July 7, 2016

Black CONVICTED MURDERER who KILLED a #Afrikaner air force officer in 2005, strikes while out on parole

Shockingly, Shange only served nine years of his 43-year sentence.....................................
Outrage over parole for black killer Phumlile Protus Shange, 34, who slaughtered Afrikaner SAAF-ret col Nicolaas van der Walt in 2005 in KZN.
The convicted killer was re-arrested for burglary after he was paroled last month after serving only 9 years of a  46-year-sentence for the gruesome murder of the Afrikaner air force officer... 

Murderer strikes while out on parole:

Shockingly, Shange only served nine years of his 43-year sentence...........
6 July 2016 - "Crime does not pay, they say. This should serve as an example for 34-year-old convicted murderer, Phumlile Protus Shange." Shange's violent and criminal nature first was exposed in 2005, when Scottburgh SAPS connected him to the brutal murder of Nicolaas van der Walt, a retired colonel who had served in the 
South African Air Force.  In 2005, an attack in Pennington resulted in the murder of Mr van der Walt and the violent assault on his wife, Margie, who had tried to save her husband by 
fiercely fighting with three armed blacks with a pair of scissors. Shange was sentenced to 43 years’ imprisonment in 2006. Shockingly, he served only nine years of his sentence before being 
granted parole. Shange again appeared in the Scottburgh Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, June 30 2016, following his arrest the day before in connection with recent burglaries in Marlin Drive and Shark Avenue in Pennington. The supposedly rehabilitated murderer now faces charges of housebreaking. He was arrested by members of the Scottburgh Detective Task Team, 
Umzinto K9 Unit and Scottburgh Visible Policing Unit. "Detectives are investigating his possible involvement in the house robbery and housebreaking cases in Selborne,” said Scottburgh 
SAPS communications officer Capt Pandarum. The case was remanded to Wednesday, 13 July 2016. Shange is currently in police custody until his next appearance in the Scottburgh 
Magistrate’s Court. 


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 This should serve as an example for 34-year-old convicted murderer, Phumlile Protus Shange.