July 19, 2016

#HospitalGenocide: #MURDER: UPDATE: Parents brought a charge of culpable homicide against Bongani Hospital, in Welkom for death of baby Ethan

Whites are dying in State Hospitals from neglect 'part of the genocide" ...
A shocking story of terrible neglect by the state-run Bongani Hospital in South Africa......
Baby Ethan Barnard died in Bongani Hospital after being taken from his mother and put in a sluice room to die 
the father said...

Welkom, Free State: Ethan was born at 1am on June 21 at Welkom's Bongani Hospitalweighing 750g

For the past two weeks, Ben and Cindy Barnard have struggled to come to terms with the death of their son Ethan, whom they believe would have survived were it not for the negligence of hospital workers.

Last week The Times reported that the medical staff at Bongani Hospital told Cindy that her son, born at 26 weeks and five days gestation, could not survive.

But the newborn was found alive in a sluice room by a nurse six hours later. He died some days later.

Free State police spokesman Stephen Thakeng said that an inquest docket had been opened and that a post mortem would be held soon.

Speaking to The Times on Friday, Ben Barnard said he and his wife brought the charges against the hospital because they believed someone should be held criminally liable for the neglect their son suffered during the first six hours of his life.

"Ethan was taken from his mother and put in a sluice room to die. He fought for his life and for the lives of other babies who died in that way," he said.

Ethan was the couple's second premature baby to die at the hospital.

The Barnards said they have not been offered trauma counselling by the hospital.

Free State health spokesman Mondli Mvambi said social workers had been assigned to make contact with the family.

He refused to comment on the Barnards' decision to bring a case against the hospital.

He said the hospital was conducting its own investigation.

"A criminal charge such as culpable homicide cannot be laid against an institution," said criminal law expert Ulrich Roux, "only against individuals."

Roux said that the Barnards could make a civil claim of medical negligence against the hospital in which they could list the damages, including emotional distress, they had suffered as a result.

Baba Ethan wat in Bongani-hospitaal gesterf het nadat hy ure in skropkamer gelos is