July 19, 2016

#FarmAttack: Vyfhoek smallholdings near Potchefstroom: The heart stopping horror of waking up to find black attackers at home

Sun-17-Jul-16 (00H30) Suspects attempted to break into a residence while the owners were asleep in the house. 1 Suspect approached the house while the others waited and after determining it was safe collected the others. Suspects cut fences and opened gates before starting to break into the house. Residents woke up and the suspects fled. Dog in the house did not bark or wake the owners COMMENT Mix small dogs (Jack Russel/ Pug etc) with big ones (Rotweiler's, Boerboel's etc.) Little ones are more alert (NW, Dr Kenneth Kaunda District, Tlokwe Municipality, Potchefstroom, Vyfhoek smallholdings, Modderdam road, smallholding # 600)