June 13, 2016

#ATTACK: Video footages of how a Afrikaner man nearly died after being attacked by 3 black attackers

Video footages of how Willie Engelbrecht got atacked on Friday night that could have ended in tragedy as three black attackers laĆ¹nched huge rocks at him preventing him to enter his shop. See what happens next ...
GENOCIDE VICTIM: Willie Engelbrecht

 Sean Badenhorst:
This makes me so angry. Glad you are okay Willie Engelbrecht. Sadly, fear remains a constant for most South Africans. For other video angles of this attack as Willie was entering his bike shop in Cape Town, see his timeline. Our home and work security is probably of the highest standard in the world (it has to be), so the bastards attack the residents/owners to gain access...

"Time to sit down and think of my future this was too close for comfort" - Willie Engelbrecht

WATCH: This is what happened next !