January 17, 2017

The flag Apartheid under British/Afrikaner Broederbonders was just as corrupt sir...

Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires...

All of South Africa was eventually taken away from the Boers by 1902...

The bible say God has chosen every single leader so that HIS work will be accomplished & WILL be done...

May JESUS accomplish in us what is pleasing in His sight through #Jesus♡ Christ

Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires

The senseless apartheid era was a deliberate setup by clandestine masonic powers as a special interaction or ‘link’ between colonialism and communism. 

Apartheid was never about South Africa and ANY of her suffering citizens of ALL RACES. 

Apartheid was simply a tool to further the bigger picture of communist world dominance worldwide. 

The function of the apartheid regime was to unite the other races of South Africa communistically through suffering, while polishing special communist elitists like Mandela, Oliver Thambo and Mbeki in the fire of racial persecution.  

What’s more, through racial oppression, the Afrikaner Broederbond puffed these communist elitists to such a degree that the International Brotherhood could bring them to global, godlike status - like Mandela, who is revered globally as a communist ‘savior’ or ‘christ.’  No, much worse than that:  Mandela is depicted and worshipped as Jesus Christ Himself!  

Without the work of the apartheid regime, such worldwide status and power would not have been possible.  

While the Afrikaner Broederbond did their filthy job in South Africa, the International Communist/Masonic Brotherhood was able to use these ‘elitists’ to bring this chaotic continent to communist unity. 

 History has proven, since the South African elections of 1994, four presidents undertook many ‘world tours,’ which all focused, like Mandela himself did, on bringing the African continent into unity under the banner of the United Nations. 
All that mattered to them was that The Global Communist Plan had to be accomplished.  As everyone knows, ‘those surrendered to The Shift know that the fulfillment of The Plan has a price tag attached.’  As a result, Mandela and his peers suffered banishment and incarceration to be exalted to superrich presidents with global, christ-like status.  In accomplishing the Shift, the apartheid regime, and most unacceptably, the unwitting white, black and brown nation as a whole, were used to achieve this final communist goal, and ordinary citizens had to suffer continuous war, poverty, defeat and disgrace to puff these terrorists into gods. 

Then, in 1994, the Afrikaner Broederbond willingly took ‘the fall’ while Britain and her United Nations counterparts shoved their already overflowing pockets full of African and South African gold, diamonds and other minerals, bringing their Planetary Rule to global realization. . .


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All my work is about impartial (and in this case, historical) facts.  The spirits at work behind the scenes of the oppressive laws of the South African apartheid regime and the communist ‘struggle’ were hardly ever exposed.  Thus, the REAL story of apartheid and the ‘struggle’ was never told without prejudice.  Extremely violent mass action and protective Police and National Defense Force operations were rarely reported in context.  South African National Defense Force strikes on Russian, Cuban and Libyan terrorist training and torture camps outside South Africa, which were camouflaged as peaceful rural villages, hospital and even orphanages, were twisted by the media to misinform South Africans and the whole world.  Viewed in the light of apartheid abuses, British colonialism and communist history since the Russian Revolution of 1917, this report is an attempt to look objectively at both sides of this struggle. 
God commands in Ex. 23:1-2, “You shall not circulate a false report.  Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.  [TELL THE TRUTH AND REVEAL THE REAL SITUATION; NEVER BE BIAS AND UNFAIR!]  You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; [DO NOT BELIEVE THE DISTORTED OPINIONS OF THE STATUS QUO, AND/OR JOIN RIOTS AND VIOLENT CROWDS!]  Nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice [and truth!]” 

· Apartheid was socialism and communism too — all communists are racists  
· True purpose of socialism: Darwin’s ‘evolving’ man into god
· The REAL purpose of communist masonry: Darwin’s racial hygiene
· Racism (the Darwinian ‘science’ of alchemy and eugenics) is not about color 

· Britain’s Afrikaner/African death camps were racist alchemy and eugenics 

· HOW MANY NON-WHITES WERE KILLED FROM 1948 TO 1994 — a period of 46 years?
· THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH DAY, 16 JUNE 1976:  The outcome of 16 June 1976
· What really happened at SHARPEVILLE?
· Mandela and other insurgent attacks on white and non-white South Africans
· Arrest at the Jewish Liliesleaf Farm, Rivonia
· Mandela and his comrades had enough explosives to destroy the whole country!


All masonic secret societies worldwide are intertwined and Cabalists, Illuminists, Freemasons, Bonesmen, etc., are all committed to the spirit [and teachings] of evolution, communism, “New Age humanism” – and racism. It is widely believed that clandestine societies pay attention to the teachings of Aleister Crowley, writer of the satanic bible.  Satanism is a blend of ancient Druidism, teachings of Golden Dawn, Black Magik, etc., and “it is… totally blood oriented” and seated in ritual animal and human sacrifice.  Satanism declares only one law, “Do what thou whilst is the whole of the law!”
Crowley, described by the press as “the most wicked man alive,” was a 33-degree freemason.  Nicolas Schreck, son-in-law of Anton la Vey, (freemason-illuminist and founder of the official church of Satan,) displaying the swastika, [the twisted Nazi cross,] and the satanic pentagram above his altar, said, “National Socialism [COMMUNISM] is one of the few times in history that humanity’s full potential has been released…  [Socialist] Adolph Hitler was a picture of Antichrist, who used disorder to bring order, [the masonic ‘Ordö AB Chao,’ creed.]  Hitler was a masterful black magician…  We are seizing control of the world: the media, scientists… people in every field…  People who have no shame and guilt, who work towards order in this world…  [Masonic/Nazi/Communist ORDER,] expressing itself in mass murder, and we encourage that.  We have no concern for the masses…”
This declaration clarifies the unparalleled socialist-communist carnage, which, without much publicity or condemnation from the media, butchered millions upon millions of people, especially during the last century, and is still slaughtering millions more.   This thoroughly proves the point that freemasons and all their different masonic branches, evolutionists, communists, and New Agers, are connected.  [‘They Sold Their Souls to Rock ‘n Roll;’ ‘Aleister Crowley: freemason!’ by Martin P. Starr; ‘Freemasonry and the 20th century Occult Revival,’ David Carrico.] 


Texe Marrs explained the  insignia on the red communist flag in ‘Codex Magica,’ p. 566, stating, “In all nations where Communist politicians and insurgents operate, [they] identify themselves by making the sign of the clenched fist [This] represents the rebellious attitude of… Babylon toward God…’ Martin Luther King called it the ‘black power’ salute, [though it has nothing to do with African people; it refers to Russian/Communist power.]  It is known in Freemasonry [as] the First Sign, or Due-guard…  The [Communist] Hammer represents [the phallic authority of the masonic Lodge...] 

The sickle is a universal symbol of the Grim Reaper, [death,] and its red star [represents] Lucifer… as ‘Angel of Light…’  The color RED has to do with BLOOD, ‘Will, and Power” – which is satanic power.”
Ex-mason Stephen Knight stated an indisputable fact when he wrote, “Freemasonry is communism, and communism is freemasonry.” The Red Terror, [symbolized by this Red Flag,] implemented by Dzerzhinsky on September 5, 1918, was vividly described by the Red Army journal Krasnaya Gazeta: "Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritsky … let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie – more blood, as much as possible…"  - Wikipedia
During and after World War 2, the symbolical Unicorn and its Rainbow has been spreading its world-unifying wings (or GLOBAL RAINBOW) through the communist creed, “Constant Revolution Globally!” Since then, socialism, the workhorse of communism,  has infiltrated the entire once affluent world, steadily destroying ALL wealthy colonial infrastructure.  BILLIONS of people worldwide have, and are still suffering immensely under its deadly guise of ‘liberation, equality, and [so-called] democracy.’ 


All communists are racists – apartheid racism was socialism and communism too

After the National Party came to power in 1948, the Dutch ReformedAfrikaner-Calvinist Broederbond, which stemmed from the National Socialism and Nazism of the old Ossewa Brandwag, controlled every sphere of South African life.  It is a fact that they were all devout freemasons, as Denise Woods proved in ‘Oes die Stormwind’ (I DO NOT APPROVE OF HER TRASHING THE GENERAL AFRIKANER, WHO HAD NO CLUE THAT THEIR LEADERS WERE INTO EUGENICS AND EVOLUTION, BECAUSE THEY SECRETLY BELONGED TO A MASONIC, COMMUNIST ORDER THAT DECEIVED EVERYONE, WHO DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY PLANNED AND DID BEHIND POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS SCENES. 
Freemason Boer War general and Prime Minister of the old Union of South Africa, Jan Smuts, was a self-declared New Age evolutionist - naturally then, he was a communist and racist as well because these philosophies form an inseparable unit in masonic orders, which SUPPOSEDLY incorporate all race and creed.  None of these societies stands alone; all are links in the chain of socialist/unicorn destruction.  Therefore, it is unrealistic to believe that the bastion of the apartheid regime, the masonic Dutch Reformed Church Afrikaner Broederbond, was an independent, renegade branch of freemasonry — and it is common sense that no one could have belonged to the Broederbond without sharing their masonic membership and dogmas.  As freemasons, the Afrikaner Broederbond, apartheid regime could NOT really have been anti-communist.  As they worshipped Baphomet, the god of the masonic lodge, the destructive spirit of the One World Government guided them all.
None of them really saw South Africa and any of her citizens as their first priority.  Sold to masonic orders, all politicians have their eyes fixed on the Communist, One-World Plan of global, totalitarian rule.  Clandestinely as all masonic orders operate, the apartheid regime allegedly ‘withstood’ communism publically in the guise of political Calvinist Christianity, but secretly, they were instruments of the global expansion of National Socialism - and of course, of Evolution.  They led their citizens to believe they were fighting against the worldwide expansion of communism, (whose dangers were and still are very real, as proven by the disastrous history of all well-socialist, communist countries worldwide and in Africa especially,) while, from behind the scenes, they were bringing South Africa under control of the Illuminati’s socialist One World Order.  That is why, during the apartheid years, they were liaising secretly with communist freemasons of all races.  I could never understand how utterly twisted but intelligent men like Verwoerd could execute such inhumane, foolish laws against the majority of South Africans until I understood the dogmas of socialism and communism and their goal of one-world union.  At first, I also thought Hitler was just another insane dictator, until I knew that the leaders of the upcoming One World Order were merely testing same-color racism through him, as they did through Britain during the Boer War, as well as through the many other communist dictators worldwide
From their ‘whites only’ park benches to their identity passbooks for non-white people, the apartheid regime’s racist laws culminated in a disguised form of socialist communism, as proven by their acceptance of the British segregation policy, [scroll down on the WebPage] and their many other oppressive laws to benefit mostly themselves and their party members (just like all communists do,) and not all Afrikaners or whites, as most people believe.  Thus, the apartheid regime too, "had no concern for the masses,” as all other eugenics do, [eugenics means fanatical, blind preference to one’s own race, culture, political and religious beliefs, etc.]  So, as members of the religious but false Dutch Reformed Church, they could oppress the citizens of South Africa without a twinge of remorse. 
In spite of the Broederbond’s fierce denial of ties to freemasonry, the Oriental Lodge No. 20 parades Pik Botha, former Foreign Minister of South Africa, SECRET KGB OPERATIVE, (assisting the ‘final communist shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa,) on their list of ‘Famous Masons.’ Pik was one of those who ‘came out of the closet’ while the others still hide behind Afrikaners’ ignorance of the Dutch Reformed Church and freemasonry. Despite the way masonic orders smooth-talk people into joining their “charitable” cause, most despicably, believing they are ‘more equal than others,’ each masonic race uses gullible, impoverished and oppressed people to accomplish their planetary One World goal.  People from all races, who worship at the altar of the global masonic Lodge, secretly share the racist policies of Nazi Germany – that “scientific dictatorship edified by [human] Darwinian evolution.”  ALL masonic orders carry the demented disease of the International Society for Racial Hygiene in their indoctrinated minds

True purpose of socialist mayhem: Darwin’s ‘evolving’ man into god 

It is ludicrous to think that the entire creation happened ‘by chance,’ (which so-called scientists call “The Big Bang,”) and that millions of different species on earth created themselves over “millions of years” from a single cell that “accidentally” came to life.  [See the article, ‘CREATION SCIENCE – KENT HOVIND TEACHES THE EVOLUTION THEORY.’]  So, how did Darwin’s utterly illogic, unproven theory of evolution came in control of all the ‘science,’ biology, and even the religion and politics of the modern world?’  Answer: Through the global collaboration of masonic orders, disseminating the religion of anti-god, anti-christ, anti-creation evolution.
Phillip D. Collins wrote in ‘Engineering Evolution: The Alchemy of Eugenics,’ “[At] the turn of the [19th] century we witnessed the transformation of the elite's religious power structure into a "scientific [socialist/communist] dictatorship.”  The history and background of this "scientific dictatorship" is a conspiracy, created and micro-managed through the historical tide of Darwinism, which has its foundations in Freemasonry…  Historians said that the alchemists of antiquity were attempting to transform lead into gold – [the ‘science’ of alchemy.]  In truth, [alchemy] was a fiction promulgated… to conceal their real objectives - the transformation of man into god.  Among ONE of the various occult organizations that aspired to complete this alchemical mission was Freemasonry.” 

The methodology of communist masonry:  the evolution theory and racial hygiene    

Masonic writer W.L. Willimshurst confirmed, “This, (the evolution of man into superman [or god] was always the purpose of the ancient Mysteries, and the real purpose of modern Masonry is not the social and charitable purposes to which so much attention is paid, but the expediting of the spiritual evolution of those who aspire to perfect their own nature and transform it into a more god-like quality.  And this is a definite science, a royal art, which is possible for each of us to put into practice; whilst to join the [Masonry] Craft for any other purpose than to study and pursue this science is to misunderstand its meaning.”
According to this alchemical mandate, humanity is a gradually developing deity requiring “scientific” assistance in its evolution.  Willimhurst continues, “the concept of evolution would be disseminated

on the popular level as Darwinism was to become the absolute cornerstone of contemporary science.  Before its popularization, evolutionary theory was the intellectual property of Masonry.  Freemason Erasmus Darwin, Charles' grandfather, ‘originated almost every important idea that has since appeared in evolutionary theory…’ (Darlington, p. 62, 1959.) Viewing evolutionary theory in conjunction with the ‘scientific’ mandate for man's [spiritual evolution into god] one inevitably recognizes a belief system that exhibits all of the characteristics of a RELIGION…  This emergent deity, Man, would be fully enthroned through the efforts of scientists themselves.  Galton would reintroduce the concept of alchemy [turning man into god,] under the term ‘eugenics,’ [the so-called ‘science’ of purging races in the quest for a super god-race, which is what Hitler tried to do.] The word ‘Eugenics’ was derived from Greek for ‘well born.’”
Thus, all masonic evolutionists, as Nazi socialist/communists, “have no concern for [those of] the masses,” who are not ‘well born’ members of the [Aryan] god-race. 
Allan Chase explains, "Such thinking underpinned the racial policies of Nazi Germany, [and the thinking of EVERY other Masonic Nationalist-Socialist regime, which are merely] eugenic dictatorships edified by Darwinian evolution… Leonard Darwin, son of Charles, was vice-president of both the 1912 and 1921 International Eugenics Congresses. The first of these two meetings was the outgrowth of a 1911 gathering of the International Society for Racial Hygiene…  That Germany, [as all other Nationalist-Socialist/Communist regimes] would see the full enactment of eugenical policies is hardly a coincidence.” - [Download a free copy of ‘Evolution Deceit,’ Yahya.]

Racism (the science of evolution’s alchemy and eugenics) is NOT about color 

Racism or eugenics is freemasonry, communism and evolution.  Racism and communism, therefore, is not really about the color of skin.  Racism is the alchemist belief of masonic societies that they belong to a superior or elite nation, culture, creed, political party, etc.  Racism descends from the top-structure of the masonic, Darwinian pyramid.  Ultimately, racism is about the alchemist belief of elitists that ‘undesirables,’ or those who do not belong to their religion or political party, are ‘useless eaters,’ and therefore the ‘superior god-race’ must lord over them.  No matter the race, all ‘uninitiated, unenlightened’ ones are ‘unter mensche,’ [low-life,] and ‘cannon fodder,’ who can simply be sacrificed to ‘the cause’ as ‘casualties of war.’  

Britain’s Afrikaner/African death camps were racist alchemy and eugenics 

The very first of freemasonry’s modern eugenic death camps, (which were simply a great socialist experiment of ethnic cleansing,) were those of Britain’s illuminist Cecil John Rhodes and high mason Lord Alfred Milner, in which they tortured, starved, murdered and disposed of thousands upon thousands of South African citizens of all races between 1899 and 1902. 
Most inexcusably horrendous, masonic alchemy and eugenics was also the motivation behind the apartheid regime’s oppression of, and discrimination against their non-white citizens.  In fashion with communist eugenics worldwide, it is also the motivation behind the incredibly bloody tortureand so-called ‘criminal’ slaughter of thousands upon thousands of farmers and other citizens in South Africa – of which the government has little, if anything, to say! 
Watch this gruesome video on African National Congress supporters kicking and axing a Cope supporter to death in public.  One can only wonder how such alchemy and eugenics will cease with the ongoing,  deceptive propaganda and ‘traditional’ war-songs sung by South African Presidents and their youth leaders such as Julius Malema?  On January 8, 2012, eighteen years after their ‘struggle’ against apartheid had ENDED, Jacob Zuma still makes white Africans into thieves and foreigners, and publically sang at the African National Congress Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa, “...Shoot them with the machine gun, they are going to run.  You are Boer, we are going to hit them and they are going to run.  Shoot and hit the Boers…”  This openly calls for genocidal torture and murder,  and compliments their so-called ‘traditional’ war song, as sang by Nelson Mandela himself, “...We members of MK, [the terrorist fighting wing of the African National Congress] have pledged to kill them, the Ama Buru…  [White Africans.]”  ANC youth leader Julius Malema was eventually banned by a court of law to sing the hate-song “Dubula Ibhunu,” or “Shoot the Boer” after the African National Council government continuously condoned such inflammatory racism for 22 years [in 2016] since apartheid ENDED. 
However, white Africans did not steal the land from them as these leaders allege.  Africans were not the first to arrive in this country.  The Khoi AND San were here first.  Because no written records were kept on the early migration of tribes, no one can agree on the origins of African tribes.  However, it is certain that tribes such as the Zulu that came down from the interior of Africa after colonialists had settled in the Cape in 1652.  Only the Nguni, Sotho, Venda and Tsonga were in the areas surrounding the Cape when the colonialists arrived.  Early African tribes were “never static,” and therefore did not really “own” any land.  Zulus only settled in Natal during the 18th century, constantly warring against all the other nomadic tribes such as the Nguni and the Sotho.  In the 19th century, Zulu armies even hunted and starved the two remaining Sotho tribes into cannibalism. [P. 62-96, Reader Digest, ‘Illustrated History of SA;”  Penny Miller, ‘Myths and Legends of SA,’ [explained,] p. 196-198.]  When colonialists began their trek into the interior, it was mostly a vast open space.  It is true that Trekker leader Piet Retief legally bought the land between the Tugela and Umzimvubu riversin Natal from Zulu chief Dingaan. 


Few spiritual watchmen realize that the ultimate, global system of control, the One-World Order or One World Government, is Masonic Marxism or freemasonry communism, contained in a “Darwinian Freemasonry Lodge,” (my own description of this amalgamated order.)  At its core lies the doctrine, which teaches that the political evolution of the world’s super-leaders will unite all nations under the global governance of communist gods and christs.  The ‘political evolution’ of leaders is always seated in the “Darwinian” Lodge.  The anti-creation lie of evolution goes way beyond ‘man that evolved from an ape.’  It has been pulling masses of people into socialism to herd the entire world into the Communist Paradise of desolation, and from there, into the global Paradise of the New World Order. 
The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina reported that Nelson Mandela was made a Mason “on sight” in Atlanta, Georgia on June 28, 1990 by Past Grand Master William C. Parker Jr.”  And so, the following is more proof that the New World Order is NOT ‘a conspiracy theory,’ as it discloses the double-talk of communists worldwide. The followers of Mandela and all his Jewish/Russian/communist comrades, (as all other leaders of communist countries,) also strived to unite the entire world under the global control of the Illuminati, a.k.a. the New World Order
Press Statements of the African National Council proudly publishes Mandela’s speech at the United Nations, “...Democratic South Africa will rejoin the international community in a situation in which a new world order is being born [from all the chaos committed in this country.]  As this new order will of necessity have an impact on our own destiny…  It is our view that this new world order should be characterized by… a democratic system of international relations... the elimination of poverty…  protection of the environment; the strengthening and democratization of the institutions of this Organization to ensure that it plays its role as one of the principal architects of that new world order…  Equally, there can be no new world order while some are super-rich and others remain abysmally poor…” 
Contrary to what Mandela said, as we see in communist histories worldwide and in the study of communist ideology and its tremendously destructive tool socialismthere is not a single socialist country in the world where presidents like Mandela, their families, friends

The reality of worldwide socialist union is that, under control of the one-world government, the entire world will be under the global rule of the masonic pyramid of secret societies, with the all-seeing, ruling eye of the god of the masonic lodge, Baphomet, at the top.
It is widely believed that the Jewish Cabalist Sanhedrin constitutes the human or physical ‘eye’ at the top of this pyramid, with the Jewish fraternity B’nai B’rith, (denied by many as a masonic order,) as one of their primary organizations that govern the world from behind the scenes of history.  These Talmud-believing Zionists lead masses of oppressed people to believe that communism is the ONE belief-system that is completely anti-religion, anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-capitalism, while it is just the opposite.  [‘Synagogue of Satan,’ Hitchcock.]  Texe Marrs explained, “Since the 18th century, this [Jewish] cabal of rich men… used closet Jews Lenin and Trotsky to murder Czar Nicholas, grabbing the reins of power [and all its wealth] in Russia. They put Woodrow Willson and FDR in office, and protected Bill Clinton during impeachment proceedings…  Secret agents of this calculating and cruel Cabal have funded revolutions around the globe.  They were financial backers of Karl Marx…  They have long used Communism and Zionism as twin hammers to destroy their enemies, depose political leaders, and topple governments…” 
Therefore, it is no coincidence that African communist leaders, (as all others globally,) have Russia and her communist accomplices to thank for their political evolution into god-men and women.

Above: Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo pose for a masonic handshake.  (See the masonic sign of their Communist ‘Father,’ Carl Marx — scroll down that page) and “Mandela showing the double V-shin sign of cabalism.  Cabalism is a masonic Jewish/Zionist/Communist fraternity and the main drive behind Bolshevism or Jewish-Russian dictators such as Lenin worldwide, who were also the mentors of South African communist leaders.”  Finger-signs of the Kabbalah are riddled with occult meaning, wrote Texe Marrs wrote in ‘Codex Magica.’ “The Masonic symbol of square and compass… is patterned on the five-pointed design of the Star of David, also known as the magical hexagram…  The hexagram… was adopted by Jews in Europe during the medieval period.  It later became the centerpiece of the Israeli flag…  Actor Leonard Nimoy, [‘Spock’ in Star Trek,] famous for giving the Vulcan V-greeting hand sign, is a Jew, and says it is based on the Hebrew letter ‘shin,’ which invokes cabalistic magic.” William J. Schnoebelen said in ‘The Dark Side of Freemasonry,’ “Cabalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft.  Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Cabalists.”  Rabbi Isaac Wise confirmed, “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment…” 

ABOVE:  These photos of the African National Council’s christ Mandela, former president Mbeki and the iconic Desmond Tutu tell the whole hidden story of South African politics.  Here, the Roman Catholic Vatican’s Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a.k.a. the Masonic Order of St. John of Jerusalem proudly parade these communist leaders in their masonic regalia.  As other Roman Catholic orders such as the Knights Templar, this is a fighting masonic fraternity for politicians and militant clergy such as Tutu — of which Julius Malema is allegedly also a member.    
ABOVE, Mandela in red:  “As a notable METHODIST,” the Roman Catholic THE TABLET wrote, “[WITH THE CONSENT OF THE OLD GOVERNMENT,] Mandela was regularly visited by a [Roman Catholic] JESUIT priest while he was  held captive on Robben Island.” 
The Ecumenical Vatican’s Jesuit Order constantly supports, plans and executes communist mayhem and false Christian doctrine worldwide.  Consequently, these visits had nothing to do with Mandela’s spiritual life, but with his communist excursions inside and outside South African borders.  Alan Lamont explained, “The Jesuit Order stands under a black banner and red cross, and a [masonic] skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words ISTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS.  It means: IT IS JUST TO EXTERMINATE OR ANNIHILATE IMPIOUS OR HERETICAL KINGS, GOVERNMENTS, OR RULERS.” 
“The Jesuit Vatican New World Order,” wrote Dave Hunt, “[are thousands of the pope’s] secret agents worldwide…  [One of these,] The Grand Council and Sovereign Military Order of Malta… control the Banking, Industry and Military Complexes of the world.  They oversee  Chase Manhattan Bank with branches in Moscow and New York.  They rule the International Community, KGB in the East and the CIA in the West…”  Alan Lamont explained, “South Africa has it’s very own secret services… Julius Malema is one such agent.  Another was Pik Botha, [a ‘triple [KGB] agent,’ accomplishing the ‘final communist, [on-world] shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa,] working with the Israeli Mossad, British Secret Services and Central Intelligence Agency…  at the highest level of government and intelligence, there are no sides.  The international intelligence society [or ONE WORLD ORDER] is controlled by [Roman Catholic] Jesuits.” 


Looking back, it is plain to see that the Afrikaner Broederbond-regime, which evolved from the British monster of ‘segregation’ into the apartheid dragon, was one of the best-camouflaged, communist-freemasonry-evolutionary-New Age machines of the modern world.  Again I must emphasize that the Brotherhood’s apartheid regime did not originate with Afrikaners, as most people believe.  By separating people of different races first, the Global British Masonic Brotherhood ensured that Afrikaners, English, Africans, brown people and Indians all hated one another.  The Brotherhood always plays communism against capitalism and vise versa. Closet Russian communists and Cabalist Jews always lead the communist assault against a targeted country.
Yet, behind the scenes, masonic orders, all grounded in communism, are not enemies, but friends! 
Freemason AA Cooper wrote that in 1977, (in the heart of the apartheid era,) “forty brown and Indian freemasons, Prince Hall members, [the masonic lodge for non-white men,] were initiated, passed, and raised at De Goede Hoop Lodge in Cape Town and the new Grand Master consecrated them into the Lodges Perseverance and Phoenix during a banquet of 400 people...  Today they serve in ALL spheres of the [South African] Brotherhood.”

The public recognition and stately inauguration of Prince Hall members came about when Broederbonders Minister Adriaan Vlok, Dr. Piet Koornhof, Dr. Connie Mulder, Barend du Plessis, Eschel Roodie, and General Van den Berg – whose school friend Eddie Conradie was masonic Grand Master – arranged with Dave Levitan, [Jewish] member of Lodge Kaapstad, to invite Prime Minister John Vorster’s wife to be the Matron of a masonic old age home.  Freemason Morris Levin, [another communist Jew,] and others were present at the opening, who “urged her to influence the Prime Minister to grant Prince Hall masons membership in South African lodges.”
If non-white Prince Hall freemasons, Zionist Jews, and the white Broederbond regime were not working together on the Paradigm Shift towards the global communist paradise, why this governmental fuss over an unimportant ‘charity’ organization such as freemasonry? 
In ‘Turning Point, Explaining the Miracle,’ Max du Preez wrote that the Broederbond worked the Paradigm Shits from the old South Africa Union [1910] to the National Party takeover in 1948 – and again from the rule of the Broederbond regime to that of the African National Congress in 1994.  He alleged, “FW De Klerk, supported by the Broederbond, the Dutch Reformed Church and Afrikaans Newspapers, were the vessels through which the Broederbond and the Communist ANC achieved The Shift.”
It becomes progressively clear that before 1994, the 25-28 million, multiracial ‘cannon fodder’ of the old South Africa, (called that by the “Global Planners,”) had no idea that they were all just ‘pawns in the game.’  To understand the intricate works of this bastion of Masonic Brothers, Wilkins and Strydom wrote in ‘The Super Afrikaners,’ (Jonathan Ball Publishers, 1978,) “A crucial element of South African political reality has largely escaped detection.  This strange, unique society is not ruled, as is generally believed, by “whites” or “Afrikaners.”  It is not as simple as that.  The dominant force was an ultra-secret organization, the most exclusive and influential underground movement in the Western world.  It was called the Afrikaner Broederbond.  Although it has only 12,000 scrupulously selected members, it plotted and influenced the destiny of all South Africans… The South African Government today  [under the apartheid regime, was] the Broederbond and the Broederbond ia the Government…  Mr. PW Botha, the current Prime Minister, is a member – as were his four predecessors, Dr. DF Malan, Advocate JG Strijdom, Dr. HF Verwoerd and Mr. John Vorster…  From this pinnacle of executive control over South Africa’s affairs, the organizations’ 12,000 members permeate EVERY aspect of the Republic’s life…  When Vorster reshuffled his Cabinet in 1978, the brotherly tradition of power was maintained.  The only newcomer to the Cabinet itself was FW de Klerk who became Minister of Posts and Telegraphs and of Social Welfare and Pensions.  He too is a member of the Broederbond…”  As such, DE KLERK TOO, is and was also a Christian-Calvinist freemason, a New Ager, an Evolutionist and in fact, a true masonic communist.  Broederbonder FW De Klerk was part and parcel of the oppression of this evil regime.  He was also the tool that completed The Global Paradigm Shift to communism in South Africa - a feat for which the International Brotherhood rewarded both him and Cabalist/Knight of Malta Mandela the Nobel Peace Prize! 


The part, which Indians played in The South African Shift to communism, was also significant. 
Dr. John Coleman explained some of the consequences of Britain's 200-year rule in India in his book, ‘The Committee of 300, [the “Secret Communist World Government Founders of the New World Order.”]  He wrote, “By the turn of the [19th] century [Britain’s] oligarchic plutocrats’ income from the China opium trade exceeded David Rockefeller’s income by several billion dollars per annum… By 1905, the Chinese government, deeply concerned about the rise in the number of opium addicts in China, tried to get help from the international community.  Britain pretended to cooperate… [At the Fifth Hague Convention,] British delegates… made a very strong case for legalizing the sale of opium… [and] doing away with… ‘the black market… The British had set up a scam whereby Chinese “coolies” [the word refers to rehabilitated or ‘cooled’ opium addicts] were sent to the US as so-called indentured laborers…  [In 1904, the South African Chamber of Mines also imported 64,000 virtual slaves, or indentured Chinese to replace local non-white and white labor in the mines.]  Very few Negroes got the manual labor jobs they were used to at that time…  The problem was that there was no market for opium among the Negroes and Lord Inchcape… needed the “coolies” to smuggle in thousands of pounds of raw opium into North America, something the negroes could not do… Once the railroad was finished, the Chinese did not go back…  [This also happened in South Africa.]  British Committee of 300-member Cecil John Rhodes, who fronted for the [billionaire] Rothschilds in South Africa, followed the Inchcape pattern, bringing thousands of Indian “coolies” to work on the sugar cane plantations in Natal.  [The South African province of Natal was also under British rule at the time.]  Among them was Mahatma Gandhi… [Gandhi was a British-educated lawyer not a poor worker, clearly planted in South Africa to promote communism, and to bring this country closer to the One-World communist order.] Like the Chinese “coolies,” Indians were not returned to their country when their contracts expired…  They… became [communist] lawyers [and superrich businessmen] who spearheaded the drive to infiltrate the government on behalf of the [now ruling] African National Congress…”
At the time, the oppression of colonial Britain in India was on a scale that completely dwarfed her crimes in Natal, South Africa.  In fact, globally, Britain’s oppression also outdid the crimes of the apartheid regime a million fold, yet British atrocities were, and are hardly ever mentioned. 
Britain's prosperous colonial rule in the lush and beautiful India explains why incredibly poor Indians, (Mahatma Gandhi and his comrades excluded,) were brought to South Africa in the 19th century.  In a familiar repetition of colonial-communist history, two centuries of British rule had left millions of Indians disgruntled, so say the least, despite the most wealthy infrastructure, agricultural and industrial progress, which Britain brought to that country.  Based on the Inchcape pattern for American Chinese, poor British-’owned’ Indians could work in South Africa during those early years, subject to their return after two years.  Although some were physically abused by English farmers, (there were very few Afrikaner farmers in Natal,) and remained poor, the vast majority of Indians quickly thrived in the fertile economic climate of the young South Africa.  Most became traders, shopkeepers, doctors, lawyers, and businessmen, while such prosperity scarcely overflowed to any of the indigenous non-white and white populations of South Africa.
By 1894, Britain had already given Indians the vote in Natal.  Moreover, Indians were not forced to return to India according to their contracts, but could choose whether to be re-indentured for two more years, or pay the annual tax of 3 pounds.  Regardless of the choice Indians had, the communist agitator Gandhi and his comrades infuriated the Indians into revolt, because the rich Indians refused to pay the annual tax, and became more and more demanding. Apart from what the world media would like us to believe, the oppressed masses in South Africa was never the real issue for Gandhi and his comrades.  Under the guise of ‘liberation of the oppressed workers,’ Gandhi’s true communist mission was to claim Indian rule in South Africa for a minority of Indian aliens
Readers Digest, [a pro-communist, pro-British publisher, which reports events accurately but quite prejudiced,] wrote in ‘Illustrated History of SA,’ “In 1896 Gandhi, firmly established as a political leader, returned to India to launch a crusade on behalf of the [rich] merchants… Whereas in South Africa he had shown little interest in indentured workers, and, was remarkably ignorant of their plight, in India he tried to use them as a lever to win concessions for the merchants.  In interviews with Indian officials he suggested that the continued availability of ‘coolie’ labor be made dependent on the scrapping of laws that affected the commercial interests of the elite group…”
Meanwhile India, as all exploited British colonies, became ripe for communist picking. 
In 1947 – a year before the Nationalist Party came to power in South Africa, Britain handed India to socialism.  Following the tendency of all socialist ‘democracies,’ post-colonialist India quickly became inconceivably troubled and inconceivably poor.
While Gandhi ensured that his elite Indian ‘merchants’ live affluently in South Africa, India’s Calcutta became one of the most deprived cities in the world.  British infrastructure and economic progress in India quickly ‘withered away’ through crime and corruption.  Since British colonialism ended 69 years ago, (in 2016,) political upheaval, incalculable communist over-population, unemployment, dispossession and starvation have been ruling the lives of millions upon millions of Indians.  Today, 276 MILLION Indians still live below $1.25 per day.  While the superrich ‘elite’ of India are ‘rising out of their socialist ashes’ under control of the Socialist One Word Order, the vast majority of Indians are still digging dirt to eek out some kind of existence. 
Since 1947, despite the constitution that ‘guarantees’ the rights of minority groups such as the Sikhs, discrimination and the burning of shrines, shacks and shops became commonplace.  Reports of death-squads that execute men, women, and children are ignored both locally and on the international front.  ‘The Rise of a Illiberal Democracy in India - Sikh Genocide Project,’ wrote, “Murderous Hindu and Muslim gangs of 200 or 300 ransack the houses and shops of Sikh minorities, hacking the occupants to pieces, chopping off the heads of children, raping the women.  [As Winnie Mandela and other activists propagated during the ‘struggle,’ they] tie Sikh men to tyres to set them aflame with kerosene, burning down houses and shops.”  Singh described this all too familiar Communist Paradise as follows, “The killing [in India] assumed the proportions of genocide of the Sikhs.  Massive corruption and a disregard for the law have transformed Indian politics…” 


In 1906, anger over British taxes [and not anger over ‘apartheid,’ which did not exist at the time, as some ‘historians’ falsely allege; South Africa was ruled by the British until 1961,] kindled a communist revoltinstigated by agitators under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi in Natal, South Africa. 
However, the British decided they would not be intimidated by the “natives” of their Crown colony. 
In a strange quirk of underhanded politics, Mahatma Gandhi suddenly sided with the British. 
‘Organization for Minorities in India’ wrote, “Gandhi was irrepressibly eager to support the war effort in every manner possible; his agitations [turned] in favour of colonial British violence against the Zulus… Though reputedly a pacifist, he berated the British for not raising an Indian regiment to help fight the Zulus... Gandhi was appointed a Sergeant-Major, taking an oath to “be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Edward” and “faithfully serve in the supernumerary list of the Active Militia Force. [Yet,] Gandhi lied about his participation in the war in his 1920s autobiography. He wrote: ‘I bore no grudge against the Zulus, they had harmed no Indian. I had doubts about the ‘rebellion’ itself.’ He also claimed, ‘My heart was with the Zulus.’” 
In 1906, the very aggressive masses of Zulu chief Bambatha KaMancinza seriously threatened the lives of many English farmers.  Wikipedia wrote, “...Bambatha, [under the banner of] the South African Communist Alliance, waged ‘a war of liberation’ against the British regime.” 
When the British retaliated by declaring martial law and attacking the furious Zulu masses full force, the midlands of Natal changed into a body-strewn battleground. 
The British so heavy-handedly crushed the Bambatha Rebellion, “it was the last time until the 1960s that Africans resorted to mass armed insurrection.”
Wikipedia reported as follows on the active role of the so-called ‘peaceful’ and ‘passive resistant’ Mahatma Gandhi in this war, “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was in South Africa at the time, [instigating the Bambatha revolt,] felt that the Indians in South Africa would do best for themselves to serve the British Empire as a reserve force in the Army against the Zulu uprising.  Gandhi actively encouraged the British to recruit Indians [to fight against Bambatha.]  He argued that Indians should support the war efforts to legitimise their claims to full citizenship…  Gandhi urged the Indian population in South Africa to join the war through his columns in ‘Indian Opinion:’ “If the Government only realised what reserve force is being wasted, they would make use of it and give Indians the opportunity of a thorough training for actual warfare.” 
Later in 1927, Gandhi wrote of his wide British support for this ‘event’ as "Not war but a man hunt.”  Three thousand Zulus and thirty English soldiers died in this Gandhi-instigated revolt, while all the Indians remained untouched.  When Bambatha, (an alleged accessory to the murder of several British police officers,) was captured, he was tried by court martial and executed.  Supposedly “convinced of another wide-scale uprising, [and as an extreme war tactic that chased terror into every Zulu soul, so-called ‘civilized,’ ‘gentlemanly’] British troops hacked off the head of the dead Bambatha in a display of militant power, parading it all over the countryside.”  Needless to say, this barbarous military maneuver quickly dispersed the revolutionists and resolved the forceful uprising. 

Zulu Chief Bambatha was beheaded by ‘civilized’ British soldiers and displayed as a warning-trophy in 1916.  [‘History Of South Africa,’ Readers Digest.] 


God hates false scales.  When one places “THEM” on this side of the scale, one must place “US” on that side of the scale.  Hence, I have placed the atrocities, hidden agenda and masonic/communist origin of the apartheid regime on the scale of truth.  It would be a great injustice not to weigh the real historical and present-day actions of the new South African government as well. 
None of us could choose the color of our skin.  God Himself made each of us as HE willed.  We can only choose our own beliefs and actions, not the country, family and nation we were born into.  However, if our own actions, the actions of our people and/or the actions of others seriously affect our family, community and us, we have to speak out against it.  God warned in Lev. 5:1, “If [one..] hears [about past and present sin that seriously affect us and others] - if one does not tell it, one bears guilt.” 
For a period of 55 years, between 1961, (since independence from Britain,) and 2016, the twin hammers of apartheid and Russian/Jewish (Bolshevik) communism  have wreaked a holocaust of continual suffering that affected all South African citizens.  [Read about “Brittan's exploitation…” and “The White Reds in the 1922 Miners’ Strike.]
Considering the length of this holocaust, its fatalities and intensity cannot nearly compare to the British holocaust during the ‘Boer’ WarHitler’s Jewish holocaust, or any of the other communist holocausts in Russia, Africa, Eastern Europe, China, the Americas, etc., but this was, (and still is) an awful holocaust nonetheless.  Unfortunately, the Government still RE-INVENTS AND ABUSES SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY to fuel, inflame and support party politics and control over the masses.  God abhors such barefaced witchcraft.  President Jacob Zuma says he is Christian.  Shouldn’t he know that that All disobedience to God’s contextual Truth, the Bible, is witchcraft according to Scripture? Only the real, contextual truth of true historic events can heal the millions that have, and are suffering in various ways under the iron foot of political and religious oppression in this country, calling on total forgiveness, once all war and other atrocities were confessed and repented.     


The economic, social and police oppression of the apartheid regime were real.  The poverty was real. 
The humiliation and the deprivation were real.  As the grievances of other oppressed and deprived masses worldwide, the resentment of the people was justified.  However, seen in the context of colonial/communist history throughout Africa and worldwide, the old government’s oppression suited socialist-communism tremendously.  This oppression created a fertile breeding ground for the global expansion of Jewish-Russian communism to gain control of the country as a whole.  The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation termed attacks, [from all races,] on the innocent citizens of any country as follows, “Terrorism is used to mean a strategy of political violence that involves systematic acts of destruction aimed at altering or maintaining power relations through spreading extreme fear.  Terrorism is acts of intimidation, injuring... innocent civilians…  Terrorism is anarchic and devoid of moral content.  It is the amorality and unpredictability of terrorism that distinguishes it from guerilla warfare [between soldiers.]” 
During the early 1960’s, (after about 57 years of industrial socialist agitation, which began to manifest itself shortly after the Boer War,) to supposedly ‘counteract apartheid,’ masonic Jewish/Russian (Bolshevik) comradeChief of Staff Joe Slovo, instructed “elitist” Russian-trained experts, Nelson MandelaChris HaniOliver Thambo and their many other commanders to unleash communism’s well-planned, “total” onslaughton all ordinary South Africans, not just the government.  They began to assault South Africans simultaneously on two fronts: a “total mass military assault from within and without” and a “total mass mobilization of all non-white people from within,” (the “people’s war,) to make the country completely vulnerable and ungovernable. 
None of us ordinary citizens knew it at the time and most still do not, but truthfully, these onslaughts were NOT about the destruction of apartheid, although this atrocity needed to be demolished.  It is sound history that this was a synchronized, worldwide communist onslaught against ALL nations that were still “non-communist.”  In South Africa, apartheid was really just the ‘scapegoat’ for the well-planned, Soviet supported, IMPERIALIST GLOBALISATION of INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM, formed in 1957 and launched at the 1966 Tri-Continental Conference.  This conference was attended by terrorist organizations from Guinea, the Congo, South Africa, Angola, Vietnam, Syria, North Korea, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Chile and the Dominican Republic.”  From there, thousands upon thousands of Russian, Libyan and Cuban trained insurgents went forth “to instigate civil war in ALL non-communist countries in the whole of Asia, Africa and the Americas under the supervision of Cuban intelligence and the Russian KGB.”  Without claiming responsibility, the Soviet Union financed all these wars and supplied weapons to mainly Gaddafi from Libya, who trained and supported every other terrorist organization throughout the world
In the 1970’s, such foreign training camps were established in Angola, Mozambique, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon and South Yemen — and in all South Africa’s neighboring countries.   In counteracting attacks from these insurgents, South Africa’s Police and Defense Forces knew of more than 28,000 Cuban soldiers and 3,800 Soviet and East German instructors, who guided each attack against the civilians and government of this country.  When South African Defense Force soldiers, out of necessity to protect South African borders, struck 60 miles into Angola in 1981, they killed two Soviet officers and took one captive, seizing anti-aircraft guns, 50 Soviet tanks, 2,000 tons of explosions, land mines and ammunition. 
From the early 1960’s onwards, thousands of these stealthy soldiers, brainwashed with racial hatredcommunist-cabalist slogans and socialist goals, simultaneously infiltrated the Soviet-Bear indoctrinated multitudes of South Africa.  They were commanded to attack ‘soft targets’ and to “shoot,” “hit” and “KILL”innocent white civilians, non-white ‘collaborators, and the much hated police and Defense Force members, who were merely under command of their government and had no real say in the matter.  In what seemed like random attacks, these insurgents committed murder during GRUESOME home invasions (which still continue in their thousands,) and opened machine gun fire on ordinary civilians in attacks and during drive bys. [The Government was named the “Third Power,” which did all these crimes, while we know today, it was largely a power struggle between rival political parties.]  They executed hand grenadelimpid mine, car bomb and other bomb attacks in rural areas and public places.  They planted thousands of land mineskilling and maiming indiscriminately in South Africa and in neighboring countries where the Police and Defense Forces were forced to withstand them; in streetssports arenasshopping mallsrestaurantstavernsbeach fronts and churches.  They disregarded civilian life in attacks on the militarynecklaced or cremated suspected ‘collaborators’ in burning kerosene tires, and hurled stones, axes, knob-sticks and petrol bombs at white and non-white police, other ‘collaborators’ and security patrols

Meanwhile, “the total mass mobilization of all people,” the second segment of this communist onslaught,  quickly came to maturity.  By 1965, communist commanders had agitated at least 20 million non-white people in South Africa alone into extremely violent revolt - effectively endangering the life of every citizen of South Africa in the process.  Public buildings, people, private property, cars, ‘collaborators,’ police officers, Defense Force soldiers, armored cars and tanks all went up in flames.  Hence, the old Government was compelled to declare a state of emergency, NOT martial law as some errantly allege.  Police barred roads in and out of the townships and the movement of especially non-white citizens was severely restricted without showing their ‘pass books,’ which were not much different from the compulsory Identity Documents, which everyone has to carry in the ‘new’ South Africa. 
However justified the grievances of the oppressed masses were, one inexcusable measure, which communists use in Africa and elsewhere, is the recruitment and abduction of children into their armies.  It is estimated that in 2012, more than 300,000 brainwashed, drug-addict child soldiers were still fighting in the ongoing genocidal wars in socialist Africa.  So, during the apartheid years, the use of women and children in revolution was a common tactic of Bolshevik Joe SlovoMandela and their fighting wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, who were empowering themselves through ‘the people’s struggle.’ 

“I HATE those men who would send into war youth to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men, making their wars that boys must die!”  - Mary Roberts Rinehart 

The incredibly violent protesters were mostly men, but their upheavals were planned to co-ordinate with the extremely uncontrolled riots of thousands of women, children and ‘youths.’  These children and “youths” (some more than thirty years old like those of the current ANC Youth League,) were old enough to hurl stones, (which are deadly weapons,) and petrol bombs at police officers and soldiers, decapitated and incinerated police members, innocent bystanders and ‘collaborators and informers.’  [Watch what is still happening among African National Council ‘youth’s today, in 2016!] 
Contrary to ANC propaganda and their re-inventing of history, it remains a stern fact that there was nothing ‘innocent’ about anything or anyone that participated in “the people’s struggle.”   They were all deadly canons on the communist war machine. 


To curb the enormous influx of armed and trained terrorists, and Cuban, Libyan and Russian trained and financed military assaults from neighboring countries, a full-scale anti-terrorist border war gripped South Africa from all sides. 
The truth is that the governing members of the Masonic Brotherhood on both sides of this conflict turned South Africa’s townships into war zones, but crime outside the townships was minimal, due to strict Governmental law-enforcement.  Despite sanctions, astonishing worldwide anti-government propaganda, full-blown Cuban and Russian military attacks and other pressing political measures such as strict sanctions; militarily, financially, scientifically, agriculturally and industrially, South Africa kept on growing mightily.  Meanwhile, the great Russian, Libyan, and Cuban offensive from bordering countries also intensified, and when police forces could not cope anymore, every available white man, without choice, was drafted into the army.  Many non-white volunteers were also incorporated. 
For 24 years, between 1965 to 1989, the defense of South Africa’s borders against foreign superpowers and communist insurgents, was definitely an ongoing, full scale war.    

TOP:  In a total militant onslaught on South Africa, Russian, Cuban, and Angolan armies clashed with the South African Defense Force, Navy, and Air Force, as Russian and Cuban war ships attacked from the sea while miggs attacked from above. 

People of other races were led to believe that bloodthirsty, racist white men joined the Army to eradicate non-whites without any cause or provocation, while the contrary is true.  Members of the South African Defense Force and all its many branches, the Air Force and Navy, were merely fighting to protect their country, lives, families, property and jobs.  More importantly, white citizens had absolutely no choice in the matter; the country was at war and simultaneously engaged in a civil war, and they were all under command.  Despite the dreadfully oppressive apartheid rule on people of other races, soldiers rightly believed that the global spread of communist destruction and chaos had to be curbed.  In the mind of the ordinary white citizen, the war had very little to do with other races and the need for human rights.  The collective enemy among whites and many of South Africa’s other peoples during this time, was the communist beast that infiltrated, assaulted, and seized South Africa as it had seized nearly the entire world since the Russian revolution in 1917.  
None of the ordinary citizens of all races knew it at the time, but the collective enemy was APARTHEID AS WELL AS COMMUNISM and all their masonic leaders from both sides, deceiving and abusing all the citizens of this country from behind the scenes.  Seen from either side, this never was, and never will be a truly racial struggle.  The real danger was the destructive communist path, which both sides were cutting through the hearts and lives of all  South Africans! 
An official call-up paper for whites, subjected to the laws of the South African National Defense Force, contained the following orders, “The camp for continual training of this unit, of which you are a member, will be held as indicated.  If you are employed, you have to notify your employer immediately that you will attend this camp.  Attendance is compulsory and failure to do so will result in punishment in compliance with the Law of Defense…”
Three to six months army training per year followed the initial one to two years service.  Many men lost their jobs despite so-called protective legislation – and ordinary, law-abiding citizens had to sign their last will and testament as they were compelled to leave for ‘the border.’ 
Their task was to prevent murdering, maiming insurgents from entering South Africa. 
Just as Jewish communist Joe Slovo’s ‘freedom fighters,’ the ‘boys’ had to leave their parents, wives, children, and family to fight in dense and unfamiliar bush, unbearable heat and deadly danger. 
Many never returned – among them many non-white volunteers.
Many were disabled. 
Many more were wounded. 
All were traumatized. 
And now, the Boys that fought so bravely against the global communist beast are supposed to be forgotten.  Their great, sacrifice to protect their country was completely in vain.  It seems as if the Army was, and still is, unwilling to release final death statistics on the ‘bush war.’  Apparently, neither the old Government nor Jewish communist commanders such as Slovo and Mandela went to the trouble of counting ALL their casualties.  On this side of the grave, we might never know how many soldiers, insurgents and ordinary people, the masonic Brotherhoods from both sides killed during this 56-year struggle from 1960 to 2016.  While the gullible ‘cannon fodder’ of all races were losing life and limb in a terrorist-anti-terrorist war that was supposed to secure ‘freedom’ and ‘security’ for all, masonic elitists of all races were clamoring for wealth, position, and political power.

TOP:  Those brave heroes of all races, the Boys on the Border — sadly excluded from ‘official’ South African history and the government’s one-sided ‘wall of remembrance,’ which even include the names of imperialist Cuban killers, while our own slain soldiers are forgotten!  What horrendous political discrimination of the new regime!  The sincerity and bravery of police officers and SANDF and other soldiers cannot be disputed.  The new South African government tries to turn the legitimate soldiers of the old South Africa, soldiers of all races, into villains.  However, those who were there, those who loved, respected and lost a ‘Boy’ on the Border; the loved ones, contemporaries, colleagues and descendants of these brave sons of South Africa all know they were heroes, and honor and salute them as such. 
Although official government statistics are very hard to come by, it seems that JUST between 1980 and 1988, security forces in South West Africa, in their brave fight against SWAPO, FAPLA, Cuba, Russia and Angola, encountered 6,337 contacts and ambushes, acts of sabotage, mines that detonated, and appalling terrorist acts of intimidation against civilians. 
One website does display statistics. 
It claims that from the sixties to the nineties, 1,804 South African soldiers lost their lives.
Of course, these are 1, 804 lives too many. 
However, viewed in the vast scale of his war, we can only say that by the grace of God, most of these South African soldiers really ‘feared naught but God.’ 


Worldwide history has proven that when political pressure mounts; when a man has nothing more to lose, (whatever his race or creed,) he usually falls prey to the ‘stealth and deceit’ of masonic societies and ‘evolves’ into a deadly enemy of the ruling regime.  Can anyone really believe that the apartheid regime’s Afrikaner Broederbond didn’t know that?  Not only communist history worldwide, but common sense also proves that the oppression of the majority could never be to protect the rights of the minority, and vise versa.  In new South African terms, it is just as illogic to believe that the oppression of the minute minority can protect the rights of the vast majority, which is already in control of everything! 
However, in our quest for the truth, we have to be fair.  While the old regime did keep most non-white people poor through racial discrimination, (although there was always a non-white, and especially an Indian elite of superrich, well-educated people among them,) it is also true that the apartheid regime did supply adequate schools, the best state hospitals, etc. to their non-white citizens as well, and they did attempt to eliminate the wildly growing housing crisis.  However, under the agitation of communist Jews like Slovo, the people refused to accept the regime’s infrastructure and continually torched their schools, houses, books, clinics, libraries, etc. 
This resulted in ever worsening poverty and illiteracy, which still plagues thousands of non-white and white South Africans today.  If only these abused citizens of South Africa can know that, in their legitimate struggle to free themselves of the oppressive apartheid regime, they were merely used by both sides of this struggle to complete the globalization of imperialist communism in all non-communist countries worldwide! 
For example, the old Baragwaneth Hospital (Christ Hani) in Soweto really, until recently, had the best technology, and the most competent surgeons, doctors and nursing staff in the world, but since the communist take-over, most of all that have ‘withered away.’  South Africa was at the forefront of agriculture, science, and technology, but now, socialism is ‘withering away’ all that affluence too. 
While politicians and the global communist propaganda machine ascribe ALL ONGOING evil to the apartheid regime, little is known about the age-old destructive forces at work within communities.  For instance, in the 1800s, during the frontier wars between the British and Xhosa, the political structures of the Xhosas were disintegrating and they sacrificed to their dead ancestors for help.  In 1856 a woman named Nongqawuse prophesied, “The ancestors say ALL cattle must be slaughtered…  There should be NO cultivation…  Then the community will rise from the dead!”  Hopeless, lasting poverty and starvation were the result.  The failure of this prediction was first blamed on those who refused to obey Nongqawuse, and then they decided to blame the ‘white British sorcerers’ for their misery. 


In the 1960’s, political fury and flames gradually began to consume the townships.  Choking clouds of smoke, the stench of severe poverty, and mob murder grew worse by the day.  Maddened foot-stamping crowds flung and wielded stones, bricks, pangas, [long blade knives,] spears, knob sticks and petrol bombs at will; incinerating everything in their way and trying to kill on sight everyone that opposed them.  It was not uncommon to fire on the police from amongst the crowds with hidden pistols and machine guns — as seen in the recent (2012) miners’ strike massacre at Marikana Mine, owned by Lonmin, which eventually provoked police action on the threatening, lawless crowds.  Over many preceding days, about 3,000 striking miners at Marikana were destroying private property, intimidating and murdering several workers who would not join their protests.  They finally began firing at the riot police from amongst the crowds, killing eight police officers — a fact that was broadcasted on National Television.  Yet, none of the media even mentions this fact anymore and no one seems to care about the tragedy of losing those protecting law-enforcing offers!  Forty-four miners died as a result and 78 were injured.  We can be certain that the media will ensure that the world will never forget the deaths of these miners.   
From the 1960’s to the 1990’s, the same kind of violent waves threatened to engulf not only the townships, but also the cities and suburbs of this once well-managed, pristine and beautiful first world.

Peace is only found in God and is maintained through having a close relationship with Him....