August 8, 2016

VIDEO: A documentary on the modern Afrikanerbond... The most shocking is the relationship between the Afrikaner bond and the Rothschild family

Clearly by November 1986 the Afrikaner bond (New name for Afrikaner Broederbond) had already decided for the rest of South Africa that every other vote, political debate, referendum or speech was all maculatus ...South Africa's fate was cealed on the inside of a Afrikaner bonds meeting: 
it was decided that South Africa has to become just another failed African state on the way to revolution. For this it's top members will be greatly rewarded....◀ 
The MASONIC PLANNED DISASTER for Global DESTRUCTION of Socialist & Communist Imperialism for the Coming “NEW World Order” 
Globalist = Communist = One World Government with satan as it's head 
The transformation that started with the death of Dr. Hendrik Verwoed is complete... The Afrikaner bond has turned from guardian to handler. The Afrikaner bond is today the new world order's local management team, it serves as watch dog & controls every aspect of 'Afrikaner life' & enslaves and control the black nations of South Africa.

It control the 'Afrikaner' through its influence in culture, finance, education, religion, media, labour & politics. The Afrikaner bond ensures that all the Afrikaner conform to the international agenda of multiculturalism & multiracialism, political correctness , feminism, sexual promiscuity and homosexuality, financial dependency through debt, multi religions & occultism, blind obedience internationalism instead of nationalism, destruction of families, slavery through socialism...They know perfectly well the misery they are unleashing on South Africans...

A documentary on the modern Afrikanerbond. A must see for all South Africans. Please share with everyone. The most shocking is the relationship between the Afrikaner bond and the Rothschild family