April 15, 2016

VIDEO: Once again police brutality is making headlines

‘Don’t hit me!’ woman screams to police
On Thursday, April 14 the Bartfai-family’s evening was disrupted when an unmarked police van without any blue lights allegedly skipped a red traffic light.

Mr Istvan Bartfai, who was in his vehicle at the traffic light showed his dismay by throwing his hands in the air. This then led to an argument with the police who stopped the family right in front of a local high school.

In a video clip, taken by learners of the school, voices can clearly be heard and at one stage a policeman screams “don’t take photo of me” the next voice is that of a panic-stricken Ms Landi Bartfai who screams “Don’t hit me!”

Mr Bartfai was arrested when coming to his wife’s aid.
He appeared in Witbank Magistrate Court on Friday, April 15 on charges of common assault and resisting arrest.


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