July 6, 2016

#ATTACK: White female paramedic hit in face by #brickthrower on M5 near Ottery offramp:

-- Warning by Sue Johnson to Pinelands 531 Tuesday 5 July 2016

"Our daughter-in-law (a paramedic with ER24) was injured this morning around 5.30am on her way to base by a person who saw fit to throw a brick through the side window of her car. 
This  happened on the M5 towards Muizenberg, just near the Ottery offramp. She was hit in the face but was able to put foot to the peddle and speed away to be treated at the ER24 base. The  case has been reported. Whoever did this, was standing in the centre of the two carriageways. If you travel this route in the dark or have family or friends who do, please send a warning to  them to take extra care in this area and be on the look out for this guy...
Update: " I spoke to our daughter in law (I am respecting her privacy by not using her name) this morning. She woke in the night re-living the moment of impact ( and this angers me) but she understands it will take time to work through what happened. She was able to be more specific with information which you may wish to pass on to others driving the same route. She was heading south on the M5 and had passed the Lansdowne turn off and before the Ottery turn off there is a bridge. The guy that threw the brick she thinks, was standing under the bridge and she remembers others crouched down on the right side of the road. The guy that threw the brick was tall..maybe 6ft and was well built. He wore a woollen strpped beanie and had light colourd skin. She thinks he was wearing a blue jacket but cannot be sure. Hope he is found....