July 9, 2016

#ATTACK: Sunningdale mom & kids attacked by their black gardener armed with a hammer & machete at home

One of the suspects, who was identified as the gardener, shouted he would be back for the TV while the family were locked up in the bedroom.

A SUNNINGDALE mom and her three children, were held up by two men armed with a hammer and a panga. What’s more the family were tied up and locked in a bedroom. Their traumatic ordeal lasted for two hours while the men ransacked the house confirmed Sun Cell Watch’s Craig Adendorff. The incident occurred just hours ago on Meadow Lane.

“One of the suspects was positively identified as their gardener who was last at the house on Thursday. He was armed with a hammer while his accomplice was armed with a panga. They tied up the mom, her teenager daughter with cable ties, and then locked up the family and two toddlers in a bedroom.

“Several items were taken including cell phones, laptops, an iPad, and jewellery. The gardener had unplugged the TV and shouted to the family he would be back for the TV,” Adendorff said.

Tyron Powell of Marshall Security said officers were alerted to the robbery by a neighbour.

“The neighbour heard screaming coming from the house, when our officers arrived, we had to break down the door to the bedroom to free the family.”

The Durban North/Umhlanga Crisis Team are currently with the family who have been left deeply traumatised by the incident.