June 15, 2016

#ATTACK: Woman attacked by three armed black attackers after attempted driveway hijacking incident outside a home in Woodlands

AN attempted hijacking last week,  left a woman from Woodlands so traumatised that she could not bring herself to report it to the police until a few days later...
If anyone has information that can help the case contact Montclair SAPS on 031-469-8200

Armed hijackers foiled by victim’s son’s torch

On Thursday 9 June, the victim was pulling away from her driveway when an unknown car stopped behind her, blocking her  escape. Three armed men jumped out, pointed guns at her while trying to open the door which was locked.Out of frustration, one of the men banged on the window with his hand. Luckily the victim’s son who has a torch with him came down to the gate  and shone the torch on the criminals. “He began shouting at them, making a lot of noise. This caused the three hijackers to jump back into their car and speed off,” said Montclair SAPS communication officer, Lt Dereck Vijiam.
He added that it is imperative to report the crime immediately to the correct station. “Police implore crime victims to timeously report in such instance, as time is of the essence for investigation,” said Lt Vijiam.
The vehicle is described as a white truck with a canopy, registration is unknown except for the few numbers, 10138.If anyone has information that can help the case contact Montclair SAPS on 031-469-8200.