June 3, 2016

#ATTACK: Seriously Injured: Woman attacked & brutally assaulted by 3 blacks trying to hijacked her car at home

" And so, for the second time I find myself surrounded by emergency medical staff trying to resuscitate one of my family..."

Hierdie voorval het Dinsdag 31 Mei plaasgevind in Johannesburg....

Antonio Serra (Johannesburg)

And so, for the second time in 20 years I find myself surrounded by emergency medical staff trying to resuscitate one of my family.

This morning at approximately 11H45, three gun wielding criminals beat Debi to a pulp in an attempt to high jack her car and steal her jewelry outside our home. While waiting for the electronic gates to open, these callous criminals sped up behind her, climbed out with guns, broke the window and continued to punch and smash her face with fists and guns. They managed to get away with her jewelry and other stuff, but left her bleeding and concussed in the car.

Thank God, Emergency medical staff, ADT, police and neighbors were quick to respond and stabilized her on the scene. She is currently stable in Sunning Hill Hospital trauma ward and we are awaiting the results of the MRI scans.

It is true - your life can change in split second. Cherish every moment.

Please keep Debi in your prayers for a speedy and full recovery.


(2/6/2016)Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for your overwhelming prayers and support. Some really good news. Debi has been discharged from hospital and will continue to recover at home. She's feeling better, improving daily and together with the rest of the family will get all the necessary trauma counseling.

She wanted me to remind you that she's still keeping an eye on you!!!, so be good and stay safe.