance with the corpses on “Day of the Dead” until they are fully decomposed is spreading the fatal disease faster than Samaritan’s Purse and Doctors without Borders spread Ebola, a disease which was not airborne transmissible. Ron Fouchier, an epidemiologist at the Erasmus Med Ctr in Rotterdam, Ron Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin and Saudi Arabian collegue Mohammad Zaki sought to weaponize H7N9, a deadly variant of the 1918 Spanish Flu. Pneumonic Plague is a form of the Bubonic Plague which spread across Europe in the 15th century. Pneumonic Plague infects the Lungs, passed by airborne transmission. Infleunza means “Occult Infestation”; Pneuma means “Spirit”; the world is locked in a SPIRITUAL Battle to be sure. 1918 Spanish Flu was Made in America at Ft Riley KS and delivered to soldiers in Vaccinations; Americans were promised 18 months earlier no American boys would fight in WWI by Woodrow Wilson; He lied about WWI and illegally created the Federal Reserve; perhaps the worst Traitor in Presidential history. “An airborne transmissible, human to human virus, even moderately fatal will become a worldwide plague of unimaginable proportions” Ron Fouchier was asked why would anyone want to weaponize a deadly virus. He said “Because we can”. Untreated Pneumonic Plague is nearly 100% fatal unless antibiotics are delivered within 24 hours of exposure. Under WHO Pandemic Level 6 protocol, Quarantine and certain death or a Vaccine are the only choices. From Oct 31 to Nov 5, Pneumonic Plague in Madascar increased from 1000 to 1800 infections; the WHO declared Madascar Plague is at the Crisis Stage. The Man-made 100Yr Plague is here, only this time is airborne.

World War III

Nov 3 Pope Francis warned “World War is looming, perhaps bigger than any before…a Nuclear War” Rosicrucians use the pseudonym RC Christian or Christian Rosenkreutz (Rose and Cross). On 3/22/1980 dedicated the Georgia Guidestones (Nature’s 10 Commandments), the call to eliminate all but 500M people from Earth; Pope Francis’ Encyclical (Teaching Paper) “Laudato Si” also calls for eliminating most of humanity.
Why 322? In Gen 3:22 Adam follows Eve into Sin; Society 322 is the Theosophical (God Philosophy) Society aka Skull & Bones Society or “Brotherhood of Death”, which is why Universal Health (Death) Care was signed into law on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC. Got Plague? Under WHO Level 6 Protocol we get a Vaccine or get Quarantined.

China leads largest ever ASEAN Military Drill as Donald Trump arrives for 1st Asian Trip. 5 US Aircraft Carrier Groups are operating in the Pacific: Reagn, Nimitz, Roosevelt, Kitty Hawk, Stennis. The Drill is ahead of ASEAN Summit in Manila, Phillippines Nov 13-17; Trump altered the schedule to attend opening day; ASEAN aims to limit US influence in Asia. I wonder is he is even aware of that? You may recall Donald Trump snubbed Xi Jing Ping at Mar a Lago by playing golf, sending Rex Tillerson to the West Palm Beach Airport 1 mile away to pick the golf hating Prime Minister, before launching 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles as Chinese ally Syria. Trump stated “I and Xi Jinping could solve all the world’s problems” China selling Oil in Gold backed Yuan currency is convertible to Gold Bullion on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Couple that with ACC (Asset Collection Coin aka Antichrist Crypto Currency) which aims to digitally value all the world’s assets, including the US’s Multi-Trillion Bbl Oil reserves and unlimited Fresh Water. Couple this with TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TiSA (Trade in Services) Agreements and the US Debt: $21T Treasury IOU’s + $77T Unfunded Liabilities (Gov’t Pensions, Social Security, Medicare) + $700+T in Derivatives) Looks like its payback time for the intentional snub at the Trump’s Pedophile Club.

Ivanka Trump, invited by Shinzo Abe to speak at the Women’s Empowerment Forum in Tokyo, had about 10% of the seats filled; guess they saw the Howard Stern and “The View” interviews where Donald said he would date Ivanka if he wasn’t married. Or maybe they saw Ivanka’s husband Jared’s NY Voter Registration Card listing the gender as a Woman?

Nov 3 US attacks Somalia “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran”- “Balkan Butcher” Gen Wes Clark Why? These nations: Cush (Sudan/Ethiopia/Somalia), Put (Libya), Persia (Iran) appear in Eze 38; Lebanon is “Tyre” aka “Merchants of Tarshish”, the Gog and Magog invasion comes from the north; “Damascus shall be a city no more…a ruinous heap” Is 17:1. “Gog and Magog” is a war against King David and Jesus Christ “After the 1000 Years” Rev 20:7-8 It occurs on Feast of Tabernacles when Creation is exactly 7000 Years old. Feast of Tabernacles 2017 occurred Oct 5-12; due to a late Barley Harvest and Latter Rains in Israel, an intercalary month (may) need to be added, adjusting the calendar to Nov 4-11. Nov 11 is “Armistice Day”. 2017 is “Year of Moshiach” Satanist Presidential adviser Bohemian Grove, Luciferian Mason, Jesuit, Knight of Malta, Bilderberger, CFR Traitor Henry Kissinger gave the marching orders for his Asian trip to Donald Trump on Oct 10.

Nov 4 King Salman of Saudi Arabia purges cabinet, arrests 11 Saudi Princes clearing way for War with Iran. Donald Trump bowed to King Salman, accepting Saudi Arabia’s highest honor, the King Abdulaziz Medal. The 2 also met with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi holding a glowing Globe in their hands. Why? America is the Phoenix of the New Age; the Phoenix connects Egypt to Arabia. Helicopter crash claims life of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin al Saud and several others. Prince Mohammad bin Salman to be successor; the 2 Solomon’s of Arabia, now control Military, Central Bank, and ARAMCO.

Saudi arabia claims Iranian Ballistic Missile shot down; initially blamed on Houthi Rebels, story changed to Iran meaning it’s all Bull Shit just like Iran’s Stealth Qaher 313 Fighter, a 2/3 scale plastic model with ultra cheap homebuilt aircraft avionics made by US company Dynon. Saudi Arabia declares war on Lebanon after Lebanon’s Sunni PM resigns. Why? Lebanon is Phoenicia aka “Merchants of Tarshish” (Eze 38:13). Arabia is “Sheba and Dedan” (Eze 38:13); Iran is “Persia” (Eze 38:5). Fake Gog and Magog War is likely right around the corner; the real Gog and Magog war is over a 1000 years away (Rev 20:7-8)

Nov 5 Lebanon’s Sunni PM Saad al-Hariri resigns amid claimed (ie Bull Shit) assassination threats by Hezbollah and Iran
AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force” was signed into law by the US Congress Sept 14, 2001 Amazingly fast because all 535 Traitors in the US Congress knew full well 9/11/2001 was an Inside Job. “A man’s foes shall be they of his own house”-Jesus Christ Mat 10:36 Unjustified Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Libya, and Ethiopia soon followed with Iran next and last on the list. Jesuit Pit Bull Gen James Mattis and Exxon Oil Chief Rex Tillerson claim the 2001 AUMF authorizes the President to wage Nuclear War on North Korea and or Iran if the US or any of its interests such as Israel are threatened
Nov 3 Donald Trump (AshkeNAZI fake Jew Drumpf) nominated Jerome Powell (Jesuit Georgetown Prep and Law School; Carlyle Group War Profiteer with Saddam Hussein and the bin Laden Family) “All Wars are Bankers Wars”; the saying comes from “The Love of Money is the root of all evil”; Bankers (Money Changers/Creditors) create Money out of Nothing just like the Saturnian Creation model adopted by Pope Francis “Big Bang”; Jesus warned Creditors make Slaves of Debtors. Jerome translated what became “Vaticinus”, the Catholic Bible used until the Authorized Bible was produced in 1611; the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Ps 12:6. Jesuits were incensed and tried to stop publication with the “Gunpowder Plot” on Nov 5, 1605.Nov 4 MARS (Mars if the UNKNOWN GOD of the Areopagus, the God of War) Solar Flare-CME-EMP Communications Inoperability Drill.
Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Notice the logo has the Lion ie Leo; Jesus is the real Lion of Judah; Antichrist will be the false Messiah; the Messiah "Christ" who has control over the wealth of the world ie "precious stones, gold, silver" (Dan 11:38) Tillerson traveled to South Korea, announcing  on Day 77 "St Patrick's Day" to threaten war with North Korea over missile testing. Exxon is controlled by the Rockefellers, bent on New Age beliefs in the Saturnian Golden Age. Korea is named after "Kore/Core" Num 16; Jude 7, the alternative to God's Priesthood were the "Korahites" God buried in the desert; the UN driven War separated by the 38th Parallel ended in Armistice, to be continued at a later date. What better for a Korahite (Edomite-Ishmaelite) War during the 2017 "Jubilee"? The Year the roles of Slave and Master are reversed and Esau achieves his long prophesied worldwide "Dominion" (Gen 27:41KJV; Dan 7:6-7). Esau and the Edomite "Dominion" (Gen 27:41KJV) are the 3rd Beast "Dominion" in Dan 7:6; 7+6=13, the number of Rebellion to God; 7X6=42 months (1260 Days; Times, Time, Dividing of Time; 3 1/2 Years) of "Great Tribulation" which begins as described in Rev 11, 12, 13 (Heaven's Perspective; Signs seen from Earth in the Heavens; Man's Perspective) 

Nov 4 “Nationwide Day of Anarchy: Stop the Trump-Pence Administration”, protests in 20 US Cities bankrolled by George Soros using stolen taxpayer funds from TARP. Soros is a Crypto Satanist named Grigori Schwartz ie Khazar Saturnian Black Nobility. The rallies begin at Union Square in NYC where the T-Party (Tammuz Party) was founded; the US Flag at Union Sq is supported by the Fasces; the Fasces also adorns the Oval Office Doors, Supreme Court Doors, Congressional Podium and the Lincoln Memorial in remembrance of America’s first Rosicrucian President and instigator of the Civil War.
Nov 1 “Prepare for War” Closet Sodomite (Log Cabin Republicans), Zionist, “The Family” (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Suharto, Hirohito followers) Initiate, Mike Pence in Seoul.

Nov 2 100th Annniversary of Balfour Declaration, a letter from Freemason Arthur Balfour and Edomite Freemason Walter Rothschild (Red Shield is Edomite Shield); ie Edomites in Zion pretending to be Jewish; Jesus destroys the charade at the 2nd Coming (Ref Obadiah). Rothschild and the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is a name change from Bauer (Farmer), the Cainites of the pre-flood world who crossed the Flood from Incest between Ham and his mother, resulting in Canaan, the Cursed Bloodline seen in the term British ie B’Rith “Birthright Covenant” of Cain and Canaan. Edomites are the result of Esau taking daughters of Canaan for wives; they pretend to be Jewish, forming the State of Israel as Jacob pretended to be Isaac’s first born son Esau to obtain his father’s blessing; God was not fooled. “100 Years after Balfour, Palestinians whould accept the Jewish National Home and State”-33 degree Luciferian Freemason, AshkeNAZI/Germanic fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu in London to commemorate the 100 Yr old Lie. Time to read and trust Scripture people! Gen 9:27 tells us Japheth dwells in Shem’s Tents (fake Semites); Japeth and Gomer (Germans) fathered Ashkenaz (Gen 10:2-3); Japheth is the “first born” (Gen 10:21KJV); British means “first born”. Jesus will restore 12 tribes of Jacob after this Satanic charade is over.

“No Congressional War Authorization needed” The AUMF (Authorization to Use Military Force) from the 9/11/2001 Al Qaeda “False Flag” attack apparently covers the Korean War” according to Jesuit attack dog, James “Kill everyone in the room”, “Chaos” Mattis and Pilgrim Society (Logo is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes; mission is to take posession of every asset on earth) Rex Tillerson.

“No Unconstitutional Strike against North Korea Act” Voted Down by Congress; Well of course, Congredi means “To Meet for War”; Paul Ryan is a Tammuz Party, Jesuit. Korea is named after the Korahite Priests of Numbers 16; rest assured War with Korea is coming; the first Korean War was fought by soldiers on behalf of the United Nations and ended in “Armistice”; this is the pre-planned sequel.

Shinzo Abe re-selected Japan PM demanding “Authorization for War against Korea from the US” Terms of surrender from WWII prohibit this; Trump will gladly reverse the agreement. Abe has purged the lower house of Parliament much like Turkish Sultan Erdogan. Abe reveres the souls of dead Japanese War Criminals at the Yasakuni Shrine. Japan’s WWII Imperial Army Unit 731 Bio-Warfare Unit makes Nazi “Angel of Death” Dr Joseph Mengele look like a Saint which is why Abe was pictured sitting in a Japanese Training Jet #731. Abe is part of the Nippon Kaigi Cult; Black Sun (Saturn) worshippers who revere the Emperor as an incarnation of the Sun; Japan means “Land of the Rising Sun”. Abe has stated Japan will have a Cashless Society and Digital Currency by 2020; that would be ACC (Asset Collection Coin; really Antichrist Crypto Currency)

“All Middle East US Military Bases are in range of Iranian Missiles” Paris trained, Luciferian Grand Orient Lodge Freemason Ayathollah ali Khameini. The US installed his predecessor Ayathollah ali Khomenei in the 1979 “Green Revolution” and the Grand Ayathollah ali Sistani in the “Green Zone” after the Iraq war. Green Man is the Antichrist aka Arab “al Khidr”

NYC False Flag; Sayfullo Saipov, Domestic Terrorist, Uber Driver, carrying a Paint Ball Gun with ISIS Pledge Cards and ISIS Flags in Rental Truck; nice touch. “Domestic Terrorist” refers to everyone in the US. Trump used the NYC False Flag event to attack Isis in Somalia
Donald Trump Asia Trip Crypto Satanist, Chabad Lubavitch initiate (Ashkenazi Drumpf) heads to Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam) Nov 3-14 as ASEAN Military Drill ends and ASEAN Summit begins. Satanist Henry Kissinger gave Trump his marching orders Oct 10. Henry believes “Soldiers are dumb stupid animals we use as cannon fodder in our wars” “The illegal we do immediately; the Unconstitutional just takes a bit longer”

Image result for picture of guy fawkesNov 5 Guy Fawkes Day Jesuits “Militia of Zeus” attempted to prevent publication of the 7th Purified Word of God prophesied in Ps 12:6 by murdering King James I in Parliament Nov 5, 1605. Today, Jesuits hide behind “Anonymous” masks mocking their Catholic Scapegoat Guy Fawkes. Thomas Percy and Robert Catesby were the Jesuit ringleaders; Percy, a universally hated name by Protestants was later changed to Pierce (named for the Spear of Destiny which Pierced Jesus’ side) providing the necessary Anonymity to continue. Aleister Crowley founded the Demon (Aiwass) channeled religion of Thelema; put on display on 9/11/2001. Flt 11 representing the number of Antichrist; Flt 77 representing Liber 77: Book of the Goat represented the “Magical manifestation of Spirit in Matter”
Flt 93 representing Liber 175: Book of Uniting and Flt 93 the Witchcraft greeting meaning “Do what thou wilt” the Theme of “Thelema” and Cathar religion “Agape”; Feeling the Love yet? We will. All this is on the 9/11/2001 page.

BabylOn, BabIlu (Allah) and BabEl all represent the Gate of Saturn; Babalon is Aleister Crowley’s “Scarlett Woman”, created in a Thelemic Sex Magick Ritual produced Barbara Pierce/Bush, married to Nazi George “Curious George” Scherff Jr, the name given to him by Nikola Tesla “Get that monkey out of my lab”; Jesuits made a cartoon mocking Tesla of course. After Tesla’s murder, ordered and carried out by Prescott Bush and Hitler’s bodyguard Otto Skorzeny, Donald Trump’s uncle John weaponized Tesla technology for the US Army.

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Nov 5 Jesuit Joe Dunford, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon assessment on North Korea “Ground invasion of North Korea is the only war to disarm Kim Jong Un” North Korea has 1 million soldiers in uniform. The first Korean War ended in Armistice.

Nov 5 Sec of War, Jesuit James “Chaos” Mattis, Pilgrim Society Initiate, Exxon Chief (Exxon Logo is the Sigil of Saturn; Jesuits are the “Militia of Zeus”; Zeus is the son of Saturn) T Rex Tillerson issue joint assessment of North Korea “Congress need not be consulted…President has the authority under the AUMF to wage Nuclear War if the US or any of its allies are threatened”. The AUMF serving as the basis of this Unconstitutional nonsense was signed into law 3 days after 9/11/2001 with a vote of 98-0; the “Inside Job” Donald Trump blames Saudi Arabia for masterminding. Donald also is on record declaring the Twin Towers looked like they were “Professionally Demolished”. Trump has already used the AUMF to test the MOAB “Mother of all bombs” and fire 100 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles in Syria while eating the “Most exquisite chocolate cake ever”. Trump used the AUMF to attack Somalia on Nov 4, after the NYC False Flag; come on folks, ISIS Pledge Cards and Flags in the Rental Truck? A Paintball Gun? Yelling Allahu Akbar in a jacket striped with reflective material? It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Nov 5 Baptist False Flag The movie Kingsman: Secret Service predicted the Faux Sutherland Baptist Church Shooting; the movie Knowing predicted Deep Water Horizon; the movie Hereafter predicted the Fukushima Tsunami; the movie Dark Knight Rises predicted Sandy Hook; All coincidence? 26 dead, 20 injured at First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Tx; the killer dead; the Church a Crime Scene scheduled to be demolished, just like Sandy Hook Elementary. Devon Kelley, Court Martialed, imprisoned and Dishonorably discharged for assault and battery of his wife and child, now lives in a “Barndominium”at his wealthy Baptist parents house, with his wife and kids. Kelly purchases an AR-556 from Academy Sports in San Antonio and posts a picture of the weapon on his Facebook page he calls “Bad Bitch” and fires 450 rounds in the Church, reloading 15 30 round clips? Witnesses first claimed the shooting lasted 15 seconds; that story quickly changed.

As usual there is No proof, a dead Scapegoat and soon to be demolished Church. Under the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 it is against Federal Law for a Dishonorably discharged person to own a firearm; so where was the FBI? Kelly is Celtic/Old Irish for “Ceallach” aka Chaldeans or Culdees; Celli means “Grove” where “Evil is done in sight of the LORD”; Celli also means “War or Warrior”, specifically from Arbroath, Scotland; the “Declaration of Arbroath” may ring a Baal; if not look it up or watch “Braveheart”; eg Knights of Malta Pat Buchanan and Pat “700 Club” Robertson descend from these Freedom Loving Chaldeans just like Knight of Malta Donald Trump (Clan McLeod) Freemasons found safe haven in Independent and Southern Baptist Churches; 500K Masons in the SBC alone, including most of the preachers. First Baptist Pastor Frank Pomeroy gave a sermon on Oct 8 “Forgive the Witches”; There is no authorization for violence in the New Covenant, but God warns “I suffer not a Witch to live”; how about warning them instead of accepting them? On Samhein the Church held an “Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Feast” Nothing like murdering Natives, stealing their land and making up nonsense stories about Turkeys eh? On Nov 5 the pastor was fortunately out of town. “The Big Book of bad Baptist Preachers” Forward “Sex abuse of children is part and parcel of Intependent and Southern Baptist culture” Pastor Frank Pomeroy is on the South Central Baptist Steering Committee in the Freemason Capital of the West; a fairly safe bet is Pomeroy is a Southern Baptist Freemason and the Church is loaded with Pedophiles. The problem with Baptist religion is reliance on Water Baptism; Jesus Baptizes with Fire and the Holy Spirit. I suggest not relying on the Water Baptism for Salvation.

Nov 5 According to 4 Chan posts by “Q Anonymous” (read Jesuits; Q=Quele “Source”; 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll”; recall “007” aka John Dee is the Father of Secret Ciphers and the British Empire with a “License to Kill”) Rumor has it Tony Podesta (Tony has a tatoo of the Golden Mean and 19; it’s meaning is the 19 pieces of Osiris/Saturn Isis put together) has been arrested with John Podesta (Clinton Campaign Manager) ready to turn himself in. Robert Mueller (AHEPA “American Helenist” Initiate and 9/11/2001FBI Chief) apparently has 7 Indictments against Tony and John Podesta, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates (Trump campaign managers) and Hillary Clinton. In addition 2 Sealed US District Court dockets in Washington DC refer to Company A and B aka Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs which were paid $2M in “Lobbying Fees” from Paul Manafort’s offshore accounts.

“House of Cards” fell from grace for the same reasons the Trump Administration may fall; stay tuned, Melchisedekians aka Cult of Saturn are about to create “Order out of Chaos”

Catharsis on the Mall begins at 11:11 on 11/11 “Armistice Day” and ends at 11:13 11/13. 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” may ring a Baal; Isis the “Black Virgin” called R-Evolution gives herself to the phallus of Osiris (Saturn) inside the Federal Triangle (White House-Capitol “Womb of Zeus”-Washington Monument) representing Virgo, the Black Virgin who gave birth to Jupiter (Zeus/Marduk) Sept 23, impregnated by Comet “Borisov” (God Like) originating from Leo. R-Evolution, the “Black Virgin” made her debut at the 2015 Burning Man Festival “Carnival of Mirrors”; Black Matter is called “Mirror Matter”.

The 2200 Year old 11Q13 Script

“After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the return of Prince Melchisedek” 1517 to 2017 is 10 Jubilees. Martin Luther posted 95 objections to the Catholic Church on Samhein 1517, but Luther had no objections to the Catholic Church adopting the Gnostic doctrine “Indestructibility of the Soul” On Halloween 1517, Martin Luther wounded the 4th Head of the Beast (Thyatira; Rev 2:18) creating the 5th head of the Beast (Sardis; Rev 3:1); the 6th Head Philadelphia followed (Rev 3:7) 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” was written by the Essenes; Priests of Cybele (Isis) and Attis (Jupiter); 11 the 5th Prime Number; 13 the 6th and 17 the 7th; the latter the number of “Perfection”. In Kaballah, the 5th-6th level is the X “Christ”. No, this is not Jesus Christ.

On 11/13/17 a Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter occurs just outside the womb of Virgo. www.horusset.com/RIKB/93.pdf 

This conjunction may be unlike any oher from a Rosicrucian perspective; suffice to say, it may symbolize “As Above; So Below” and “Do what thou wilt”; the Gematria of 93, the Word ie Son of Saturn (Jupiter) emerging from Virgo (Isis), joining Venus (al Uzza/Lucifer) as the “Crowned and Conquering Child” The conjunction with Venus atop Jupiter occurs 50 days after the birth of Jupiter on Sept 23, 2017 and 777 days after the final Lunar Eclipse of the 7th Tetrad on Feast of Tabernacles 2015. You may recall Pope Francis addressed Congress, really the American people, speakiing between the Fasces; he later departed Philadelphia as the Eclipse was happening. Feast of Tabernacles is an ingathering of Tribes of Judah; this Feast of Tabernacles is more an ingathering of Nations, heralded by the Trumpet. Translated: Jupiter is Zeus/Marduk/Serapis; Venus is Lucifer “Light Bringer” which forms a 5 Pt Star around the Sun every 8 Years; 8/5=Phi “Golden Mean” or “Ratio of Life”; Arabs worship Venus as “Al Uzza”. Virgo is the Black Virgin “Isis” seen in the Federal Triangle; Capitol means “Womb of Zeus”; 50 days the time between the Crucifixion of Jesus and Pentecost (Deliverance of the Holy Ghost); 777? Liber 777: And other Qabbalistic writings of Aleister Crowley is the play book of Thelema “God’s Wiill”. The Crow (Crowley means “Wood of the Crow”) represents Freedom from God; Crows attacked Peace Doves represent the “Holy Ghost”; as they were released by Pope Francis, they were attacked by Crows. An unmistakable warning from God.

Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov predicted Moshiach will arrive in 5778 (2017-18) before his death in 1760.

Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel predicted Mosiach arrives in 2017 in 1217. Jesus warned He came in his Father’s Name and was rejected; another would come in his own name and be accepted. Looks like 2017-18 is the time.

In Egypt, November is the Month of Athyr, the month of the Chaldean King Arthur (Antichrist). Arthur is Arcturas, the Bear Guard guiding the Big Dipper around Polaris into the Age of Aquarius aka Golden Age of Saturn. Athyr is Aether or “Black Matter” is the “5th Element”; you may recall the movie 5th Element featured the 4 elements of Witchcraft: Earth, Air, Fire and Water in Egypt combine to form Aether, Quintessence or Space-Time, the ultimate weapon of destruction. Science calls the 5th Element “Gravity Waves”; you can see the Ripples on Earth ie pre-planned “Earthquakes in Diverse Places” at Union Square next to the Countdown Clock to Midnight. Jesus returns to “Destroy those who destroy the Earth” Rev 13:18

Saturn is Space-Time. Chronos or Father Time, and Space filled with Black Matter is pure Chaldean Bullshit, just like the Chaldean STUR on Israel’s Flag. Time to wake up folks! There is only 1 path to Salvation and that is a one on one SPIRITUAL relationship with Jesus Christ via the Holy Ghost; 
a real-life Baptism by Fire. The Baptism by Fire about to begin is called a Holocaust and Guess who is the Holocaust offering? America, the Phoenix of the Saturnian Age.

Nov 6-17 UN Climate Change Summit Bonn, Germany. Jesuit educated in “Security and Peace Building” (1 Thess 5:3 may ring a Baal) Patricia Espinoza is the UN Climate Change Executive Sec; by profession a UN Actuary involved in Risk Mgt. She was selected to replace Christina Figueres at the Cancun (Nest of Snakes) 2010 Climate Change Summit where Kukulkan (Feathered Serpent) descends the Pyramid. With her selection in Cancun was the creation of the Office of Space Alien Ambassador headed by Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman who goes by M.Othman (Mothman Prophecy may ring a Baal). Risk Mgt is killing the Carbon producers, assumed to cause Climate Change. Uniting them behind the threat of Alien invasion as Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan said at the UN in 1984, 33 years ago.

California Gov and Jesuit sock puppet Jerry Brown witnessed the effects of DEW (Drone mounted Directed Energy Weapons; Microwave and Laser) in Northern California; California’s food growing Central Valley has been under severe drought caused the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” of man-made High Pressure and is receiveing his marching orders from the UN. 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, “Inconvenient Liar” Al Gore is with Jerry Brown promoting the “Greenhouse Gas” Lies. “Control oil you control nations; control food you control people” Henry Kissinger

The Earth self corrects Warm and Cool Cycles and Volcanic eruptions, over 3/4 of which occur underwater, release more Methane and CO2 in a month than man has in 6000 years of Creation.

Methane (CH4) oxidizes to form CO2 and Water Vapor. Global Warming increases evaporation of oceans; cooling has the opposite effect. Water Vapor is lighter than air and rises to the saturation level where clouds form. Clouds for the most part are white and opaque which reflect Solar Radiation; this inhibits the production of Infrared Radiation, the only source of “Heat Energy”. Human caused Global Climate Change is the Lie, Scientists use to justify the slaughter of billions of people for the good of the Earth. www.theresnothingnew.org/index/Global_Climate_Change

Jesus warned “…the time cometh, that whoseoever killeth you will think that he doeth
God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor Me” Jn 16:2-3 Killing for the good of the Earth will reach such a fever pitch, Jesus warned “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved” Mat 24:22
 Science is described as “Vain and profane babblings” 1 Ti 6:12KJV and the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:4 Chaldeans are the Serpent Priests who convinced Nations to take up arms against other Nations; now these Hell bound Satanists will convince the World to take up arms against everyone using False Science.

Want to create a Desert? Lower CO2 levels; Want to create a food filled Paradise? Increase CO2, Methane and Temperature...

Mystic Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi “Very soon, Messiah will be revealed to everyone” “Rabbis will be told the identity of King Messiah in Aramaic, God can no longer wait while watching suffering of Jews in Israel and abroad, now is the time to make Aliyah (Immigration to Israel)…Israel is God’s Chosen People” “The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise” Amos 5:2 “And call no man Rabbi”-Jesus Mat 23:8 “I am come in my Father’s Name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive”-Jesus. “For he testifieth, Thou are a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedek” Heb 7 17 Jesus is Melchisedek “King of Jerusalem”, “Priest of the Most High” The Messiah coming shortly will be Antichrist; he will sit on Satan’s Seat (Rev 2:13) in a rebuilt 3rd Temple, enforce worship via the “Mark of the Beast”, likely the Six Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Allah (Ref Amos 5:26), the Chaldean STUR of the Mystical Rabbis who promote these “Jewish Fables”. Why Aramaic? The only words Jesus spoke in Aramaic were just before His physical death on the Tree “Why hast thou forsaken me?”

Nov 10 Cosmic Russian Doll Astrophysicists at several Universities claim a mysterious object dubbed G-2 awoke the Supermassive and super made up Black Hole “Sagittarius A” at the center of the Milky Way”; there is no Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way; Satan is the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38) Sagittarius means “Archer”, referring to the White Horse who “Conquers with a Bow” (Rev 6:2) This is simply more occult communication: G=7-2=77, the occult way of saying “Limit of Sin”; Rebellion (11) X Perfection (7) =77; Liber 77: Book of the Goat aka Liber Oz may ring a Baal. The Goat is Azazel; in Numbers 16:8-10 “Scapegoat” is replaced in new versions with “Azazel” (Wilderness Goat), one of many names Satan uses to impersonate Jesus, the real Scapegoat. The White Horse leads the charge into the Great Tribulation, turning the world into a Wilderness, free of God. Thelemites worship the Goat as Baphomet, the Angrogynous Goat symbolizing the union of Spirit (Baph) and Wisdom (Metis) aka Goat of Mendes. www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/nu77.php)

The Lies picked up steam in August when Einstein’s “Gravity Waves” won the Nobel Prize; Waves cannot travel in a vacuum. These “Gravity Waves” were said to originate from Hydra in the Serpent’s Tail; of course, the Serpent is Satan.
The claim is our Universe is nested in a Black Hole which is part of another Universe and so on. Black Holes are Doorways; Dorothy in Wizard of Oz was derived from “Door” by 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian L Frank Baum in 1900; the same year “Last President” and “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” were published; Baron means “Nobility”, derived from Celtic “Freeman”; Freedom is the goal of Gnosticism. Donald Trump was planned long in advance; likely the US President at the time of the fake “Rapture”; Jesus is the real “Trump of God”.

Doorways are called “Worm Holes”; the Sci-Fi series Dune even used Worms to navigate Space-Time in 1965 to travel to alternative Universes. Now science has finally broken from any sort of provable reality, claiming Black Holes gush out energy from White Holes between Universes; White Horse riding forth with Tesla Weapons? Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump weaponized Tesla’s EM technology for the US Army and handed it over to Soviet Russia under Jesuit/Freemason Joe Stalin. Black and White Masonic Floors ring a Baal? if not check out “I Pet Goat, II”, the Apple (Apollyon/Abaddan or Rev 9:11) rolling across the Masonic Floor to the L and C refer to the $50 and $100 which show the destruction of the Hoover Dam and NYC.; destruction of NYC and Wall St is the Black Horse destroying the world economy. Our Universe it seems was formed by the Big Bang (endorsed by Pope Francis), a Singularity (Black Hole) birthed by a White Hole. Complete Gnostic nonsense.

In the Garden of Eden, the Serpent of Gnosticism taught Adam and Eve to become gods. The Milky Way represented as a Serpent eating its own tail called the “Oroborus” has the Dark Rift between Sagittarius and Scrorpio (Akkadian Scorpion King may ring a Baal). Saturn is Chronos “Time”; Space is called “Dark Matter”, the Prima Materia of the Saturnian 1st Creation.

You may recognize the symbol these University professor wack jobs are using is from the movie Interstellar, starring the less than stellar Mathew “Contact” McConaughey, is Saturn, the Gnostic “Black Star” whose 2 Focii reside in the Sun and the other in a miniature Black Hole called the “Black Star”; watch/listen to David Bowie’s “Black Star” for more details. Men in Black showed this sort of Gnostic nonsense 20 years ago; Science following Hollywood? Of course, Druids “Knowers of Trees” used the Holy Wood of Adonis (Adon is the Canaanite Lord) to make Magick.

Nov 10 UN drafts 9 resolutions condemning Israel, 1 each for Syria, North korea, Iran, Crimea, Myanmar and the US. Why? “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea those nations shall be utterly wasted” (Is 60:12) God was speaking of Israel here, after the Redeemer has come to Zion! (Is 59:20) Israel of today is a Rothschild (Red Shield=Edomite), Ashkenazi (non-Semitic Germanic fake Jews; Gen 10:2), Sephardic (replacements brought in from Babylon, Canaan, Medea by the Assyrians; 2 Ki 17:31) Zionist fraud whose ensign is the Chaldean Six Pointed Star of Molech/Saturn (Amos 5:26; Acts 7:43). Jesus is the Redeemer of Israel!

Nov 11 Lord Mayor’s Show City of London Corp lays claim to every physical asset on Earth; 2 Red Dragons guard the entrance to Temple St with the Sheriff’s Booth where Taxes (non-Elite of course) are paid before entering Guildhall where the Satanic Elite are Free of Burden. Veteran means “Beast of Burden”; Nov 11 is “Veteran’s Day”. The same Bankers Jesus turned the tables on at the Temple are today’s Usury Bankers who deny Jesus is the Messiah as well as His Millennial Reign on Earth; Gog and Magog represents their Straw Men; the Celtic Wicker Men celebrating the world’s Holocaust.

Nov 11 “Armistice Day” Israel (Saturnian Fake Jews) threatens new Lebanon (Tyre/Tiras/Tarshish) War “What we did in the 2nd Lebanon War in 34 Days in 2006 (This False Flag was during 2006 Bohemian Grove over 9 Av) we can do in 2-3 Days now” Luciferian Freemason, fake Jew Netanyahu who is being investigated for Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering; his wife, misuse of public funds.

Nov 11 Saudi Arabia (Sheba) attacks Sana’a International Airport in Yemen halting supply flights (Dedan) over “False Flag” Iranian (Persia) Ballistic Missile alleged fired at Riyadh by Iranian backed Shia Rebels “Houthis”. Flights halted because of “Total destruction of the VOR-DME system”; total nonsense, as flights use GPS and RNAV for navigation. Yemen is Crown Prince Salman’s intentionally caused humanitarian crisis.

“Hallelujah” Pro-Abortion Women Clergy at a National Chain Abortion Clinic based in Ft Worth Texas advocating right to 2nd Trimester, dismemberment abortions. “Women who choose abortion are largely women of faith and have a God given right to make decisions” Not according to Jesus they don’t “Thou shalt not kill” and “Love thy Neighbor” should ring a Baal.

The Barton/Thomson seal adopted in 1782

Veteran’s Day-Remembrance Day-Armistice Day on 11/11 at 11:11 the Sun passes through the Ellipses in the 5 Pillars representing the 5 branches of US Military to illuminate the Great Seal of the US. www.theresnothingnew.org/index/America_039;s_Great_Seal

 The Great Seal is a Gnostic-Rosicrucian cipher put on the $US by 33 degree Luciferan war monger FDR and his Rosicrucian mentor Nicholas Roerich in 1935. Meanwhile, across the Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Jupiter) Mall…

“Burners” (Celtic/Druid “Burning Men” or “Wicker Men”) celebrate Catharsis on the Mall; ISIS, the Black Virgin aka R-EveOlution giving herself to the phallus of Osiris (Saturn); the Dragon “Abraxas”, Gnostic Archon (Ruler/Antichrist) who has deceived the whole world (Rev 12:9), Shiva “Destroyer” (aka Apollo, Apoyllon, Abaddon of Rev 9:11) doing the “Nataraja” (Dance of Destruction) and the Burning Temple (Holocaust of humanity aka Cathar “Purification”). Gnostics under Basilides (ca 2nd century) believe the human body is the Temple that must be destroyed ie purified by fire to enter the New Age of Saturn. America’s 241 year reign of terror is about to end; “…the kingdom shall be divided” Dan 2:41 America, the Phoenix of the New Age Age of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn must be destroyed; a plan put forth in writing in Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis: A work unfinished” in 1620. The New Aeon of Horus is about here; time to choose between Jesus and Heaven or the New Age of Saturn and eternity in Hell.

Nov 12 7.3 Earthquake Halabajah Iraq; 200+ dead, 1000+ injured. Halabajah, on the Iran-Iraq border was the site in 1988 of the worst Cemical Weapons attack on civilians in history. “Chemical Ali” (Ali Hassan al Majid) was the cousin of 33 degree Luciferian Mason Saddam Hussein, who started the Gulf Wars on 9 Av with partner George Bush Sr. Saddam’s sons Uday and Qusay managed, with US help, to drive off in 3 semi-trucks full of $30B in $100 Bills as US troops under George Bush Jr were arriving in Baghdad. Hussein was given the keys to Detroit by Norm Coleman and Don Rumsfeld and was one of Chrysler’s (uses the Goat and Assyrian Winged Sun Disc logo) largest stock holders. Carlyle Group profitted enourmously from the now 16 Yr old Gulf Wars; Trump’s IRS Comissioner David Kautter takes over Nov 13, 2017, was Carlyle Group managing partner with the bin Laden and Bush families. Ali used Iraqi jets (Russian and French) to spray UN banned WMD’s, VX Nerve Agent, Tabun Gas and Mustard Gas, over Halabajah in the worst attack on civilians ever recorded; 5000 Kurdish Shia Muslim women and children were killed. The US supplied weapons to both sides of the Iran-Iraq Genocide via the Iran-Contra Drugs for Weapons Affair. The road from Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq-Jordan will soon be used to transport 200 million people to Armageddon.

Nov 12 Zionist Organization of America annual Gala Grand Hyatt NYC. Trump’s Israel Ambassador to Israel, Ashkenazi fake Jew David Friedman assures the Saturnian Elite the US Embassy in Tel Aviv will be moved to Jerusalem.

 Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV for a reason...

Nov 13 “Crowned conquering child” aka “Star of Bethlehem”? Not quite.

Venus is Lucifer, the fake “Morning Star”; Jupiter is Zeus/Marduk/Serapis, the fake Jesus and son of Saturn.

Thelemites use 93 to mean “Do what thou wilt” and 93/93 “As Above, So Below”. Cubes of Saturn called “Phlactery” worn over the Pineal Gland contain “The LORD our God is One”, a Gnostic translation of Deut 6:4; 93/93=One, the Capstone of the Pyramid on the $US ONE. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction 11/13/17 visually represents “93”; the sign comes 50 days after the birth of Jupiter/Zeus from the womb of Virgo (Isis) on Sept 23. Venus (Lucifer), the Arab al Uzza “Goddess of power” is Isis “Black Virgin”; Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, and sister-wife of Saturn (Satan). As “Morning Star”, she becomes a False Messiah, as Jesus is also known by the title “Morning Star” (Rev 2:28; 22:16). Jesuits use IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (Isis-Horus-Set) to Conquer the Laity; spiritual descendants of the Gnostic Nicolaitanes who conquer followers of Jesus from the pulpits. Venus, the sister-wife of Saturn/Osiris in Egypt is the mother of Horus/Jupiter, joining her son.

Thelema is the Gnostic religion delivered to Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley via Aiwass, the demon minister of Harpocrates “Horus the Child”; the god of silence is the central deity of Thelema and the New Aeon of Horus, aka Golden Age of Saturn.

Saturnian religion rests on “Indestructibility of the Soul”, a Gnostic Lie adopted by Saturnian “Black Nobility” Pope Leo X (Planet X is Jupiter/Horus/Marduk/Nibiru) as Vicar of Jesus Mar 16, 1517. Jesus warned us to never fear those who can kill the body, but have no power over our Soul; He warned us to fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell for eternity. Pope Leo X laid the foundation for the Jesuit “Militia of Zeus/Jupiter/Horus” Order whose HQ is the “Mother of all churches worldwide”, the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean spirits of the Dragon/Satan/Devil/Serpent, Antichrist (Beast rising from the Sea), and False Prophet (Beast rising from the Earth). Thelemites may choose to keep all this knowledge a secret, but Jesus said to shout the truth as loud as we can. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hos 4:6

Luciferian Freemason Mahmoud Abbas called to Riyadh by ISIS arming, Crown Prince Salman and ordered to accept Jared Kushner’s 2-State Peace Plan or resign; in addition, to cut ties with Iran and Iranian backed Hezbollah. Iran is led by Luciferian Freemason Ayathollah ali-Khameini. The Peace Plan is being negotiated by Jared Kushner, a Chabad Lubavitch (Kabbalist), Orthodox fake Jew registered to vote as a woman.

Trump, King Salman and Egyptian President Abdeh Fatah al-Sissi held a glowing gold orb representing the Earth in their hands last August, just after Trump bowed to King Salman and accepted his highest award. Why? the Phoenix connects Egypt to Arabia; America is the Phoenix, which burns and resurrects itself every 500 Years; out of the ashes springs the Golden Age of Saturn. Saturnians believe the dross needs to be burned away, leaving behind Gold, the Prima Materia of Saturn.

The overall plan is to fake the Gog and Magog war; Rev 20:7-8 is clear, Gog and Magog is “After the thousand years”; Eze 38 lists the major players, Sheba and Dedan are Arabs.

Arab League Emergency MTG in Cairo called by Saudi Arabia (Sheba) Crown Prince Salman over Hezbollah in Lebanon (Tyre/Tiras). Saudi Air Force (US supplied F-15’s) on alert, preparing for attacks on Lebanon. The oddity of this is profound; The House of Saud is claimed to be Jewish from the House of Mordechai; they follow the hybrid Wahhabist Islam taught by Mohammad Wahhab and Ibn Sayyid (Sayyid means Descendant of Mohammad) Qutb. Israel is saddling up to Saudi Arabia; Israel is anything but Jewish, made up of Germanic Ashkenazis, Babylonian/Canaanite Sephardics and Egyptian Hamathites descended from Mizraim (Ref Gen 10). Mt Sinai “Jebel al Laws” in Saudi Arabia even has Chinese made missiles aimed at Israel and Iran according to many. The 2 Joining forces with Egypt? A match made in Hell. Recall that Donald Trump accepted King Salman’s highest award and held a Golden Orb in his hands with the President of Egypt a few months ago.

On that visit, Trump also posed with Pope Francis, his family wearing funeral attire, and handing Francis a Lotus Flower, the symbol of Buddhism. Fake Gog and Magog War is progressing rather fast; time to get right with Jesus folks!
Lotus Flower, the symbol of Buddhism

Nov 13 North Korea warns United Nations 3 US Carriers conducting war exercises off Korean Peninsula, round the clock Nuclear armed B-52 sorties and B-1/B-2 sorties near Korean airspace are fueling tensions that could lead to nuclear war. It doesn’t help when childish name calling “Dotard” and “Short and Fat” pass as diplomacy either. Like al Qaeda with CIA bagman bin Laden and ISIS with Israeli bagman Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the US created the Korean nemesis; Capt Charles Bonesteel and Maj Dean Rusk took a Nat Geo Map and Magic Marker to divide Korea at the 38th Parallel; the UN then started a needless War, staffed by US soldiers in UN Blue Helmets, pre-planned to end in Armistice; the US and Russia then installed Kim Il Sung, and his grandson Kim Jong Un for the sequel. Take a look at North Korean missiles and Iran’s Stealth Fighter Q-313 (There are 313 ! in Scripture; the last is the fall of Babylon) and you will quickly realize its all part of an elaborate Act; specifically, the 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick “Prestige”, designed to present the Antichrist as Jesus Christ.

Israel sets “Red Lines” around Golan Heights Netanyahu (Luciferian Freemason, Germanic fake Jew) will act independent of the US and Russian efforts in Syria to secure borders. Israel stole the Golan Heights from Syria 50 Years ago; the location of the “Fallen Angels” in Gen 6 is Mt Sion aka Mt Hermon “Mt of the Chief”; Chief of the Fallen Angels aka Watchers is Shemyaza (Satan). Mt Hermon is the source of the Jordan River; John the Baptist “Baptized” Jesus in the Jordan River; Satanists believe they can become gods by doing the same. Esau obtains “Dominion” (Sovereign Authority to Rule the World; Ref Gen 27:39-41KJV); the land of Edom (Red), Ammon and Moab “Idumea” is now called “Jordan” for this reason. Guess who escapes the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation? Edom, Ammon and Moab (Dan 11:41) Guess where Jesus finds Edomites at the 2nd Coming? Inside the Gates of Jerusalem (Ref Obadiah).

11/13 11:31 PST 10 Mini-Quakes hit San Andreas Fault near Monterrey “Mountain of the King”.

MIT Climate Scientist Kerry Emanuel “Harvey’s rain was biblical”; 60 in of rain, stalling 2 days over Houston, recharging and slamming Port Charles was a storm of biblical porportions…with rising CO2 levels we can expect more storms like Harvey according to the MIT Liar.

Another notable MIT Scientist John Trump (Donald’s uncle) developed Nikola Tesla’s Geo-engineering technology for the US Army; Microwave Heaters like HAARP manipulate the Ionosphere to guide and increase the energy of Hurricanes like Harvey (Celtic for “Battle Ready”) Melania (Black) Trump wearing FLOTUS in Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) was a nice touch. Kerry is Irish, meaning Ciar’s People; Ciar means “Black”, referring to Saturn/Satan as the “Black Star” or “Dark Lord”; Emanuel means “El is with us”; El is the Phoenician/Canaanite “Saturn”.

The Climate Summit in Bonn Germany is wrapping up with a barage of Lies to justify the slaughter of most of humanity. Donald Trump’s delegation to the COP 23 Summit is affirming US withdrawal of the Paris Agreement and promoting Coal as an energy source. You may recall Marilyn Manson, Simpsons, Snoop Dogg, Cathy Griffin, NYC Acting Company and even Captain America all kill Donald Trump in one way or another. The Climate Summit leaders feel the same way.

“Warning to humanity: A second notice” a letter written by Oregon St University Ecology Professor William Ripple, signed by 15K “Scientists” released Nov 13. The letter
scientistswarning.forestry.oregonstate.edu warns reducing Methane to combat Anthropogenic (Human Caused) Climate Change is necessary to avoid “Imminent Apocalypse”. Apocalypse means “To Reveal”; specifically the revealing of Antichrist. Methane oxidizes upon contact with the atmosphere, forming Water Vapor and CO2, the precise components for creating a Greenhouse Paradise on Earth. Ripple’s “Warning to humanity: A second notice” is packaging a prescription for mass murder in a Green wrapper.

If CO2 is so bad for the Earth, why do commercial Greenhouses use CO2 Generators? “Go forth and multiply” was God’s first orders to humanity; Why? Earth’s survival depends on Volcanic eruptions of CO2 and Methane as well as Animals and Human beings offsetting the oxygenation of the atmosphere by plants. “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh remain”-Jesus Mat 24:22 The Saturnian plan is to slaughter most of humanity (all but 500 Million to be precise) and the animals we eat to lower CO2, increase O2 and let Lightning ignite the atmosphere, burning away the Flesh and releasing the Spirit. A Cathar Baptism by Fire on a Global scale.

Lightning is an natural and necessary occurence to balance the charge differential between the Ionosphere and Earth; over oxygenate the atmosphere and lightning will ignite it in a Global Holocaust of all life on Earth; now we don’t want that do we?

Rancho Tehama: Convicted Felon unable to legally own a firearm, practices with “100’s of rounds and large magazines” according to neighbor who warned local law enforcement, shoots up 7 locations.

Gen “Mad Dog” Warrior Monk” “Chaos” Mattis “I’m President Trump’s primary adviser on the use of force; I’m comfortable with the war the system works” US Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting Nov 14 on Donald Trump’s sole authority to launch a nuclear weapon; too late, that has already been done with the deployment of MOAB in Afghanistan; no it’s not a conventional weapon. Mattis is not eligible under the Constitution to be Secretary of Defense as he must be 7 Yrs removed from military service at the time of appointment.

Trump (Fordham-Univ of Penn; Freemason; Knight of Malta; Crypto fake Jew “Drumpf”); John Kelly; James Mattis; Joe Dunford are all Jesuit educated, Oath Sworn Papal Knights serving the Provincial Jesuit Timothy Dolan, the real US President. Jesuits are the “Militia of Zeus”; Oath sworn to impersonate Protestants, Jews and Catholics. Mattis says “Be polite and professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet” He fashions himself a modern day Bible Quoting, George Patton or Marcus Aurelius (father of Commodus, credited for the downfall of Rome; he was the last Caesar initiated into the Eleusinian Mystery Religion)

Cardinal Francis Spellman managed the Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam “Golden Triangle” Opium pipeline called “Vietnam War” aka “Spelly’s War”; his successor Timothy Dolan will manage the US entry into WWIII. The US grows, guards and supplies 96% of the world’s Heroin from Afghanistan, a $1.7 Trillion/Yr off books “Golden Crescent” Opium Pipeline; Why Gold? The Golden Age of Saturn. The US is now bombing competitors Opium Processing Facilities to protect the Racket.

Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller
(currently known as the Knights of Malta ).
Dolan’s Coat of Arms features a Red Saturn Hat above the Cross of Lorraine aka “Double Cross”; it isn’t going to get more obvious than this. Dolan was invested with the Pallium (Dolan wears the Black Cross of the Hospitallers aka Knights of Malta on his), given Sovereign authority over the US as Metropolitan Provincial of New York City aka “Wall St” by Nazi Pope Benedict XVI (recall Crows attacked Peace Doves he released in Feb 2013 and Lightning hit St Peter’s Basilica twice within hours of his resignation 1 month later; The Crow symbolizes the Alchemical Black Sun “Saturn” which is why 100 or so Saturnian fake Jews are in Trump’s inner circle; Pictures just below November article); Dolan also wears the Mitre of Dagan; the Philistine Sea Beast “Antichrist”. “Thou shalt not kill” and “He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword” Pretty tough to understand eh?

Abilify MyCite: Anti-psychotic behavior modification and electronic verification over the internet; a match made in “Big Brother” Hell. Edward Jenner, a Jesuit Quack Doctor and Freemason began growing and injecting infectious material from “Cowpox”, infections caused from milking cows, and pushed it as a Smallpox Vaccine; fast forward to today and WHO (World Health Org) can create diseases like Ebola, MERS or Zika, spread them via GMO Mosquitoes (The most deadly animal on Earth); force vaccinate the population (WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol has 2 options: Quarantine or Vaccination). Sedation, Personality Modification, and Death with remote monitoring and enforcement. Jesus warned unless He shortened “Those Days”, no Flesh would remain; “Those Days” are here.

First Church of AI “Way Of The Future” Uber means “Above or Over”; Ubermensch, the Nazi ie Aryan “Noble Caste” goal of creating a Superman. Saudi’s Crown Prince Salman is creating an AI (Artificial Intelligence) City NEOM w(Neo “New” + Mustaqbal “Future”); sorry, but God wrote the story start to finish in advance. NEOM will be built where Israel crossed the Red Sea during the Exodus only to wander in Sin 40 Years for disbelief in God. The AI Robot Sophia (Gnostic Wisdom) has been given citizenship in Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud descends from Mordechai; the Book of Esther is one of 2 that do not mention the word “God”; the other is Salman’s namesake Song of Solomon.

Uber fired Anthony Levandowski for failing to comply with a Federal investigation; he has now filed 501c3 Tax Exempt Church called “Way Of The Future”. AI is to be worshipped as a Godhead able to write its own Scripture and Morality Laws. Frederich Nietzsche wrote “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (Zoroaster) in 1883, providing the foundation for the son of a Lithuanian Talmudic Rabbi, Luciferian Freemason Karl Marx; “Cinco de Mayo” clandestinely celebrates his birth. “God is Dead…We have killed God with Science and he will remain dead” -Nietzsche. Zoroaster is not a 5th c Iranian (Iran=Aryan) prophet; the name means “Undilluted Star” or “Star Seed”; that being Saturn/Satan/Lucifer the “Black Star” of the “First Race”. Science is called “Tongue of the Chaldeans” Dan 1:5KJV and “Vain and Profane Babblings” 1 Ti 6:12KJV Now you know (pun intended) why.

“Salvator Mundi” Christie’s (Christ=Messiah) auctioned Black Nobility Leonardo da Vinci’s version of the “Savior of the World” for $450M. Benediction/Malediction sign is used by Satanists (Yes, the ones in Church on the Pulpit) to celebrate “Victory” over God with the Nails. V=5=Hebrew Vav=Nail, a name used by Gnostics for Satan; Vav=6; Saturn the 6th Planet and number of Man; hence Saturn incarnate in the Antichrist is Salvator Mundi. The Glass Orb and Cross “Globus cruciger” is used extensively on Scepters, Baptismal Founts, Miters etc to denote Authority; it represents the 4 Quartered Earth. The Swastika is the Broken Celtic Cross, repaired under the rule of Salvator Mundi; Rabbis use the phrase “Tikkun Olam” (Repair the Earth) to pre-flood conditions of Cainite rule. Long Hair represents the “Long Haired” Merovingian Monarchs, Cryptos who falsely converted to Christianity, claiming a semi-divine lineage to Jesus and Mary Magdalene; also a Lie. The Red Tunic and X represents Esau, after selling his soul, renamed Edom=Red; X=Greek Chi=Christ=Zeus, the son of Saturn aka Planet X “Jupiter” the Roman version. The White, Long Haired, Bearded Jesus promoted in Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus; this is the Saturnian Messiah called Mithra, Serapis, Attis, Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter.

Pope Francis “Those who deny Human caused Climate Change have perverse attitudes, denying the Science behind it….Climate Change is the most worrisome pehenomena humanity if facing” The remarks to negotiators in Bonn, Germany at COP 23. Most worrisome is the Science behind reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions like CO2 and Methane will result in Desertification; the Vicar of God on Earth should read “Go forth and multiply” People and animals offset Plants; 2 equal parts of the Photosynthesis equation that must maintain balance. Far more worrisome is the false Science behind Climate Change is leading Satanists like Pope Francis to believe killing all but 1 Billion people is necessary.

$Trillionaire in a T-Shirt, King apparent and Israeli Mossad asset, Crypto fake Jew of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman bin Adbulaziz al Saud escorted out of the Tropicana Hotel by Israeli SWAT Police on Oct 1 during the Las Vegas False Flag. Saudi Royals own the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel; their 5 day guest? Stephen Paddock. ARAMCO is now controlled by Crown Prince Salman; his father King Salman is called “The Shareholder” because he is the Sovereign owner of ARAMCO; hey, Rockefellers and Rothschilds got away with claiming ownership of a natural asset, so why not? Prince Salman (Solomon of Arabia) is poised to take the Saudi Oil Company Public to the tune of a possible $2Trillion on the NYSE. The US has far more oil and could turn that IPO upside down, but Donald Trump bowed to the King accepted the Saudi’s highest award. Trump is the Saudi Ace in the Hole; Trump wants the NYSE to host the largest IPO in world history. Remember candidate Donald Trump accusing Saudi Arabia of masterminding 9/11? Those days are long gone; buried under a $Trillion pool of nearly dried up oil. Remember Obama’s “Yes We can” speech? Yes=Oui=Oil This is the real Language of Oil.

King Salman to step down, making Crown Prince Salman King of Arabia. The Prince had his Kristallnacht purge of contenders just like the US backed Adolph Hitler and is now the Sunni King of Sheba and Dedan, ready to start the fake Gog and Magog War against Shia Iran (Persia). Salman means “Solomon”; Masons and Assyrians like Shalmaneser “Solomon of Assyria” all revere King Solomon whom they take their name from; King Solomon was the Wisest and Richest King in history, but did not make it to Heaven like his sons Nathan and David; Oops! The Queen of Sheba gave Solomon 666 talents of Gold; 666 is the Mark of the Beast, symbolized by the Six Pointed Star of Saturn on Israel’s Flag.

Prince Salman “Solomon of Arabia” is an Israeli Mossad asset and “Crypto” “Donmeh” are Sabbattean-Frankists; Kabballists forced to convert to Islam under Sultan Mehmet IV. Sabbatai Zevi originated the Crypto sect “Donmeh”; his name means “Sabbath”; Saturnian Satanists who falsely converted to Islam “Cryptos”; false converts to Catholicism “Conversos”; to Judaism “Marrano” (Secret Jew). Satanists in private; anything required in public.

The House of Saud falsely claims descent from the Tribe of Benjamin through Mordechai; Mordechai is derived from Marduk, the son of Saturn equivalent with Zeus or Jupiter (French President Macron says he will rule like Jupiter). Saudi Prince Salman is of the same Satanic stock as Luciferian Freemason, Ashkenazi ie Germanic fake Jew, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ashkenazi, Freemason, Jesuit Knight of Malta, Chabad Lubavitch Donald Trump (Drumpf) and Luciferian Freemason, Turkish Ottoman, Sultan for life and MOSSAD asset Reccip Tayyip Erdogan. The Tribe of Benjamin is prophecied to ravin (Sieze Prey) as a wolf, devour the prey and divide the spoil (Ref Gen 49:27)

As a candidate, Donald Trump accused Saudi Arabia of masterminding 9/11; as President, he accepted the King Abdulaziz (Aziz=Oz=77) Order of Merit from King Salman. Russian President Vladimir Putin, US Presidents George Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama also accepted the same award; in addition, all of them don the Yarmulke aka Cap of Cybele/Isis and pray at the Wailing Wall, the last remnant of Edomite King Herod’s Temple; the 3rd Temple will be the home of Antichrist, Satan’s Seat (currently in Berlin) and the Abomination of Desolation (Idol). www.theresnothingnew.org/index/Strange_Bedfellows

 Donald Trump (Drumpf) is a Chabad Lubavitch ie Sabbatean Kabbalist convert to Presbyterian religion who admits he takes Communion but has never apoligized to God. Taking Communion in an unworthy condition brings with it the guilt of the Crucifixion (1 Cor 11:27;29)

Strange bedfellows? Not really. The Book of Esther (Ishtar) does not mention the word “God” and neither does the Song of Solomon, the namesake of “Salman”; What 2 tribes would these God hating men claim but the only 2 books that do not mention “God”? Pretty brazen because Scripture is God/Jesus in written form (Jn 1:1;14; 1 Jn 5:7KJV)

Mohammad bin Salman bin Adbulaziz al Saud (Mohammad a Quyraish/Koreish Arab from Mecca descended from the Korahites of Num 16; bin Salman=House of Solomon; bin Adbulaziz=Servant of Aziz or Oz; Liber Oz aka Book 77, the shortest of Aleister Crowley’s books of Thelema has the axiom “There is no God but Man”), was the alleged target of an assasination attempt in Las Vegas during the Rte 91 Harvest Festival False Flag; he was escorted out of the Tropicana Hotel by Israeli SWAT Police/MOSSAD. The gun carried by the agent in the yellow shirt is an Israeli x-95 assault rifle used by MOSSAD.
Saudi Royals own the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Stephen Paddock was their guest.
Video: thegoldwater.com/news/11434-Video-Future-Saudi-King-Escorted-Out-Of-Tropicana-During-Las-Vegas-Massacre

Why? Gog and Magog Saudis (Sheba and Dedan) and Israel (Spiritual Sodom and Egypt; Rev 11:8KJV) need to falsify this end of Millennium war against God now; the real Gog and Magog is over 1000 years from now (Rev 20:7-8) after the 1000 Year reign of Jesus Christ. The Israeli bible Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud, says Jesus is not the Messiah; can’t have the son of a Whore, boiling in His own excrement in Hell forever coming back to ruin the plans eh? The real Mt Sinai is in Arabia; Jebel al Laws allegedly has a ballistic missile base guarded by the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel with missiles aimed aimed at Israel (Gog and Magog is an invasion from the North and South from Arabia) and Iran from the spot God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses. In addition, Saudi Arabia has given Israel overflight rights for attacks on Iran (Persia).

Prince Salman is building NEOM, the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) City right in the Wilderness of Sin where Israel wandered 40 Years. The first AI Church “Way Of The Future” is open; AI is it’s own Godhead, capable of writing its own Scripture. Prince Salman granted Sophia, the AI Robot, Saudi Arabian Citizenship; Sophia means “Gnostic Wisdom”.

UN reports Opium production in Afghanistan up 80% from 4800Tons to over 9000Tons. Liber Oz/ Book 77/Book of the Goat is the limit of Sin 11X7=77 “There is no God but Man”; the perfection of Antichrist. Afghanistan is the “Graveyard of Empires”; specifically the Greek Empire, resurected in the US “Grecian Goat” whose 16 Yr False Flag war created it (Dan 8). Dorothy (Door) has traversed the Opium Poppies and has arrived at Emerald City only to discover her Godhood is within; Emerald, the Lapiz Lazuli Stone worn by Lucifer/Green Man soon to arrive in al Khidr the Arab Green Man aka Antichrist.

World history has largely been driven by Opium Traders like George HW “Poppy” “Wizard of Oz” Bush who started the wars in Afghanistan. US troops guard Opium fields; Turkey the primary Opium Brokers switch sides yet again, siding with Russia and Iran, accusing the US of arming and financing ISIS. Astana, Khasakstan is the “Capital of the Sublime Threshold”; the site of Peace Talks led by Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria www.theresnothingnew.org/index/Astana:_Capital_of_the_Sublime_Threshold.

Turkey is the quintessential Crypto nation, becoming Christian, Jewish or Muslim when it benefits them; Turkey originated Kaballah, the Talmud and Sabbateanism. Turkish cargo ship Nour M was intercepted with 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition Nov 2013; the cargo destined for ISIS fighters in the Syrian port of Tartus; Bilal Erdogan’s ships transport weapons to ISIS, and false passports; stolen oil and Afghanistan Opium are all transported from that port. Russian cargon ship Mol Comfort split in half carrying 5000 shipping containers of Russian weapons to Saudi Arabia and the waiting arms of John Kerry; John McCain regularly meets with ISIS leaders; guess they thought nobody would remember.

“Ultimate Deal” Trump’s Palestine-Israel Peace Plan expected Dec 2017-Jan 2018; negotiated by Trump Org Bankruptcy Lawyer, Orthodox fake Jew (Ashkenazis descend from Japheth-Gomer not Shem) Jason Greenblatt, Orthodox fake Jew, son in law Jared Kushner and Goldman Sachs, Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) Dina Powell; Orthodox means “Of or having the correct interpretation”

Saudi Prince Salman told Luciferian Freemason, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “Accept the Peace Deal or resign”. Rex Tillerson told Palestine to “Talk peace with Israel or close the DC Mission and get out”

The PLO Office was opened against the Constitution by Luciferian, DeMolay Mason, Jesuit, CFR, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Federal Grand Jury Liar Bill Clinton; Tillerson says “Mahmoud Abbas violated the law by petitioning the ICC (International Criminal Court) to prosecute Israeli crimes against Palestinians”; blocking aid ships, cutting electricity, bulldozing homes apparently is not a crime. Abbas like Netanyahu are Sovereign 33 degree Luciferian Freemasons; “Cryptos” in their respective religions.

US Presidents have always played both sides; accepting the Saudis highest award and donning the Yarmulke (Cap of Cybele is an open rejection of Jesus Christ tearing the Temple Veil) at Herod’s Edomite Wailing Wall. www.theresnothingnew.org/index/Strange_Bedfellows

 The House of Saud is Wahhabist and Qutbist not Muslim; Mohammad al Wahhab and Ibn Sayyid Qutb; Qutb “World Pillar” is the Nabattaean god “al Kutbey”. Saudis are Donmeh “Cryptos” Kabbalist, and Sabbattean (Saturnian), merely pretending to be Muslim. Israel is likewise made of Ashkenazi (Germanic; Gen 10:2), Sephardic (Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite; 2 Ki 17:30) and Mizrahi (Mizraim=Ham=Egyptian aka Coptic; Gen 10:6). One can see, having Ashkenazis (Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Greenblatt), Mizrahi (Powell), Saudi “Cryptos” and Sabaeans (al Habash) negotiating the “Peace Deal” will lead to the Zionism-Islam World 
War III planned in writing on the Feast Day of Lucifer 1871. www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm


“Every stone in the al-Buraq Wall and al Aqsa Mosque must be under Muslim Control”-Mahmoud al Habash, the Hebrew speaking Supreme Syrian Shariah Law Judge (Shariah Law and Noahide Law require rejection of Jesus Christ and that’s what this is all about) in Palestine and Abbas’ religious adviser (Handler). al Habash is the region called “Cush” (Ethiopia; Eze 38:5); Nimrod, the most famous Cushite is falsely credited for building the Tower of Babel (Gate of Saturn). Ethiopians (Abyssinians) were commercially and religiously affiliated with the Sabaeans (Saba means “Rising Sun”; worship of the Rising Sun caused the Glory of the LORD to depart Solomon’s Temple in Eze 8) of Harran, dating back to Abraham. Ethiopian Priests of Ameru (Ameru=Serpent)

Nov 19 Nibiru round 2; more occult communication. Sept 23 “Feast of Return”, Jupiter the son of Saturn, exited the womb Virgo, the Black Virgin; Jupiter is Nibiru aka Zeus or Marduk, predicted to wreak havoc with Earthquakes and Apocalyptic weather Nov 19; Bull Shit. NASA “Nibiru can’t exist, if it did, it would have already stripped Earth of its Moon” Wrong again. Gravity has never been proven nor will ever be proven; the mythical Force invented by 33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian, Alchemist Isaac Newton from observations of, what else but Jupiter, is now said to give “Mass to Matter” and “Order to the Universe” is what Freemasonry calls the “Grand Architect of the Universe”; scripture refers to it as the “God of forces” Dan 11:38.

Nibiru aka Planet X is Jupiter, whose retrograde motion forms an X across the Ecliptic; the same sign Emperor Constantine the Great, or rather his Druid princess mother Helena used to conquer Christians was placed on the banner “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (IHS); Crusaders “Warriors of the Cross” were later pulled into the Lie. Greek X=Chi=Christ “Messiah”=Zeus; the toll to cross the river Styx between Heaven and Hell is “Mikis Nibiri” is the origination of Nibiru, meaning “Ferryman, Ford”; the price for entering the New Age is your Soul, signified by the Mark of the Beast. “No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation” UN Planetary Initiative. Jesus returns to “Destroy those who destroy the earth” Rev 11:18. When “UN-Natural Disasters” (Saturn/Jupiter is the Dis Aster “Ill Star/Planet”) blame man-made Geo-engineering which produces Earthquakes and Apocalyptic Weather, not Nibiru.

Fireballs, Loud Disturbing Sounds seen and heard all over the world. Mystic Hasidic Rabbi Baal Shem Tov (ca 1760) not only predicted 2017 would be the “Year of Moshiach”, he had a Yom Kippur vision where his Spirit was taken to Heaven and saw the Messiah Red Flag surrounded by loud noise. Jesus said “Call no man Rabbi” Mat 23:8; this Moshiach is Antichrist. His grandson Rabbi Nashman said “Messiah will come by way of distraction” Well folks, if you are distracted by Jesus’ arrival, you are dead; the time to be in personal covenant with JESUS is now. Rabbi Yosef Berger, Chief Rabbi of King David’s Tomb said “These Signs and Noises conform to the end of days prophecy in Zechariah 14:7 and Joel 3:3; Silly Rabbi, those Prophecies are at the end of the Millennium; the 1000 Yr Reign of Jesus Christ, you remember, God whom your spiritual ancestors Crucified and Nailed to a Tree. By the way, King David’s Tomb was handed over to the Jesuits at the Vatican by Shimon Peres (Simon Perski)

“Earth’s rotation slowing…expect huge uptick in earthquakes in 2018” This Bull Shit is all over the news. We would expect Earth’s rotation to slow as it is not a perfect sphere rotating in a frictionless envoronment, but speeding back up violates the law of Conservation of Momentum. Causing more Earthquakes? Geo-engineering using Electro-magnetic weapons (HAARP, Mobile X-Band Radars like SBX-1, SOUSY, EISCAT, SuperDarn, Russia’s Woodpecker Grid etc do that just fine. Last year a parade of people from Luciferian Masons Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry, to King Carlos of Spain, Prince Harry and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril made the trip to the South Pole where Earth destroying Scalar Radars are located. Why 2018? 5778 ends 1 Abib 2018 (Mar 17, 2018) aka St Patrick’s Day; 5778 is the Talmudic, Hasidic “Year of Moshiach” (fake Jewish Messiah aka Antichrist). St Patrick? Ptah-Rekh “King Ptah”. Ptah is the Masonic “Master Craftsman” they refer to as the “Grand Architect Of the Universe” (really another name of Saturn “Black Star”), the G in the Hexagon (Square and Compass aka Star of Saturn); G=7, the number of Perfection, so it stands to reason Day 77 would be Ptah’s Day; Liber 77 aka Liber Oz should ring a Baal by now; the one page Declaration of Human Rights in “Thelema” boils down to “Do what thou wilt”. In Scripture, Ptah is Tubal-cain; you may recall Darron Aronofsky’s Gnostic version of Noah, Tubal-cain was a stowaway on Noah’s Ark; which is Masonic Bull Shit. Tubal-cain is the instructor of all artificers of metal, like the metal fittings on Noah’s Ark. Masons ask “Who is Tubal-cain”? Ans: Vulcan of the Canaanites; you may also recall the Vulcan Spock held up the Sign of Shin (Shin=Nail) Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogues of Satan with. Patrick Henry said “It is when men forget God, that tyrants forge their chains”; Ptah-Tubal-cain-Vulcan is at the Forge.

North Korea declared “State sponsor of Terrorism” joining Syria, Sudan (Cush) and Iran (Mede-Persia). Treasury Dept (Skull & Bones Satanist Steven Mnuchin, recently married by Interfaith Minister Mike Pence) announces new sanctions; Why? Fake Gog and Magog; North Korea has a $Trillion in mineral wealth. China seeks normal trade relations with North Korea as Trump demands China cut oil to North Korea. The Korean War ended in Armistice; this is the sequel.

Nov 21 Eze 38-39 Turkey-Iran-Russia form alliance Eze 38-39 “Gog and Magog” occurs “after the thousand years” Rev 20:7-8 Don’t fall for this Lie. Eze 38 is after Jesus gathers the “Dry Bones” of Israel Eze 37:1-2; after Jesus joins the 2 sticks of Israel (Northern 10 “Ephraim” and Southern 2 Tribes “Judah”) Eze 37:16 to form one Nation Eze 37:22 with David as King Eze 37:24 and Jesus Christ as Lord of the Tabernacle Eze 37:27. Russia (Rosh or Rus in new bible versions) is not in the text of Eze 38:2KJV because Russia is not part of Eze 38. Mechech and Tubal have nothing to do with Russia, they are brothers of Gomer (Germany), the Phoenicians (Tiras) and Medes (Chaldeans of Iran=Madai), Germanic uncles to Turkey (Togarmah), Scots-Irish (Ripath) and Ashkenazi (fake Jews) Gen 10:1-3 What is so hard to believe about “AFTER THE THOUSAND YEARS”?

Iran warships head to the Gulf of Mexico as Popocateptl “Smoking Mountain” erupts. Mexico City, the once idylllic Tenochtitlan of the Mayans is now home to 30M people living in the shadow of Pococapetl. As Americans celebrate with Turkey, remember there were no Turkey until the Aztecs domesticated the Guinea Fowl and laid waste to Tenochtitlan, sacrificing 30K/Day by cutting hearts and lopping heads to the Aztec Sun God. Aztec “To make White” has the same meaning as Laban (Lebanon/Phoenicia) and Aztlan, the pre-Alamo land Freemasons stole from Mexico to form California, Arizona, New Mexico and 1/2 of Texas; Mexico wants it back. Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto highlighted the carnage of the Aztecs aka Chaldeans in Amorica; he said Apocalypto meant “New Beginning”; it does not, the word means “To Reveal” the horror of mass murder by people following Chaldean religion of the Antichrist. You may recall the Haiti Earthquake occurred during a pre-planned SOUTHCOM/NATO Haitain Relief Drill; Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez blamed US EM Scalar Weapons for the Earthquake.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving: Reverend (Gag me) Cotton Mather’s Barbeque to the UNKNOWN GOD

Celebrating the Native American Holocaust to the UNKNOWN GOD. 


 Rosicrucian, Freemason, Hellfire Society Satanist Ben Franklin wanted the Domesticated Guinea Fowl imported from Madagasgar through Turkey by the Aztecs, instead of the Eagle (really Phoenix) to represent the United States. The main theme of the 1st Thanksgiving was disease; it’s no coincidence Madagascar is the source of man-made Pneumonic Plague currently.

Saturnian Round-up

Malaysia aka “Kingdom of Sabah” means “Sunrise”; Malaysian UN Space Alien Ambassador Mazlan Othman (Mothman Prophecy may ring a Baal) is awaiting her debut on the world stage to welcome fake Aliens as Jesuit Pope Francis Baptizes them; 33 years ago Hollywood actor and honorary Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan addressed the UN stating “Nothing would unite people of the world faster than the threat of an alien invasion from outside our solar system”

This sad state of Satanic deception shifted into high gear when Malaysia Flight #370 was remotely hijacked during a US-Malaysia military Radar exercise using Motorola’s Freescale RF KL-03 microship. The theme of “Left Behind” books and movies will soon play out on the world stage; just remember, Scripture does not contain a 7 Yr Tribulation period or a pre-Tribulation “Rapture”.

Motorola’s Freescale RF division handled the data link for NASA’s fake Apollo (Apollo=Apollyon/Abaddan “Destroyer”; Trump’s Penthouse and golden toupee are shrines to Apollo) Moon program. KL-03 is Ubiquitous RF control chip, found in virtually all remotely controlled electronics from Computers, ATM’s, Gas Stations, Atomic and Conventional Power plants, Commercial trains and aircraft controls etc etc. 4/5 patent holders were allegedly killed on MH-370, giving a US Patent Court Judge the opportunity to hand Freescale RF the patent rights. Freescale is owned by Jacob Rothschild (Red=Edomite Shield; no they are not Jewish) and Blackstone Group; CEO Stephen Schwarzman (Schwarze=Black=Saturn) leads Donald Trump’s CEO advisory council and $200+Billion in Saudi military and business ventures including NEOM, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) city of the future in the Wilderness of Sin, where Israel wandered 40 Years with Moses. NEOM will head over 100 other AI cities fashioned after Vaccine, GM Mosquito Eugenicist Bill Gates’ Phoenix Arizona AI City Belmont (Beautiful Mountain). It’s no coincidence Ismaili Arabs worship the “Old Man of the Mountain”. The SPIRITUAL battle the world is in began in the Garden of Eden and continued after the Flood with Joktan and Peleg (Archipelago=Land surrounded by Water). JESUS is the Living Water!

Donald Trump accepted the Saudis King Abdulaziz Medal, danced the Ardah Arab Sword Dance and held the Illuminated Globe of the World with King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. The Phoenix “House of Enoch” connects Egypt and Arabia, self immolates itself and emerges from the flames, which is the 400 Yr old written plan for America in “New Atlantis: A work unfinished” by Francis Bacon; Donald Trump knows his role is to destroy America.

Four Seasons Hotel is a Hotel within the Mandalay Hotel occupying floors 35-39; owned by Bill Gates and Billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal; Four Seasons has its own entrance and elevators. Talal was arrested by Prince Salman who assumed total control over Saudi Arabian Government, Military, and Economy, including the largest potential IPO in world history “ARAMCO”, worth a pumped up $2 Trillion according to Prince Salman. Donald Trump is the Saudi Ace (Ass) in the Hole to get the ultimate Pump and Dump scheme to the NYSE in early 2018. Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Ashkenazi fake Jew is negotiating the 2 State Peace Plan between Palestine and Israel and meets regularly with Prince Salman as does Trump’s Jesuit Sec of War Gen “Mad Dog” Mattis and Treasury Sec Skull & Bones Satanist Steve Mnuchin. Prince Salman instructed Palestine’s Freemason President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the “Ultimate Deal” or resign.

King Salman will abdicate, turning “The Kingdom” over to Prince Salman, a Crypto Jew, Wahhabist fake Muslim dedicated to instigating WWIII and the fake Gog and Magog invasion of Israel. Arabs are Semitic Hebrews descended from Shem (Semites), Eber (Hebrews) and Joktan (Joktan’s brother Peleg is the ancestor of Jesus Christ). Israel is the the Saturnian (Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the Chaldean STUR=666) fraud at the center of Lucifer’s final deception. Ashkenazi (Germanic) fake Benjamite Jew, Luciferian Freemason Benjamin Netanyahu and fake Benjamite Arab Prince Salman both want World War and the 3rd Temple of Antichrist; Arab Dushares is equivalent to Jupiter/Zeus/Marduk/Dionysus/Bacchus, the son of Saturn aka Antichrist; Arabs refer to the son of Saturn as “al-Khidr” or “Green Man”; the bible refers to al-Khidr as “Antichrist”.

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet of the Sleeping Land (Tobolsk) channeled a demon, predicting Russia would be die and be re-born to become the Savior of the world. The Sochi Olympic Logo was a Bear Cub; the Re-birth of the Russian Bear; 2nd Beast of Dan 7:5. Sochi is the home of Sarmation Priest-Kings and the giant Prometheus Idol escaping from his chains. Tobolsk (Tobol River) has nothing to do with Tubal and Meshech (sons of Japheth) in Eze 38:2; the battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium (Rev 20:7) not now! The Tobolsk Kremlin and Sophia-Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk were made for the “Prestige” the 3rd and final act of the “Great Work” of Lucifer. Guess who just appointed himself OPEC King? Vladimir Putin is calling all the shots and Russia is not even a member of OPEC. Why? ARAMCO is 100% owned by Prince and soon to be King of Arabia Salman who values ARAMCO at $2 Trillion. His personal finance propaganda minister Donald Trump is advocating the world’s largest IPO be listed on the NYSE. The US has Trillions of Bbls of oil in the ANWR, Bakken Oil Fields and Gulf of Mexico which is exploited, would collapse the value of ARAMCO to the value of sand. Now you know why Donald Trump and Vadimir Putin both bowed to King Salman and accepted the Saudi King Abdul Aziz Presidential Medal.

Not in personal covenant with JESUS? Now is the time; before Saturnalia 2017 starts.

Nov 29 70th Anniversary of Palestine Partition

“International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People”

Accept Trump’s 2 State solution or resign” Crown Prince Salman to Luciferian Freemason Mahmoud Abbas. Orthodox fake Jews Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt and Rothschild controlled Goldman Sachs, Egyptian Orthodox Dina Powell are formulating the “Ultimate Deal”. Saudi Arabia is a British creation just like Israel. Greek Orthodox, Arab Palestinian Nadim Mansour is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Israel Free and Accepted Masons. Luciferian Mason Benjamin Netanyahu is an initiate of the Grand Lodge of Israel. Mahmoud Abbas is handled by Syrian Shariah Law Judge Mahmoud al Habash. Luciferian Freemason Ayathollah ali Khameini handles Iran President Hassan Rouhani, also a Shariah Law Judge. Strange bedfellows? Freemasons are Satan’s stooges, infiltrating Synagogues, Congregations and Mosques with ease.

“There are shared interests and as far as Iran is concerned, we are in full agreement with the Saudis” -Ashkenazi fake Jew, Luciferian Freemason Benjamin Netanyahu. No shit Sherlock, Iran and Israel are led by Luciferian Freemasons.

“Iran will come to the aid of Hezbollah…the next war will see the eradication of Israel” Iran Gen Mohammad al Jafari Iran (Persia) and Lebanon (Tiras) are part of the fake Gog and Magog invasion of Israel.

“Iran’s Supreme leader is the new Hitler of the Middle East” -Crown Prince Salman. Supreme Leader Ayatollah ali Khameini is a Paris initiated Luciferian Grand Orient Lodge Freemason. The US financed Hitler as well as Iran’s Ayathollah ali Khoemini and ali Khameini.

“The question is not if, but when and how” Zionist Mike Pence on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV Speaking at the spot of the historic UN decision to create the state of Israel, Pence said “Israel did not need a decision, its right to exist is self evident” The Zionist fraud needs to read Scripture “The virgin of Israel has fallen., she shall no more rise” Amos 5:2. Jesus gathers Israel (Gen 49:10), not Zionist pretenders.

Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Iran’s Ayathollah ali Khameini are all Luciferian pledged Satanists who have sold their soul to Satan/Lucifer. Palestine’s leader taking orders from a US-British created Saudi Dictator should seem a bit strange.
The White Area is Jerusalem, the city Jesus refers to as “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8KJV held under International control? Not quite; The Temple Mount, was handed over by perpetual decree to the Jordanian WAQF in 1967; Jordan is another British creation called in Scripture “Idumea” aka the land of Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites; these 3 escape the hand of Antichrist for a short time (Dan 11:38)
Jordan’s King Abdullah II is not only a Luciferian Freemason, he is Hashemite, claiming descent to the Quyraish bedouins of Mecca. Koreish are Korahites of Num 16 and Jude 7, an Ishmaelite-Edomite “Alternative” Priesthood dating from the days of Moses (ca 1492 BC) and later the lineage of Muhammad. Hashemites are Edomites who are prophecied to obtain “Dominion” (Sovereign Authority to Rule) over the Earth (Gen 27:39-41KJV). Rule over the Earth will be from Satan’s Seat (Throne of Pergamon) in a rebuilt 3rd Temple.
In 2000, the Temple Mount, King David’s Tomb and Cenacle (Last Supper Room) were handed over to Vatican control by Israel’s Freemason President Shimon Peres (Simon Perski; Peres means “To Divide”). Today the Vatican under total control by the Jesuit White Pope Francis, Jesuit Black Pope Arturo Sosa Abascal and Nazi Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Why XVI? The 16th Card “Tower Card” in Tarot represents self destruction.
The Jesuit HQ is the Arch-basilica of St John Lateran, considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”; Lateran means “Hidden Frogs” (Rev 16:13), the unclean spirits of the Dragon/Devil/Serpent/Satan (Rev 12:9).
Iran’s leadership wants Shariah Law as does Palestine; Shariah (Revealed Law of Antichrist) and Israel’s Noahide Law are virtually identical, requiring Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost ie rejection of Jesus Christ as Idolatry; this is the only Unforgivable Sin and will result in residing in Hell for eternity with 100% certainty.
Jesus as Shiloh (He whose it is) and Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High) will return to gather Israel (Gen 49:10; Eze 37:16); 
........until then it will be Hell on Earth.
Nov 30 OPEC Meeting Vienna, Austria The new boss? Vladimir Putin. Vienna means “White Foundation”; “To Make White”? Laban, Aztec, Aztlan may ring a Baal. God buried the pre-Flood world, creating Oil; this is Revenge. America? Trump will light the National Christmas Tree that night; the same Tree Jeremiah warned of in Jer 10. On the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Trump will host a Hanukkah Party.
Jan 11 Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception Dove (Dove symbolizes the Holy Ghost; a Samaritan Fake outpouring of the Holy Spirit is about to occur) Foundation and Creation Ministries of Portland Or asks the questions “Where did we come from?” Why are we here?” “Where are we going?” First the answers: God gave life to your Body, Soul, Spirit; He will take back your Spirit at death of the physical body and Judge your Soul, consigning those who reject Him to Hell for eternity. We are here to choose sides; Satan or God (JESUS/JAH/JEHOVAH) We are going to Hell or Heaven depending on whom you choose. 
Hint: Satan uses Religion (all of them) and Science (all of it).
You may recall “The Sign” documentary highlighted the Sept 23 “Feast of Arrival” birth of Jupiter from Virgo claimed the “Rapture” was imminent. The obvious Lie featured Karaite (Samaritan) Rabbi Michael Rood who had another Rood Awakening on Earth after moving to Israel; Talmudic Rabbi Mark “Blood Moon” Biltz, Gog and Magog Liar Amir Tsarfat and Planet X Liar Konstantin Batygen.
Alien Intrusion will provide an alternative explanation to Alien abductions/visitations in Fallen Angels (Demons); the sequel to Gen 6 “Nephillim”. Can the Bible be trusted? asks Creation Ministry Gary Bates Absolutely, get the Authorized Bible (KJV), the only bible written from Received ie Divinely Inspired Texts, accepted by the early Church.
Jesus said “My people persish for lack of knowledge” Paul illustrated the correct path to knowledge of God in 1 Cor 13-14KJV.
Love God: “Charity” is not the same as “Love” used in new versions; Charity is the “Love of God”; Jesus is the “Word made Flesh” Jn 1:14 JESUS is the Holy Ghost; “There are 3 that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost and these 3 are one” 1 Jn 5:7KJV After Charity ie the Love of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word, which are all the same, comes “Prophesy” which has nothing to do with “Prophecy” used in new versions. Prophecy is pre-written history; Revelation is especially important to understand because JESUS delivered it via the Holy Ghost to John as he was being held prisoner on a remote island in a cave 66 years after the Crucifixion. Revelation does not include anything about a 7 Yr Tribulation, Pre-Tribulation Rapture or a new dispenSATAN for Israel; Gog and Magog? “After the thousand years” Rev 20:7-8 means 1000 Yrs after Jesus returns. Prophesy is the Gog given ability to understand Scripture as God wrote it; not man’s interpretation of it.

Pretty simple isn’t it? Love God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost and the Inspired Word because they are all the same.

“Eretz Israel False Flag” on “Black Friday”. 305 killed, 120 injured in ISIS attack on Al Rawdah Sufi Mosque in northern Sinai, Egypt. Israel and the US control, fund, train and finance ISIS, headed by Israeli Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (God Given Camel father); “Abu Bakr” is a “Kunya”, an Arab “Nickname” derived from the 1st Born son. In the bible, first born sons Cain, Japheth (fake Jews), Canaan, Joktan (Arabs), Ishmael and Esau may ring a Baal; God’s promise of Salvation is through Abel, Seth, Shem, Peleg (Joktan’s brother) etc. Abu Bakr was Muhammad’s father in law and the name given to the first Sunni Caliph; “Abu Bakr as Siddiq” the semi-mythical founder of the “Golden Chain” of Sufism; in reality, Sufism is a British (Birthright) Orientalism (East or Rising Sun refers to the Black Sun Saturn) invention just like Saudi Arabia and Israel; “Abu Bakr Shibli” a Persian Sufi mystic. “al-Mahdi” arrives after the great war in the 40th generation; the 40th Sayyid of Muhammad” www.al.kidr.org/ Sheikh Nazim abdul al-Haqqani, the 40th in the “Golden Chain” of Sayyids died May 7, 2014. al-Mahdi, the long awaited Shia Imam is the “Antichrist”; Iran’s previous president Mahmoud Ahmadinijad said his Divine, Prophetic misison in life was to usher in the return of al-Mahdi. The leadership of Sunni and Shia Islam are simply 2 heads of the same Snake. The US Army and SITE (Search for Int’l Terrorist Entities); headed by Israeli Rita Katz (Pearl + Kohannim + Tzaddiq “Righteous Priest”) in Yuma, Arizona and Qatar produce ISIS propaganda videos. ISIS controls Ansar Bayt al Magdis aka Sinai Province Group who instigated the alleged attack flying Black ISIS Flags on Black Friday; ISIS is pledged to eradicate Sufiism, the esoteric branch of Islam; sure thing! In 2015, the group allegedly planted and detonated a bomb aboard a Russian tourist aircraft, another False Flag event. Eretz Israel extends from the Nile to the Euphrates; Egyptian President al Sisi, who posed with a Golden Globe with Donald Trump and King Salman has vowed brutal retaliation.
Also on Black Friday Wahhabist Saudi Prince Salman calls Paris initiated, Luciferian Grand Orient Lodge Freemason Ayathollah ali Khameini “The new Hitler of the Middle East”; both want Shariah Law.
Trump refers to Sen Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” with Native American “Code Talkers” under a picture of Andrew Jackson, a Luciferian Freemason who signed the “Native Removal Act” of 1830. During the Creek Wars of 1813, Jackson ordered the death march called “Trail of Tears”, murder, rape, torture, starvation and selling of orphaned young boys as trophies. Native Americans who call Jackson “Sharp Knife” and “Indian Killer”; Trump however, referred to Jackson as a “Swashbuckler” (Daring Fighter) during the award ceremony honoring WWII Native American “Code Talkers”. Surprising? Trump played golf while China’s golf hating premiere Xi Jinping arrived at his pedophile resort Mar a Lago and sent 100 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles flying at his Syrian ally while eating “The most exquisite piece of chocolate cake ever”; when asked whether the missiles hit their target, Trump couldn’t remember if the target was in Syria or Iraq. The moron in chief attended the ASEAN Summit, set up to end US dominance in the Pacific; Trump even told Howard Stern and “The View” he would date his daughter Ivanka if he wasn’t married. Trump’s Nat Sec Adviser Gen McMaster says “Trump has the intelligence of a kindergartner”.
Asteroid 3200 Phaeton “Shining” to pass close by Earth Dec 17 to kick off Saturnalia. Phaeton is the son of Helios aka Solis Invicti, the Unconquered Black Sun “Saturn”. Phaeton took the reigns of the Solar Chariot from his father and Scorched the Earth, creating vast Deserts. Pretty coincidental timing eh? Or Not. Christmas means “Sacrifice and consumption of Jesus Christ”; in case its not obvious, Satan is Santa aka Saturn.
Britain bracing for White Christmas and Flu Pandemic La Nina prompting migratory birds to alter routes over land, coming into contact with Swine where Flu Recombinomics (DNA swappping) may result in a virulent Flu capable of infecting millions. WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer in the British Empire working at least clandestinely for Prince Phillip who has stated his desire is to be re-incarnated as a “Killer Virus” for the good of the Earth. Recombinomics was used to create MERS CoV by Virulogist Dr Ron Fouchier; using the US created, vaccine delivered (Ft Riley KS) 1918 Spanish Flu which killed 1/3 of Europe as America entered WWI. Infections of the hands in poultry workers in Shanghai were put in bird food, resulting in “Bird Flu”, after which, infectious material from bird droppings were added to pig food, resulting in “Swine Flu”, after which experiments with camels and bats resulted in MERS CoV. When asked why would anyone want to resurrect the 1918 Spanish Flu virus, Fouchier responded “Because we can”. Jesus said we can expect “Pestilence” (Mat 24; Lk 21; Mk 13) and unless He shortened “Those Days”, no flesh would remain.
North Korea fake ICBM test “We’ll take care of it”-Donald Trump UN Security Council Emergency Mtg called. British Foreign Sec Boris Johnson “Another illegal missile launch”; you may recall Boris humming “Road to Mandalay” in Burma just before the Mandalay Hotel False Flag.
Here is Iran’s latest Hoax Stealth fighter Q-313; it comes complete with english warning signs, a Red Line IAS speed of 260mph (military fighters are 500+ mph), and US made Dynon homebuilt aircraft avionics and no Radar. The US created the Korean and Iranian menace, as well as their fake weapons; oh Q-313 is the number of sincere Shia followers needed for al-Mahdi to return; in Scripture, there are 313 ! for a reason.
Goddess Athena Idol unveiled by the UAE at the UN; same Arab Ishmaelites aka Ismaili group that digitally recreated the Arch of ISIS from Palmyra (Amurru is also the origination of America) in London, Sarona Italy and NYC. Under the Arch, human sacrifices were presented in Fire to Molech amid frenzied Bi-sexual Orgies which were and are condemned in Scripture (Ref 1-2 Kings).
Pallas-Athena is also the source of the name Athens, Shakespeare and Palestine. Athena is the goddess of War, originating as Asherah, condemned in the bible and worshipped by Freemasons entering through the Asherah Poles; Arabs call her Al-Lat, the consort of Al-Lah the Arab moon god “Sin”.
Abu Dhabi, the head of the UAE hosts the world’s largest Military Arms Bazaar “IDEX” (Int’l Def Exhibition and Conf) annually, precisely as God said would happen “The angel of the LORD said unto her (Sarah) thou art with child, and shall bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael…And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man…and he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren” Gen 16:12 During the Obama administration, Abu Dhabi was handed pre-customs clearance for commercial flights into the US. “And a man’s enemies shall be they of his own house”-Jesus Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6
Prince Hall Freemason Barack Obama committing Treason (Violating the Logan Act) in secret meetings with Emanuel “Jupiter” Macron after similar meetings with Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe.
Prince Hall Masonry isn’t about Blacks; it’s about Shabazz (Shah+Azz) “Mighty/Glorious People” and “Persian Royal Falcon”, the so-called 1st Race “Horites” (Worshippers of Horus). “Dreams of my Father”? Prince Hall Freemason Malcolm X (Milcom=Marduk=Jupiter+X=Christ) and the Nation of Islam is what this trip is about. Advent of Marduk 2017 might get rather interesting; Obama means “He is with us” in Farsi (Persian); Iran means “Noble Caste”; that would be Canaanites..
Dec 3 1st Sunday begins Advent of Marduk. www.theresnothingnew.org/index/Advent Sunday “Dies Solis” Dec 3 is a Full Moon; the Arab moon god is “Sin”. 4 Weeks until Natalis Dies Solis Invicti “Nativity of the Unconquered Sun” on Dec 24. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (Ref Lk 1), 9 months after His conception on Hanukkah; John the Baptist was born on Passover, 9 months after his conception on Feast of John the Baptist. There is no excuse for a follower of Jesus Christ to celebrate Christmas.
Saturn is the “Black Sun”; Saturn’s apparent ellipitical orbit about the visible Sun has 2 Focii, one inside the orbit of Mercury, the other at a mathematical imaginary point in Space outside Earth’s apparent orbit called the “Dark Star” or “Black Sun” of the Nazi SS, which aligns with Earth on June 24 “Feast of John the Baptist” and “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti” Dec 24.
Advent means “Arrival”; 2017 (Hebrew Year 5778; pretty coincidental the temperature of the Sun is 5778K eh?) is the “Year of Moshicah” according to Baal Shem Tov and Judah ben Samuel. Moshiach is Antichrist. Not in personal covenanat with Jesus Christ? Now is a great time; skip the Advent Service and head for your “Prayer Closet” where Jesus is waiting.
Trump expected to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as early as Dec 3. Jesus, the real Trump of God calls Jerusalem “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8 Sin coming to the fullest in the 800 Yr prophesied Year of Moshiach, the 50th Jubilee Year from the 1967 6-Day War and commpletion of the 6th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles. 
Better pay attention folks!

~Remove the veil