June 3, 2016

#LandGrabsInSA: Title deeds of white-owned commercial farm land claimed by blacks will remain government property and will not be transferred to blacks...

Warning was issued by Ernst Janovsky...
The title-deeds in 99% of all the land-claims where 'white-owned' commercial farms are transferred to black claimants, are not transferred to the 'new owners' at all. Instead the title-deeds  remain government property...
This warning was issued by Ernst Janovsky of the ABSA bank's Agri-business section."This causes problems for the land-claimants: they now have to farm and work the land - but cannot obtain any bank-loans because they do not own the title-deeds.
Janovsky also warned that some 90% of all the successfully-claimed farm land is not being used for commercial farming.
"In effect what happens is that the infrastructure of the farm gets plundered," he concluded.
Constitutional law expert Prof Marinus Wiechers also said that 'in many cases of successful land claims, the title-deeds also is carried over to the tribal authorities. This in effect also means that it's carried over into State-ownership.  It is generally known", he added, "that there's a failure rate of more than 90% among these 'new farmers' . (As described in newsletter of Ditsem Nuus, the online publicaton for the town of Orania in the North Cape.  
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