August 7, 2016

Cecil john rhodes agenda of the new world order... education was/still is the key to his/their strategy...

Yes it's hard to find people like this evil satanic idiot on your everyday journey ....
Being one of the selected few to be a member of the Apostles at Cambridge University, a  homosexual cult of aristocratic youth to which influential academics like Bertrand Russell and  Lord Victor Rothschild belonged, Rhodes subscribed to an unnatural aesthetic order of “higher  sodomy”. His was the dream of fathering, after death, a vast undercover machine to fulfill his  lifelong ambition, and to execute through that the agenda of the New World Order.  
Rhodes’ wealth was not for himself. He committed his wealth to a project that the New World  Order could use to raise up young minds that would further the agenda of the kingdom of darkness in the nations of the world. In particular Oxford University was a beneficiary of this  scheme and Rhodes scholars have emerged to shape the modern world. Many of them have been front players in politics, multinational corporations, church leaders, decision makers. The cream of the academic crop was handpicked and initiated into the cults of various secret societies. It is the plan of these organizations to control the world, the politics and the economy, by raising a set of people who think differently. Education is the key to their strategy.
Hidden under the guise of educational advancement a worldwide army of men with the ideology of Cecil Rhodes imbedded in their hearts and minds was raised. Being an apostle of the kingdom  of darkness, this would become his vehicle to perpetuate his legacy through his “sons”.Dennis Cuddy shows how this educational scheme, which he calls the Rhodes legacy, has shaped America’s destiny. The students he called agents.  But it is not only the destiny of America, but also of Africa. This scheme, in Rhodes’ own words, is nothing less than a scheme to take the government of the world. Rhodes’ biographer Sarah Millin noted: “The government of the world was Rhodes’ simple desire.” Blumenfield remarks: As outlined in Rhodes’ will, the scholarships became the main instrument whereby the most promising young people would be recruited to serve an idea Rhodes thought would take 200 years to fulfill.

Nice of Mr Rhodes hey?

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them
Ephesians 5:11