February 3, 2017

Are today's parents creating a godless generation?

The same part of the brain that these ADHD pills/drugs are blocking out lies in the same part of the brain where your faith is... so besides negative effects that triggers cancer and or suicide thoughts, these little children will NEVER know FAITH!!!
☆ W A K E   U P  Parents!!!!

Are we the worst generation of parents ever...?
ADHD Medication Concerta Linked To Suicidal Thoughts and Actions in Youths...

" the ADHD drug, it plays with chemicals in the brain for ... It’s a stimulant is basically what it is. When it gets into the child’s system, it 
changes☜ the child’s behavior, and what we see, and something that was brought up to the FDA several years back, is it produces a different behavior in some kids. In some kids, it makes them ☞aggressive☜. It makes them angry☜. 

☆( ■■☞ we have a law of love to obey / maar ons het dan n wet van liefde om na te kom ?  
For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
Galatians 5:14
● JOHN 13:34-35  and

ROMANS 13:8-10

● The relationship between believers and the law

Dying to the law through Jesus Christ Gal 2:19 ☜■■ )

●  8296 love, nature of

●  8298 love, for one another

" It makes them quicker to do behavior that they wouldn’t otherwise do. 
One of the things that we think was not properly warned about is you see it, it makes kids want to 
☞take their own lives☜. That’s what we’re seeing here..."

Analysis of ☞CANCER☜ as a potential adverse side effect of CONCERTA....

Adverse effects of ADHD drugs include permanent brain damage, liver, heart, and blood vessel damage, heart attack, stroke, sudden death, depression, suicide, and an increased cancer risk.

ADHD drugs are ☞more powerful than cocaine☜
 and still parents don't want to listen / en nog steeds luister die ouers nie....

ADHD medications have been linked to a host of problematic side effects including gynocomastia and heart problems, but one of the biggest dangers with these medications is that some of them are now being linked to suicidal thoughts and actions in teenagers – the largest group taking these pills. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses the dangers of one of the most popular ADHD medications, Concerta, with attorney Robert Price...

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Learn more about the dangers of Concerta here...

Where does it all lead?

Even though we see the end times signs so clearly, it’s still difficult to comprehend. What does it all mean? Where is it all leading? Why is there so little peace in the world when we have such unprecedented knowledge and unlimited potential?
The book of Revelation describes the end times. It speaks of a one-world government, a godless dictator, financial terrorism and the total regulation of all business, plagues, crime and rebellion, and devastating disasters. To many, it seems like a far-off time. But there are “signs of the times” in today’s headlines – signs Jesus said would herald His return.
Jesus said, “You can read the signs of the weather in the sky, but because of spiritual blindness you cannot read the signs of the times.” Our Lord was saying the Jews of that day were blind to the signs of their time. He indicated that only those who have spiritual illumination and discernment from the Holy Spirit can hope to understand the trends and meanings of history. This explains why so many people haven’t got a clue about what’s going on and why most of our political leaders are taking us down the path to destruction.
“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” [1Tim. 4:1]

We are now living in the “last days!”

The only way to understand the big picture is to look at the Bible and the various categories of signs that the Bible predicted would come together just before the return of Christ. The key to understanding current events is in some familiar old scriptural passages. Jesus Himself gave us the best insight shortly before his execution on the cross...

▪ "LOVE covereth all sins"... Pr 10:12
Christians repent DAILY... we are not sinless but definitely HATELESS... thank you JESUS for dying for all my sins on the cross....AMEN!!!

▪  His law is... LOVE
         & His gospel... PEACE