May 31, 2016

#FarmAttack: Survive multiple harassments: three black East London traffic cops harass Ahlschlager farm family

Three black East London 'traffic cops' harass, whip white farm family: Sheree Ahlschlager writes on 30 May 2016
Wow... nothing like being harassed in your own driveway while trying to leave the farm -- by 3 traffic cops while still on private property. 
This is not the first time either. The last time we went to court when my husband was assaulted and arrested also by 3 traffic cops for taking a picture of them blocking the driveway, it got thrown out because there wasn't any witnesses. 
So this time I was with him and decided to video and then I get threatened with arrest because apparently you need their permission to video them? REALLY?!?!?! Now how do they have the right to stop us from even leaving the farm road when we haven't done anything? And when we asked them to identify themselves, they refused. None were wearing name badges or anything to tell you who they were. Just a reflector vest with 'traffic control' on, which means what? Are these even real traffic officers? Nowadays you have fake cops in full gear, blue lights the works attacking people on farms and everywhere and these lot refuse to provide proof that they really are cops? What do we do in situations like this? Oh and by the way that Brahman Bull that roams the N2 was right there on the road and they did absolutely nothing about it... why? Because it was clearly more fun to harass us.