June 29, 2016

DOUBLE #MURDER: UPDATE: Emotional farewell to murdered Afrikaner couple from Great Brak River. No arrests had been made

Hundreds of people attended the memorial service of a couple from Great Brak River who were found murdered in their home earlier this month...
Tewie (70’s) & Eurika Human
The woman was stabbed 'with a sharp object', the man was bashed to death 'with a heavy object'. 
Black on White Genocide in South Africa #StopWhiteGenocideInSA

■ DOUBLE #MURDER: UPDATE: Afrikaner couple Tewie and Eureka Human 'murdered with great cruelty' in Great Brak River, George home 

More than 250 friends and family of the couple attended the memorial service in the Great Brak River church, comforted each other during the emotional service.Tewie and Eurika Human was attacked in their home in Sandhoogte Road. 

Police said the couple was murdered days before they were discovered, since already started to decompose. 

Tewie who was in his seventies was found with hack wounds in his garage and his wife Eurika, who was in her sixties was found in the couple's bedroom with multiple stab wounds.There was no forced entry in the house and the doors were locked. No one has yet been arrested in connection with the murders.