June 9, 2016

#ATTACK: Berea resident bitten by black attacker in vicious assault

Berea resident bitten by intruderA Blue Security armed response officer came to the rescue of a resident who was being viciously attacked by an intruder in his home on Tuesday night.

Blue Security operations manager Brian Jackson said the officer had responded to the scene of the crime when he was alerted by neighbours that an intruder had been seen on the roof of a house in Weymouth Avenue in Westridge.

“When he arrived at the scene a neighbour said she had heard screams for help coming from the property. He entered the property to investigate and found a resident wrestling to fight off an intruder who had broken a window to gain entry. He had pounced on the resident and started biting him,” he said.
“Our officer managed to pull the intruder away from the resident and arrested him. The resident was taken to hospital for treatment for the bite wounds and other injuries.”
Jackson said the intruder was handed over to Mayville police officers who attended the scene of the crime.