May 26, 2016

#FarmAttack: UPDATE: Questions arround the farm attack in #Parys...Sorry but a few things are not gelling here!


By Mike Smith

25th of May 2016

You will probably remember the report I made in January about farmer Loedie van der Westhizen (73) who was attacked on his farm Biesiesbult by two blacks who were then taken out by a large group of farmers after he pressed the panic button. 

Well now the same media is reporting that the attack on Loedie van der Westhuizen was no attack at all and he hit himself with a broomstick when he tried to chase the two “workers” away and that they were innocent. 

Say what?? Sorry but a few things are not gelling here…

In the original report they said the two savages pressed a gun against his head, demanding money after hearing there was a large amount of money in the safe on the farm. Loedie wrestled with the one, but was pistol whipped against the temple and blood streamed from the wound. 

Now they say these two were workers who did not work for Loedie, but for his son Gert (Boeta) vd Westhuizen who owed them wages. 

Further, Loedie is a widower who lives alone on the farm. He said he didn’t know them at all. What were these two doing on his farm when they did not work for him and it was not him owing them money? Why did they not go and try get the money from Boeta, the man they worked for? 

Further, if they were peaceful, why did Loedie try to chase them off with a broomstick? Look at the old man’s injuries. How does a person hit himself like that trying to chase off two innocent blacks? You have to be a total clumsy moron in order to do that? 

Further...Henk van der Graaf, the assistant CEO of the Transvaal Agricultural Union said there is a very simple process to follow when a worker does not get his salary. There is no reason or excuse for them to attack farmers when they don’t get paid. Wage dispute leads to farm attack

On top of it, farmers from the area say their livestock get stolen, hacked to pieces while still alive, their properties damaged and dozens of farm attacks have occurred in the area, four of which were fatal with the victims tortured to death. The police are doing nothing. People are constantly stressed and living in fear. There is a severe drought in the area and people’s emotions are running high. 

Be that as it may and all things considered, the one-eyed leftist media will now milk this incident for every bit of racial propaganda they can, whilst totally ignoring the white farmers being attacked, tortured and brutally murdered in these terrorist attacks on their farms, because that is what it is. That is the truth behind all these farm attacks in South Africa. 

F.W. de Klerk unbanned these terrorist organizations and allowed 4000 of them to return to South Africa. All they are doing is continuing their Marxist terrorist guerrilla war they were waging in  Namibia and Rhodesia. 

Their rural terrorist techniques are classical tactics used by the likes of Mao, Võ Nguyên Giáp and Ché Guevara. Anybody with the most elementary knowledge of Guerrilla warfare and Counter Insurgency techniques will be able to spot it. Why can’t the Police? 

So were these farmers wrong in the way they dealt with this incident? Bear in mind they did not kill the two blacks. They assaulted them. The two died later after they were taken away. Who said they were not killed by the police to serve an agenda? 

Personally, when I think of all the farm attacks and how old people are tortured to death and little children like 3yo Willemientjie Potgieter (who got picked up by her red hair and shot in the back of her head) are killed, then I find it difficult to muster sympathy for any trespasser on any farm. 

The purpose of terrorism, Lenin wrote, is to terrorize.

The terrorist succeeds when his or her target population succumbs to fear and is dominated by it.
However farmers should be careful that they do not play into the hands of the terrorists with massive assaults like these. The terrorists love such attacks so they can use it to play the media and justify their campaign of more terror and recruit more members. 

You don’t attack two field mice with a panzer brigade. A cat operating in the dark is a better option. To stop terrorism...you have to terrorize the terrorists. The cat has to be more brutal than the mice. 

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Why does this case reminds me of the boermag members case...?

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Despite the fact that South African farmers (Afrikaner boers) suffer under the highest violent death-rate of any profession in the world at the hands of brutal criminals, ANC officials have the gall to say, "there are no farm-murders in South Africa"! Take note of the names of these genocide-deniers, for a future tribunal...~ Bulala by Cuan Elgin

 There is direct evidence of SA government incitement to genocide
~Genocide Watch
" there is something wrong with this entire case... I dont know but Iam afraid to say... This is another Boeremag case... the captain arrested was white... but now the farm killers are the victims, WTF??? "