July 21, 2016

ANOTHER #FarmAttack: Vaalbank: Woman attacked and brutally assaulted by 8 black attackers. No arrests have been made!

Come on, be fair now!  If we cry out against the apartheid regime, we must certainly cry out against the brutal GENOCIDAL CRIMES OF GREAT BRITAIN DURING THE ‘BOER WAR.’  Dare we then forget the unknown number of black citizens of South Africa who were brutally ‘necklaced’ in burning kerosene tyres and blown to bits by blacks during the communist ‘struggle’ in this country?  What then, about the 85,000+ forgotten whites who were TORTURED TO DEATH by blacks since 1994? 
FARM ATTACK: Vaalbank,GP. 8armed attackers, assaulted female vic on farm.fled on foot.